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Soda Pop Sugar Shocker Demo!

August 31, 2012

By Natural Health’s Health Ranger   7/24/2010

Most people have no idea just how much sugar is loaded into soda pop and other popular drinks.  This demonstration makes the unseen seen.  Big beverage can’t hide behind deceptive marketing forever.

Did you know that 99% of all beverages are boiled/filled with preservatives and chemicals to maximize shelf life?

As if that weren’t bad enough, they’re also loaded with sugar or even more harmful artificial sweeteners to maximize taste. That’s right, to maximize profits, they load ‘em up with the cheapest sweeteners available. To make sure they don’t go bad during storage and distribution, they boil them and add harmful preservatives (more artificial chemicals).

According to Dr. Mercola1, the food and beverage industries spend twice as much as the pharmaceutical industry telling us what is “good” for us. If you want to remain in denial of the damaging effects of very commonly used sweeteners and preservatives, then stop here and don’t waste your time. Thanks for visiting. I don’t want to guilt you into better health… or do I?

There is a plethora of reliable sources on the internet, in the library, in newspapers, and on the evening news to prove my point. Here are seven dirty little secrets of the beverage industry. These shortcomings of the beverage industry generally apply to functional beverages, soda pop, sports drinks, energy drinks, kids drinks, juices and even so called “all natural” and “health drinks”.

Click Link for full description of the 7 Secrets:

1)      Profits rule – Company profits that is…

2)      Shelf Life – Add Self life of many years…

3)      Bacteria killing processing – Kill bacteria and most nutrition by pasteurization…

4)      Preservatives – sodium benzoate is a common preservative which is a toxin…

5)      Taste – Make it taste good by adding lots of sugar or artificial sugar…

6)      Artificial colors –Red #5, or Yellow #2, etc. on a nutritional label, it likely came from crude oil…

7)      Highly Acidic – Change body chemistry which makes several body system work harder to maintain pH and become compromised…

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