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Why is Coconut Oil solid?

July 5, 2012

By Joan McDaniel                                       July 5, 2012

This information comes from in part from a recent newsletter form the Coconut Research Center and

Ask Dr. Coconut TM 

Dr. Bruce Fife a.k.a. “Dr. Coconut” answers two of the most often asked questions about coconut oil.

“I went to the health food store to buy coconut oil, but all the brands they carry were solid. None were liquefied. Is this how it is always sold? Can you eat it solid? Does it matter?

One of the characteristics of coconut oil is its high melting point. At temperatures above 76 degrees F (24 C) coconut oil is a liquid. At temperatures below this it becomes a solid. The oil will be either liquid or solid depending on the temperature of the room. There is nothing wrong or unusual about this. Butter for instance, does the same thing. In the refrigerator it is solid, but take it out on a hot day and let it sit on the counter and it melts. If you refrigerate olive oil it becomes solid as well, but out of the refrigerator it is liquid.

Like butter, you can eat coconut oil whether it is liquid or solid. There is no difference in nutritional value or chemical makeup. You don’t need to liquefy the oil before you use it. Solid coconut oil melts very quickly when put in a hot pan. Personally, I like to keep the coconut oil I use solid. I use a knife to spoon it out. When I pour liquid oil, it often drips down the side of the bottle, making a mess. Using the solidified oil prevents this problem.

If your kitchen is kept under 76 degrees F, coconut oil will always be solid. On a hot day it may melt. You can keep it in the refrigerator if you like. However, it isn’t necessary. Coconut oil does not need to be refrigerated. It is very stable and has a long shelf life so it can be kept on the kitchen counter or in a cupboard.”

Now if you can handle some of my humor.  I have often said, “If you want to know what the temperature is, just look at the size of the cat.”  Now I can also add, “Just look at the coconut oil jar on the counter. Solid its cold, liquid it’s hot.”

Warm Cats.

Cold Cats.

Get my point?


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  1. Val permalink

    I was really laughing hard with those cute kitties. Well like you, I also believe in the benefits that coconut oil can give. In fact I;m also using it not only in my hair but also to moisturize my skin. Really effective for me.

  2. Val, When I saw the pic of the 1st group of kittens I had to write the article. Talk about use of coconut oil. While I was recovering from my illness, My body was so worn down, I had fungus everywhere, sore throat candidiasis, dandruff (which is a form of fungus) , very rough itchy skin. Even my ears were plugged up. Well coconut oil went everywhere all over me. In a week, what a difference. I took a little longer to get rid of the dandruff and ear thing, but what a miracle.
    I thought, if it can do that on the outside, what can it do on the inside.

  3. Temperature. 76 Degrees or higher coconut oil will be a liquid. Below 76 degrees it will be a solid. Olive oil if put in the frig will turn solid outside it will be liquid. The same with butter. In frig it is hard as a rock out of frig at room temp it is soft or even melted.

  4. Yes Clesisniara,
    I just love my pic of the cats. Thanks for your comment and observation. I really do mean deeply what I say.
    Thanks again.

  5. @GBelair Please look into iodine suitelmenpatpon for the brain for. I take it every day and it is truly a God-send! I have tried several brands but the one that works best for me is i-Throid capsules by RLC Labs. It can be purchased at PureFormulas . c o m for around $15.90 for 90 capsules. I take 4 capsules per day (2 caps twice per day). Soon after I began taking the iodine, it’s like someone turned on the lights! Everything became brighter cloudy days literally felt sunny! Give it a try.

    • Luba
      Yes when I finally figured out that my problem could be solved by taking Iodine supplements. I started just taking the sea salt then the sea veg. It was like someone was pumping warm air into an deflated balloon . I could just feel my energy return every day. I could feel the energy just flowing from the heart outward. It was awesome. I am now off Synthroid all together. As a result my blood pressure has gone down and I am no longer on that drug either. I am not sure of how much Iodine to take or which ones. I am searching out the market and experimenting. Thanks for your suggestion and story. I will check it out.

  6. Hi ,I am from India . I am 35 and a s/w engg. I am suffering from brain fog for the past 5 years . I don’t know wtehher I am really having a clinical brain fog or that I am demanding too much from me, being an average person . Few years back unwittingly I drank some cocoa drink and saw a huge difference in my brain performance . From then I keep cocoa powder with me at work and it helps a lot.I will try the coconut oil stuff , in India coconut oil is damn cheap and cocoa is very expensive.

  7. Alper
    I have heard cocoa is good for you without it being loaded with sugar.
    Why not try a Sea Salt that has Iodine in it. Your system will remove anything it does not need. Yes when I started to use coconut oil my who body just woke up. I had brain fog. I value my thinking and I could not understand why I had to keep writing down things or keep repeating the plan. I slowly got weaker and weaker to the point I could not walk or breath but I kept saying “What happened to my brain?” Use of Coconut Oil, was like a light coming on as someone else just said. When I realized I could also eat butter. Well. I just kept reading Dr. Fife’s book and eating Fat, Salt and Cholesterol and became stronger each and every day. Especially when I also began using Iodine.
    Good Luck I work with Yogi and the SW/Techs I meet over the message exchange or top notch. Must be hard to constantly compete.

  8. When I was studying nuiirtton in college, I was taught that iodine is important only for the thyroid, and that the amount of potassium iodide in table salt was enough. Medical school teaches doctors the same things. Most doctors will tell you that more than a milligram of iodine a day can cause hypothyroidism. They are simply wrong, the victims of a strange misinterpretation of research data from an experiment on rodents. In this book, David Brownstein, M.D. summarizes his work with Dr. Guy Abraham, bringing to light old and new information and truth about iodine, an extremely important mineral the most misunderstood mineral. Proper use of iodine may cure most thyroid problems, and beyond that, may be a preventative and cure for every disorder of breast tissue, reversing precancerous changes. The same may be true in other tissues which concentrate iodine, such as overies and the prostate. This book is little in size, but big in content. It opened worlds for me as a clinician. Dolev Gilmore, author:

    • Davit
      Thanks for your input. I at first thought Iodine was only good for my Thyroid. But after seeing Dr. Wahls video on her recovery from MS and the use of sea vegetables I suddenly realized Iodine is needed by everyone. Some need more than others and we do not have a common source of Iodine available. I will look into the book you recommend Dr. David Brownstein.

  9. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning
    this post and the rest of the website is extremely good.

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