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South Central LA “Dig Ins”

August 29, 2013

By Joan McDaniel    August 29, 2013

 This article is about California, South Central Los Angeles to be specific. A man by the name of Ron Finley is starting growing gardens in poverty-stricken areas.  LA – People are eating healthy – See Video below.

What is better than growing your own food?

But first a word about getting away from the factory produced synthetic foods that line the Grocery Store shelves. I cannot stress enough, you need to eat fresh food and there are two ways to do just that;

–         Grow your own

–         And/or visit your local farmers market.


Visit your local Farmers Market

I attend my local farmers market weekly all year long.  I now know my local farmers but welcome any new vendors with new ideas and new home-made crafty products.  I ask a ton of questions and engage in discussions that range from how to grow something to how to cook something. It is sort of getting information from the horse’s mouth.  I look forward to my visits, and come back loaded with fresh food and fresh ideas.

Farmers Markets and Local Food Marketing


Farmers markets are becoming increasingly popular all across the nation.  Consumers can get fresh produce directly from the local farm. And farmers develop personal relationships with their loyal and growing customer base.

“The USDA National Farmers Market Directory, maintained by AMS Marketing Services, is designed to provide members of the public with convenient access to information about U.S. farmers market locations, directions, operating times, product offerings, and accepted forms of payment. Market information included in the Directory is voluntary and self-reported to AMS by market managers, representatives from State farmers market agencies and associations, and other key market personnel. “


Use this link to find a farmers market near you.  The link is updated often. Enter your zip code the markets close to you will be listed.  You can then click the link to go directly to the markets web-site. Then from your Local Harvest Website, you can find the farms, markets and other valuable sources.


From the USDA Web site: Find a Farmers Market close to you


Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

I found this article on the web and it got my undivided attention.  A man named Ron starts gardens for the poor and homeless in places you wouldn’t believe. If I ever thought of a place to start a garden, it wouldn’t be South Central Los Angeles.  People, a whole lot of people with shovels are digging in the dirt and planting gardens.  The Cola, Fastfood, Red Bull and other unhealthy s thing capital now is changing  vacant  lots, and poverty-stricken areas into complete functional gardens.

I am impressed and I hope you will be to.


Ron Finley of South Central Los Angeles started growing food forests on curb sides, vacant lots, and traffic medians to combat low quality food in poverty-stricken areas. [He says that growing your own food is like printing your own money.]

L.A. Green Grounds

Growing, working, teaching: changing turf into edible gardens in South Los Angeles

Ron has over 20 Sustainable Gardens all over Los Angeles grown by hundreds of volunteers. He calls his garden projects “Dig Ins”. The gardens serve low-income residents and others.  Where fresh affordable food is scarce it is now plentiful. They also run wellness classes, and hikes. They promote open space and personal confidence.


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  1. Nice to read about a person adding a fresh food garden and Lighting a candle of Hope &
    inspiration for his fellow man ! God Bless this man and Godspeed for the cause of freedom from
    “franken Foods”(GMO’s)and the desire to unite neighbors with healthy food choices and working as a community to improve lives and inspire cooperation and individual responsibility to be a
    maker not taker beholden to the Govt.for Food & shelter and “freebees” that entice and enslave
    those fooled into trading freedoms for so-called security of Govt.assistance!

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