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Five health steps the system does NOT want you to take

August 13, 2012

Joan L. McDaniel                                                                                           Aug 13, 2012

 And what do you do with Coconut Oil?

As I said before in this site I am recouping from being very sick, run down and overworked. In my attempt to regain my years of lost strength, I have been asking questions and doing research on how to get and stay well, and did the food I eat cause my illness? I have agreed with the Health Ranger in that I think the system wants us all sick and complaint or dumbed down to not interfere with what they have planned. We can all agree, getting sick is big business, and big money adventure.  What if we were told to follow unhealthy health choices that are making us sick?  What if the reason were to keep the big money machine going? After all getting the Big C, involves a huge commitment and major health expense. What if, we could of avoided getting sick in the first place?

(NaturalNews) ”In truth, there are no magic bullets, no guarantees against the big C and other dreaded diseases. We are exposed to so many toxins daily that the fact we’re even alive is a testimony to the awesome disease-fighting capabilities of the human body. However, there are steps everyone can take to mitigate and even eliminate some of the toxins that make it so difficult for the body’s immune system to do its job properly.”
Allopathic medicine – refers to the practice of conventional medicine that uses pharmacologically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms or pathophysiologic processes of diseases or conditions. It was coined by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann  (1755–1843), a homeopath in 1810. Although “allopathic medicine” was rejected as a term by mainstream physicians, it was adopted by alternative medicine advocates to refer pejoratively to conventional medicine. Modern Allopathic Medicine doesn’t have much to do with nutrition.  Food is food and the food pyramid Standard American Diet pretty much covers about all of the knowledge or rules needed.  Diet and exercise is recommended.  But what is offered for diet is diet foods laced with aspartame instead of sugar like diet soda.

To tell a little story about my neighbor whom I talked about in What do you do with Coconut Oil ,she has the husband with Alzheimer’s. Well she took her husband off his two statin drugs about 6 months ago.  He went in to get his blood tests yesterday, and his overall cholesterol readings went down.  The HDL is still high but lower than it was last time.  She told the doctor about the intake of Coconut Oil.  The Doctor did not blink an eye, and said “What ever you are feeding him, keep it up”.  End of concern.  The Doctor had no concern what her husband ate or didn’t eat or if he even ate at all.

The Health Ranger has provide five basic health steps you can take to avoid the deception put out by major media outlets who support the system. These steps may indeed save your life;

(NaturalNews) “It’s abundantly clear that society has a clear misunderstanding of the right things to consume and avoid in achieving optimal health. So, go ahead, peel apart the layers of deception and begin your journey down the rabbit hole. What you will find could quite literally save your life.

Five basic health-steps the system does NOT want you to take

1.) Vaccines – Whether or not there is good science behind the concept of introducing small amounts of pathogens to build immunity to the ‘real thing’ is, sadly, really a moot point considering the toxic adjuvants and preservatives that come with vaccines. Without even covering the allergic reactions and immediate long and short-term side effects many experience, is the cumulative buildup of mercury, aluminum, and a host of other trouble-makers in the body really worth potentially avoiding a few mostly non-lethal childhood diseases?

2.) Supplements – Natural Vitamin Supplements from food not your typical WalMart synthetic brand, or one size fits all like age, or gender or everything from soup to nuts. Look for what you are not getting in diet like Vitamin D3, or C. The vitamins listed in the long list of magic vitamins shown are synthetic, or man-made.  The contents are unknown and fuel sickness while enriching the corrupt medical industry.

Look for organic, plant-based supplements, without additives. These vitamins are a huge key to replacing the nutrients that even the most health-conscious of us miss out on simply because the food we grow today is lacking so many nutrients. The body uses these nutrients to fight off disease, naturally. So give it what it needs!

3.) Water filtration – Fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, lead, and even chemical and pharmaceutical runoffs are just a few of the things our bodies would really rather do without. Do your research, invest in a high quality water filter, and give your body the water it needs minus the toxins.

4.) Label awareness – HFCS High Fructose Corn Syrup, MSG, aspartame, sucralose, partially-hydrogenated oils – these are some of the things an informed label reader will look for and avoid like the plagues they are.

5.) GMOs–(Genetically Modified Crops ) Potentially the most important non-nuclear threat of our time, GMOs could mean the end of the food supply as we know it. Currently there are no labeling laws, so one must buy USDA Organic to avoid GMO. It may be more expensive but, as Joel Salatin so aptly put it, “If you think organic foods are expensive, have you priced cancer lately?”

Produce is 95% Organic

Note: All of these steps center around what we choose to allow into our bodies. If we make the right choices, we stand a better chance of allowing our immune systems to eliminate the toxins we unavoidably encounter every day, a better chance of not becoming just another Big Medical statistic!

Sources for this article include:

  1. Joan,

    More great information. Thanks.
    I have been reading labels since 1975 when I happened upon and read Gary Null’s book of nutrition.
    I realized then the way our food was being produced was all wrong, and still is.
    Gary spoke about the harmful effects of partially hydrogenated soybean oil at that time, amongst other things.
    What surprises me is that the public, after all this time, still needs to be educated on label reading.

    The way I see it, we have two main things that can insure optimum health, genetics and lifestyle choices.
    One can be controlled the other one cannot.

    Once health is compromised quality of life dramatically diminishes.
    I prescribe to Doctor James Fries theory of “Compressed Morbidity”.

    Thanks for Reading,
    Ron Soldano

    • Ron Soldano
      I have read part of Gary Null’s book He was one of the firsts. I have not heard of Dr. James Fries but, will look into it and his theory. The best intro to nutrition I have read was Dr. Fife’s “Stop Alzheimer’s” Dr. Blaylock did the introduction. It is very comprehensive. Again Thank You.

      • Ron
        I have done a quick search and so far now very impressed. I’ll look further but something about it doesn’t sound right.
        Thanks for your input

      • Dr. Fries taught at Stanford University in California.
        In the 1980’s he came up with his theory of compressed morbidity.
        He theorized if a person does not smoke, maintains an ideal weight and exercises vigorusly everyday, he can stave off most of what gets people sick in their sixties and live into their seventies and possibly eighties either dying healthy or the time period between serious illness and death would be very short.
        In essence, compressing one’s morbidity.
        He was laughed out of the halls of Stanford.

        He now has the 25 plus years of data to support his theory.
        They aren’t laughing anymore.

  2. Carolel Veloso permalink

    The suggestion to ignore vaccines is irresponsible at best and dangerous to the general population . The only reason we do not have massive number of deaths from “simple things” like chickenpox or pertussis or polio is that most of the population IS vaccinated. Why do you think people were looking for a cure to smallpox ? Because it decimated entire families. I have seen children die of chickenpox… I have seen pertussis snuff out a childs life. Please do not advocate against lifesaving vaccines.
    GMOs, natural vitamins no disageement. Flouride IS a naturally occuring substance and its effects were discoverd by a Dentist in the early 1900’s searching for an explanation for Colorado Brown Stain as it was called . This was the result of an overabundance of flouride… however the teeth were resistant to decay. Flouride is important for teeth development and some waters are deficient, others over abundant in it that is why we add flouride to our waters.
    As a health professional I think it is important you be clear and not simply spout the propoganda de jour against the establishment.

    • Concerning Vaccines I encourage people to research the facts themselves. I spent several months researching Vaccines and find the toxins contained in them are unacceptable. We could argue about it forever I simply disagree with vaccines. Here is one link that shows some of my point of view. Follow The Trail Of The Serpent

      Now about Fluoride,
      Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ
      August 07 2012 | 24,853 views |

      Fluoride makes you dumb and does nothing to help tooth decay and the FDA agrees.
      I will be posting more on this later. Everything in time.
      Fluoride is not a natural occurring substance it is a toxin.
      Thank You

      • Carolel,

        Fluoride is a by-product that is derived from the manufacturing of aluminum.
        Aluminum has a direct link to Alzheimer’s Disease.
        I often wonder why it is not mandatory for our school systems to teach us the tools to maintain our most precious asset, that being our health.

        Thanks for Reading,
        Ron Soldano

    • Joan and Carolel,

      Great discussion, as always.
      Fluoride is a by product of aluminum manufacturing.
      Aluminum is a contributor to Alzheimer’s Disease.
      What amazes and more so concerns me is why our school systems DO NOT teach the tools necessary for us to maintain our most precious asset, our health.

      It is truly unfortunate that people have to get into their fifties and suffer some major, emergent, health event only to find out what they rely on, our current health care system, (read: disease management system) has let them down.

      If I suffer an automobile accident or gun shot wound or some other accident, I want to be taken to a hospital in The U.S.A.
      Most of the rest of it you can keep.
      I love life because I have always been able to live it on my terms.
      I will be 59 years of age this October, am in my 38th straight year of physical training, and am grateful that I have already ‘made it’.
      I’ve had my youth, my early adult hood, my very productive years, (still have them), and opporrtunity as long as ‘I showed up for the party’,
      …and when it’s my time, it’s my time. I am very much ok with that.

      Thanks for Reading,
      Ron Soldano

      • Thank You Ron for you information on Fluoride. I have a video I’m going to post on fluoride and deal with the subject properly, but do appreciate your addition and facts.
        Yes American Hospitals are still good and efficient thanks to us nurses. I have fought the system and some Doctors since I started being a Nurse and find I’m still doing it stronger than ever. Funny thing the few Doctors who have seen the sight that I know of approve.
        That is great that you are so active and in good shape.
        At 59 you are still a youngster. I know very active people in their 80’s and they don’t look like their stopping any time soon.

  3. Hey Joan,

    I am glad you referenced the WW2 generation.
    Yes but the other generation, people in their eighties, have had a completely different lifestyle than boomers. Most boomers are way tooooooooo sedentary, have relied solely on pharmaceuticals to prevent disease, which most do not, medicine treats disease, and are now paying a dear price for their lack of ‘participation’. They are dieing in the late fifties and early sixties, oior are unable to enjoy all the things quality of life have to offer. Quality of life, to note, is subjective.
    This is not a criticism as I am aware my words may sound harsh.

    But….let’s talk about circadian rhythm, or the lack of respect of it.
    Prior to the advent of electricity mankind slept an average of 12 to 13 hours per day.
    It is only in the last 100 years or so we have changed that.
    But, our bodies are not wired for 6 hours of sleep per night.
    How many people do you know who DO NOT get into their rapid eye movement sleep (R.E.M.) twice per night ? This is the deep sleep where all the restoration processes (cellular regeneration) takes place.

    I have many friends who are surgeons and physicians and we get into these spirited discussions all the time.

    My theory is thus: Look at the last generation. They didn’t overeat, their bodies were always in motion, they enjoyed lean body mass in their twenties, their were lean in their mid life years and into their later years; they ultimately died lean.
    Mostly because of the choices they made referenced in the first sentence of this paragraph.
    They did not grow up with television and hence went to bed early and awakened early. As technology improved with evening entertainment, their lifestyle patterns were developed and they did not deviate too much from them.

    Please keep in mind this is the group that did not eat salads everyday, ate food cooked in lard, never joined a spin class, were no strangers to alcohol and cigarettes, did not grow up with antibiotics; I can go on.

    While I certainly do not condone unhealthy lifestyle choices, i ask, “what is the true culprit or
    culprits” ?

    IMO, if anyone wants to put the odds in their favor of living a disease free, healthy, productive lifestyle, look to that generation and model your lifestyle after them.

    And agreed about nurses, way too underpaid and possess a wealth of information they always seem willing to share.

    Ron Soldano

    • Thanks Ron,
      The last generation had real food to eat, not the non-nutrition, sugar intensive food we have now. Our Diet is making us drunk on sugar, and mentally stupid.

  4. Excellent Blog and spot on. I am not surprised at the abundance of ignorance of fact and acceptance of mass misinformation that pervades the public with low information on health issues. We need to keep the message out there and critical mass can overcome Big Pharma and the poor health it creates. Vaccine theory is flawed and poorly researched. diseases have a natural ebb and flow. vitamin D from natural sun light is one of the greatest healers and medicine threatens even this with misplaced fear about melanoma! Keep writing great stuff!

  5. Flouride is a potent neurotoxin and it does NOTHING to prevent cavities. This is total junk science and still people and dentists believe it! We learned the dangers to the brain from Flouride in high school when we studied the periodic table!!! It was bad then and bad now!

    • Richard
      Your are right. I just called my local water department and found They do not add Iodine to the Water supply, I have have just gotten a filter to filter out Chlorine. This need more research but I have heard taking iodine is a good Fluoride detox.
      Thank you for the Comment

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