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Is your meat treated with CO?

March 8, 2013

By Joan McDaniel   March 8, 2013

What is CO?

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is slightly lighter than air.  It is toxic to humans and animals.  Carbon monoxide is produced as a byproduct when operating a stove or in internal combustion engine in an enclosed space which then produces carbon dioxide (Co2), in other words Carbon monoxide poisoning. I have heard the rumor that some people last act on earth was to close all the windows and put their head in an oven.  In other words — commit suicide.

CO other natural sources include other forms of combustion like forest fires, iron smelting, and volcanoes.

Treating meat with carbon monoxide is more common than you think.

According to this Video from the food channel  CO is being used as a preservative.

Global Warming

Global Warming

Co is not a preservative, it is the result of burning and flame and once all the O2 is gone you get Co2.  Where is Al Gore when you need him?  Isn’t he all upset about Co2 and Global Warming?… err Global Cooling…err CLIMATE CHANGE??? … or something like that?????

But the same thing that once burned makes Co2 makes packaged meats look pink and fresh.  It actually prevents the meat from aging.

Is your meat treated with CO?

Video (2:45):

Video from the food channel

This Video is dated

Uploaded on Jul 25, 2007

“70% of ALL Beef and Chicken has been treated with Carbon Monoxide Gas. It can make bad meat look good. How many people have become poisoned by this chemically altered meat that we are eating and feeding our children? Our Government works on behalf of big business NOT for The People Of America!”

I have included it anyway to make people continually aware that the meat as packaged in the super market may not be all you think it is….Joan McDaniel

– Traci Styner
The Real Food Channel

P.S. Please share Real Food Channel videos with your friends, family and

Video on youtube

Meat treated with carbon monoxide

To repeat part of an old article of mine:

Why All the Fuss About Grass-Fed Meat?

Grass-fed beef is vastly superior to grain-fed beef, and in fact it’s the clear beef of choice you should be eating. It is far more important to choose grass-fed than to choose organic, as most grass-fed beef are also organic.

Not only is it raised in a more sustainable way for the environment, and a more humane way for the animal, but it’s the superior choice for your health.

Grass-fed beef, for instance, is lower in fat than regular beef and, more importantly, contains higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid. Grass-fed animals have from three to five times more CLA than grain-fed animals.

The Growing Demand for Grass-Fed Beef in America

Dr. Mercola’s article explains more about what is grass-fed beef and why it is a much better choice.

When I want to eat beef, I use my local New York farmer who’s link is below.

Grass Fed cows

Grass Fed cows

From Kiernan Farm

You best bet to find grass-fed beef is a local farmer.  Check out your local Farmers Market and local Health food stores and ask around

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