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The War on Cholesterol.

July 4, 2012

By Joan McDaniel                                    July 4, 2012 Updated 2/1/2013

Current Media blogs and headlines are covering SCOTUS recent ruling officially legalizing Obama Care. The Conservative Media’s covering SCOTUS’s further destruction of our freedom’s is truly justified and very alarming.  But, if we take a brief step back in time and review some history, we will see government’s control of our health, health care, and food has been in effect for some time now. We will also see the ‘unintended consequences’ has cause the increased risk of serious diseases, diabetes, health problems and death.  One thing for sure  was a  tremendous growth of the Health Care, Big Business and Pharmaceutical Drug Industry. Many drug companies became a “over- night” success with the release of the drugs under the class called Stains.

Government health advisors were influenced by Dr. Ancel Keys warnings about the harmful effects of cholesterol in the diet and his recommendations  of the Mediterranean Diet, Diet-Heart Hypothesis, Cholesterol Hypothesis, Fat-Free Diet and Lipid Hypothesis.

In the early 1990, the U.S. Government released its ‘Food Pyramid’, making Low-fat/High-carb diet the official America’s food plan or The Standard American Diet (SAD). The Low-Fat/High-carb diet became the fad and law of the land. It was “Good for You” and you were un-American, if you ate anything else. At the same time, the Drug industry released the high-cholesterol fighting drugs called Statins.

The Story of Trans Fat, Cholesterol  and Statins Drugs.

Questions arise about Government guidelines of Low-Fat Diet.

United States, February 07, 2008

It is common knowledge that obesity levels in America have been recorded at record levels, almost reaching the point of an epidemic. However, in the wake of numerous federal guidelines that promote a low-fat diet, one must beg the question — is it possible that the government direction of dietary guidelines has somehow caused these unintended consequences, or is it just a coincidence?

Source: Medical news Today

Low-Carb Vs. Low-Fat Diets

I quote the article:

“A Myth in the Making”  McGovern as Food for Peace director in 1961, with President John F. Kennedy.

“The theory was that a low-fat/high-carb diet would control weight and help prevent killer diseases. But most of the studies that followed actually failed to show a direct link between fat in the diet and heart disease and cancer. But by then it was too late — even science couldn’t shake the prevailing wisdom that all fats are bad, and all carbs are good,” explained Johnson.

McGovern as Food for Peace director in 1961, with President John F. Kennedy.

By investigating the genesis of this theory, Taubes found that the government’s initial decision 30 years ago to promote low-fat diets was not based on recommendations from doctors or scientists, but rather from lawyers who worked for Sen. George McGovern in the mid 1970s.

“They come out with this document and it just sets this ball rolling where finally some government body is telling Americans to eat less fat and eat more carbohydrates,” Taubes said.

With the release of the government’s ‘Food Pyramid’ in the early 1990s, it was official: the low-fat/high-carb diet was America’s food plan. “

Low-Fat Diet Myth Busted

Before you read this article I know the author. I spent many hours reading Mr. Milloy’s articles during the Global Warming Cap-N-Trade battle of several years ago. Author Steven Milloy “is a recognized leader in the fight against junk science with more than 20 years of experience. He is the founder and publisher of, and an environmental and public health consultant. “ From

Written By Steven Milloy,2933,184409,00.html

Published February 09, 2006

The widely believed notion that low-fat diets are good for your health went “poof” this week – although the busting of that myth shouldn’t be news to regular readers of this column.

Low-fat diets didn’t reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, colorectal cancer or invasive breast cancer, according to three large studies published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The researchers divided 48,835 women into two groups based on diet– one group with 19,541 women consumed a low-fat diet and the other group with 29,294 women consumed their usual diets ­– and followed the women for 8.1 years.

The most significant result of the $415 million study is that low-fat diets don’t reduce heart disease risk. As the researchers put it, “Over [an average] of 8.1 years, a dietary intervention that reduced total fat intake and increased intake of vegetables, fruits and grains did not significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke or cardiovascular disease in post-menopausal women and achieved only modest effects on cardiovascular risk factors…”

Article continues:,2933,184409,00.html

The Soy Industries war on Movie House Coconut Oil Popcorn

1966 the Soy Industry

In 1940 Dr. Catherine Kousmine researched the effects of trans-fats on cancer. The rate of heart disease increased sharply starting in 1940s that the World Health Organization called it “the world’s most serious epidemic.” As early as 1956 there were suggestions in the scientific literature that trans-fat could be the cause of the large increase in coronary artery disease. Unsaturated fats create of disease-causing free-radicals. These concerns were unaddressed. In 1976 due to increasing pressure from the public, P&G introduced sunflower oil under the name of Puritan Oil as a lower-cholesterol alternative.  In 1988 Puritan Oil became canola oil.

         Executive Vice President Chet Randolph said in 1970, ” In the next 30 years we’ll see 3 billion bushels of soybeans sold at profitable prices.”


In the 1980s and early 1990s the Soybean Industry raged a battle against Coconut oil. They denied the growing literature about Trans fatty acids promoted heart disease by, diverting attention and raging a war on Tropical oils.  They claimed tropical oils caused heart disease.  They argued to replace coconut oil with vegetable oils.

Studies in the early 1990s, renewed scrutiny and confirmation of trans-fats. It is the artery clogging, highly damaged omega-6 polyunsaturated fat that has been linked to heart disease, clogging of arteries, and type 2 diabetes, and other serious health problems.  Trans-fat was the most consumed type of fat in the U.S., it is in potato chips, pre-made cookies, or microwave dinners. It has caused at least 20,000 deaths a year in heart disease.

Using old research journals for facts, questions started being asked. Pressure by several health groups, nutritionist, lipid researchers, and the public, Trans-fat has been forced off the market. The U.S Institute of Medicine did studies and issued the statement: “There is no safe level of trans fat consumption.”  In January 2007, the FDA, short of forbidding the product, has announced a final rule requiring food manufacturers to list trans-fat on Nutrition Facts labels.

We now live with diseases our grandparents had never heard of. People living on coconut growing islands never heard of our current diseases until they started to eat the western diet.  Heart diseases and heart attack was virtually unknown in the 1910’s let alone Alzheimer’s and the rest of the neurological aliments and what about mental illnesses.  Only 1 person in 1,000 had diabetes. By the 1950’s Coronary Heart Disease was the leading cause of deaths.  Today the increase in Diabetics is astronomical.

Is it also a coincidence that in 1910 the AMA American Medical Association became a business selling stock and cajoling Doctors to become paying members or not practice medicine.

The following chart , found with a search engine, shows the decreasing use of Lard consumption since 1910, yet cholesterol levels according to big Pharma and the AMA have not decreased.  The cholesterol levels are such a medical problem it needs special drugs called Statins.

How can that be, for Lard is Saturated Fat.  America was encouraged to eat a no-fat diet.  For years American’s decreased eating Saturated Fat yet heart ailments and cholesterol levels have not change and may even be getting worst.

It took Crisco’s Trans-fat twenty years to give us a dictionary full of  new medical disease terminology.

Procter & Gamble divested the Crisco (oil and shortening) brand (along with Jif peanut butter)) in a spinoff to their stockholders, followed by an immediate merger with the J. M. Smucker Co. in 2002.

Data was found in several places; the net, web sites, Wikipedia, from books and information. I have listed some in the Reference section of this blog.  All facts in this article can be easily looked up and verified.  Joan L. McDaniel



I am not a scientist, nor do I play one of TV but from what I have been studying – –

You cannot have a blood cholesterol level let alone a good or bad at the same time. It is like an Ayn Rand saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”.

This is a Cholesterol molecular structure . There is only one structure not two. The concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cholesterol is so mind boggling it seems that it came from the Mad Hatter in the story Alice in Wonderland instead of medical science. (Steven Milloy junk science anyone?)

Cholesterol is a substance that is critical to the correction functioning of a healthy body.  It is an alcohol not a fat or a lipid at all, although it does not behave like an alcohol.  Insoluble in water like lipids or fats cholesterol is transported in the water based blood stream using lipoproteins. Lipoproteins are  transport vehicles, carry cholesterol from the peripheral tissues to the liver during digestion. HDL carries it to the liver and LDL carry it the other way. So we are actually counting lipoproteins not cholesterol. To add to the excitement, there is also VLDL very low density lipoprotein or triglycerides, intermediate density lipoprotein (IDL).

So you cannot have a cholesterol level in the blood, you have different sized lipoprotein levels. For years we have been obsessive counting and blood testing, and obsessively avoiding fat when nothing I have just talked about has anything to do with fat. But the political correct of George Orwell’s 1984 never really cared much about actual truth and science and neither do the pseudo scientist and doctors working for BigPharma and medical research colleges. (Steven Milloy junk science anyone?)

Now, I may not of gotten this thing 100% correct, do your own research. One more guess what? The  digestive system, of the human body  is complex and not completely understood by anyone except maybe the Mad Hatter in a children’s story.

But what is known is Cholesterol is essential for the body it is needed for the proper functioning of every cell in the human body:

Brain vital connections synapses are made entirely of cholesterol.

Vitamin D is synthesized from cholesterol

Bile is released from the gall bladder to help in food digestion is made from cholesterol.

The cell wall is made from fat

New cells are formed from cholesterol

Hormones are made from cholesterol

The immune system depends on cholesterol.

Bone tissues are re-build from calcium which build density using cholesterol

Cholesterol is the key to mental activity




Other Advocates against Statin Drugs have some stories to tell and have risked life and limb to tell it.

Some Other Advocates Against Statin Drug Use Are:

A Review of Statin Drugs Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol by Dr. Duane Graveline, M.D.

See Reference Books and Links this blog for a list of books. Joan.


Dr. Duane Graveline MD, MPH and Former Astronaut

– Vocal advocate against the use of the cholesterol lowering drug Statin.  He is a former NASA astronaut who used Statin with drastic side effects. He was totally paralyzed and almost lost his position at NASA.  He spent years in research and he wrote in 2006  Lipitor Thief of Memory  and later wrote The Statin Damage Crisis as a result of all the response to his first book.  He also has a website I quote the headline of just one of his many articles:

“Statins Fry Your Brain and Scramble Your Memory Like an Egg”

And Malcolm Kendrick,

Malcolm Kendrick is a medical doctor who has spent many years researching the causes of heart disease. He has been critical of the ‘cholesterol hypothesis’ for many years, and more of his writing on the area can be found on the website  International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics.

Statins – Are the drugs of choice to reduce cholesterol by 40% by blocking the action of enzymes in the liver that produce cholesterol.  The human body will produce cholesterol on its own no matter how much is taken in food.  Statin drugs claim to reduce cholesterol by 40% which the body would have produced anyway.  The Statin drugs stop the needed cholesterol to the brain and liver.  Test has shown statin drugs have produced liver damage.  There are not any test to see if they have produced brain damage.  Test have shown, that when the use of statin drugs have increased so has cognitive decline.

These drugs can destroy the liver and liver function test need to be taken often.  They also block the production of cholesterol in the brain and you cannot do periodical tests of the brain.  Research has shown serious behavior changes and measurable cognitive decline from the use of this drug.

Statins are the most profitable prescription drugs at all times, generating billions of dollars a year in profits for drug manufactures.  While they are touted as safe, they have a long list of troublesome side effects including digestive problems, muscle degeneration and pain, liver damage, kidney damage, mental deterioration, and brain damage leading to memory loss, mood swings, and behavior changes.

Statin drug names:

The most popular statins are Crestor, Lipitor, Mevacor, Pravachol, and Zocor.  Another statin drug Baycol was removed from the market in 2001 because it users suffered sever muscle wasting and death.


Atorvastatin – Lipitor

Cerivastatin withdrawn from market after killing too many people.

Floatation – Lescol

Lovastatin – Mevacor

Pravastatin – Pravachol

Rosuvastatin – Crestor

Impastation -Zocor

The cognitive problems that occur during statin use can occur suddenly or over a long period of time. A growing number of books are becoming available on studies performed by schools and hospitals showing increase stats of the damage caused.  There is a growing list of Doctors and professionals that have gone into the detail about studies documenting the organ damage caused by the use of statin drugs.

This essay is based on my research of treatments and diseases. I investigated neurodegenerative disease like Alzheimer’s, inflammation (the cause of most diseases} and whole body treatments including holistic, naturopathic, and nutrition.  My research is not complete and needs much more work. My purpose here is the documentation of Statin drug danger and its use to treat the so-called condition called “high cholesterol”.

If you are using Statin Drugs, I strongly suggest you do some basic research on your own and prepare for a major fight with your doctor and make your own decision.

Statin Drugs: Worth the Risk? – Video

Added 2/1/2013

Dr. Jonny Bowden discusses the pros and cons of statin drugs. He says they’re over prescribed and prescribed to populations that don’t need them. He says there are a few benefits though. Find out what those are, here.

Joan McDaniel

  1. I was on statins and had tlebirre muscle pains. I have a family history and elevated cholesterol. I have been doing multivitamins and minerals, COQ10, 7 day colon cleanse once a month, red rice yeast 600mg twice a day, 250mg sloniacin at night. I am a consultant for a swiss health and wellness company. The vitamins, COQ10, and colon cleanse are from this company. I have lowerd my cholesterol and every thing is back to normal. I don’t know if it’s the combination of all but I am going to continue. I watch my diet and exercise but I do allow myself a splurge once in a while in moderation.

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