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And What do you do with Coconut Oil?

June 26, 2012

By Joan L. McDaniel  April 24, 2012

And what do you do with Coconut Oil? You cook with it. You eat it. You drink it. You rub it all over you and you might even give it to your pet.  You may sleep with it on your hair or skin – It may not help you with the common cold but will help with just about everything else. Coconut Oil is not a cure-all but it sure can help.

Coconut is a nut or better yet a seed. Besides eating the meat (dried, flaked, shredded, and whole), you have coconut cream, coconut oil and coconut water.  You have coconut butter, sugar, vinegar, coconut wine, and more.  You can find coconut in grocery stores, health-food stores, or Asian markets.

Currently, I am recouping from being very sick, run down and overworked. In my attempt to regain my years of lost strength, I have been asking questions and doing research on how to get and stay well, and did the food I ate cause my illness?

I have been completely blown away by what I have found.  A neighbor of mine had an article left from a friend’s son who had just retired from the CDC.

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s Disease

The article was about the future competition to the pharmacy industry from coconut oil and its growing success at stopping, if not curing Alzheimer’s and other illnesses. The article indicates an ingredient used in a promising drug trial was simply MCT oil derived from coconut oil or palm kernel oil, and that a dose of 20 grams (about 20 ml or 4 teaspoons) was used to produce these never heard of surprising results. I have worked a number of years as a nurse and I have never heard of anyone ever say, they could cure Alzheimer’s and that including Big Pharma.

My neighbor showing excitement and love, with the hope that something could be done for her husband, asked if I had heard of this. She is also ill with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis with very brittle bones.  She has broken ribs just by moving wrong and is in constant pain. I responded, “I don’t know, I have not heard about it but will find out”.

I restarted the research of many years ago, on the holistic, naturopathic approach to health care.  Three years ago N.Y. State suddenly passed a law, forcing nurses to get the H1N1 Flu vaccine or lose their job. The flu (H1N1) had falsely being considered a crises by the United Nations World Health Organization.   I started my research then.  We nurses grouped together, and organized a resource center of facts and figures on the flu and the flu shot.  With the help of other nurses, doctors, and some websites like Dr. Mercola, Dr. Russell Blaylock, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of, and many others, we hired lawyers, sued the state and won a stay.  We put our research and reports on a Tea Party and other Web Site for others to learn the facts.

I found other articles, one by Bruce Fife, N.D. , N.D (Naturopathic Doctor). He has written several books two of which are; Stop Alzheimers’s Now! and The Coconut Oil Miracle. He claimed, just 2 teaspoons of Coconut Oil would help stop the advancement of Alzheimer’s. I had heard about coconut oil being the only safe oil to cook with and had in fact purchased a jar and used it but lost interest, besides I never really cooked for myself.


With renewed concern for my own health, I reread the article and jumped into further investigate and bought both books. While reading the books, I was completely blown away. My investigations moved on from coconut to general health and nutrition. I have made many diet changes, and have to admit my years of following a fat-free diet have close to zero results. I am finding the “forbidden foods” are really good for me and the fat-free diet was toxic to my health besides, I never lost a pound, nor did I ever lower my blood pressure. In fact, I had developed in time a border-line blood sugar problem.

I suddenly felt that my newly acquired knowledge is valuable to those with or without, life threading diseases, especially heart disease.  I have included some of my research findings in this hand out.  It is an unpolished work in progress and has a long way to go.  It is my hope, those who read it, do further investigate and try it on their own.  One new amazing piece of knowledge involves Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative brain disorders (nerve damage). There has been unbelievable progress, in slowing down inflammation of the body and the mind causing degeneration and aging by reducing the damage done by free-radicals.  Further research shows, most diseases involve high glucose, sugar and corn syrup, and trans fats.

Dr. Fife says Alzheimer’s (or brain disease) is a form of diabetes (of the brain). In fact High Blood Pressure may be inflammation from increase sugar instead of increased sodium.  With most disease processes being the result of inflammation, I almost feel like coconut oil is “Putting out the Fire”.  The current and past research being done is showing some very exciting results.

While reading the book me, my neighbor, and her husband became the Guinea-pigs   


A person or animal who is used as the subject of an experiment.

We are cooking and doing some great eating.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) or the USDA recommended Food Pyramid, Fat-Free and diet foods are now forbidden, saturated fat products like butter, eggs, coconut oil and unheated olive oil are accepted and we are eating great tasting meals full of all the old forbidden foods.  Other healthy foods include Omega-3 Fats not Omega-6, avocados, raw nuts and seeds, and organic grass-fed meats.

I am glad to report progress for all, but the greatest I just received tonight when my neighbor told me her little story.  Her husband normally sits in his chair, stares at the on or not TV, and does exactly what his wife tells him to do for he doesn’t know.  Last week she told me she saw signs of little things to show progress.  Yesterday, she gave her husband her normal hug and kiss and as she was walking off he said “Is that all?”  She stopped and stared at him for he has not been “a man” for a long time.  They joked about it he knew exactly what he was talking about. His ability to do his own activity of daily living (ADL‘S), is increasing slowly.  So now, there are three of us that are completely blown away.


Coconut oil, as all saturated fats got a bad rap during the 1950s saying it raised cholesterol.  It may raise total  serum cholesterol, but HDL not LDL See Trans Fat. HDL is the good cholesterol and LDL is the bad. Trans Fat is the real bad guy in this saga. Dr. Fife is not the only nutrition lipid researcher investigating the fallacies of “Fat-Free” and the benefits of using saturated fats.  His years of research have shown tremendous improvement in the health of people using his findings and there is a long list of success stories.

Dr. Mercola’s August 8, 2011 article Eating Healthy Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat on studies that burst the prevalent myth that saturated fat must be avoided.  In reality, saturated fats are among the healthiest fats you can consume. In Why We Get Fat by science writer Gary Taubes,

“eating fat doesn’t make you fat – but eating carbs can kill you.”

I have now learned to avoid hydrogenated fats (vegetable oil) and high fructose corn syrup in my diet.  I have not lost weight but I haven’t gained either and I have eaten very well.  I am now feeling better, have less little things bothering me, and feel that “kid (kitten) like” energy will slowly return.

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