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Vitamin C is Important, Why not Make Your Own?

February 15, 2015

Vitamin C is Important, Why not Make Your Own?

By Joan McDaniel         February 15, 2015

Getting Back to Work

It is about time that I begin to put up some articles.  I have been off fighting Computer monsters and other pressing items. Now that has come to a happy end and it is time to test drive my new Apple Computer  – No more baby sitting, and debugging headaches over an unpredictable operating system.

We All Know the Importance of Vitamin C

And what better subject to write about than Vitamin C.  It is  winter here and cold.  The sun is off visiting Florida or South America and our major source of Vitamin C has gone with it.  We all know the importance of Vitamin C don’t we.  Why? Because our mothers told us so.  And their mothers told them and on and on.  Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants nature has to give especially during the cold winter months.


Natural Food Source for Vitamin C

Lack of Vitamin C The cause of  Illness

Their parents knew that in the early 1800’s the English navy was practically wiped out by a disease called Scurvy. Scurvy is a severe lack of vitamin C.  The sailors bodies literally fell apart.

Guess what also is a caused by  a lack of vitamin C — Inflammation. Your immune system doesn’t have enough oxygen and nutrition to fight disease and inflammation and pain results. Your cells are literally crying for Help.

A Strong Immune System

To stay well you need a strong immune system. But to maintain a strong immune system you need to feed it and one thing it needs most is Vitamin C.

Processed Foods Loaded With Synthetic Vitamins

Our modern-day food producers are well aware of the need for Vitamins. It seems that everything has Vitamin C and Vitamin D added to it along with tons of added sugar.  The food is devoid of nutrition and the added vitamins are full of complexed unable to pronounce toxic chemicals. This does nothing to help your Immune System fight inflammation. In fact it may just cause inflammation.

Multi Vitamins example

Bottled Vitamin Supplements seem to me to contain ingredients that do more to protect the products shelf life than they do to give me anything natural.  An example: Centrum “C” vitamins made from the Coal Tar, Silicon, and petroleum distillate. Just look at any label. Nothing on the label sounds very natural to me including Soy which is GMO.  Using pre-manufactured Pills is a risky business so Why not make your own Vitamin C from the real stuff?

Make Your Own Vitamin C

Your best source for Vitamin C is not in pill form but in natural food form. You get more Vitamin C from natural food then you would ever get from a pill created in the lab.

watermelons-istock-crop-webWatermelon a great source of Vitamin C

There is a large source of Vitamin C in berries, broccoli, cherries, cilantro, citrus fruit, coriander, dark green vegetables, guavas, kale, kiwi, parsley, red and yellow peppers, rose-chips, tomatoes, watermelon (especially a whole watermelon)

But this is winter where are you going to get a good watermelon in single digit degree weather?

I found a Great Answer

While doing research, fighting computer monsters and keeping up to date I found an article from Natural News called “Homemade Vitamin C”

I tried it and it works great!

Read their article I have put together some other thoughts and found some pictures that can serve as examples.

You Are In Charge Not the Environment or Luck

You are in charge of your own health and immune system.  There was a recent article about Cancer.  The article gave the impression that disease in this case Cancer was simply caused by bad luck or bad genes.

Disease is not what the recent popular myth say. Disease is a not a factor primarily of chance or bad luck.  Disease is caused by a weakened immune system. The immune system is what your body uses to fight disease.  Your immune system is formed and reinforced by the food you eat.  Some factors of the immune system are passed from parent to child but the overall immune system is formed by how you live your life and what you eat or your nutrition.

Make Your Own Vitamin C

As I said, Vitamin C from natural whole-food is far more potent than store-bought vitamin C supplements.  Besides you don’t want to know what these supplements are made from.  One of the best sources for natural Vitamin C is natural Fruit — especially Citrus Fruit like oranges.

What has more Vitamin C than Citrus Fruit?
Broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables like kale, guavas, kiwi with the skin, yellow and red peppers, strawberries, and a whole watermelon all have more vitamin C than a citrus fruit without the peel. Cilantro, Coriander, and Rose-hips are also high in vitamin C. None of these are available in the winter.

Citrus Fruit is available but it contains fructose or sugar and the amount of intake needs to be monitored or controlled.  It isn’t about how many milligrams of Vitamin C you take, It’s how much your body assimilates.

The peel of Citrus fruit is loaded with Vitamin C and is sugar-free.  A normal orange peel provides about 130 mg of pure vitamin C.  The fruit of the orange only about 71 mg.  Citrus peels have added benefits like enzymes, phytonutrients, and things we don’t even know about yet.

Just How to make Vitamin C from Citrus Fruit Peel?
After you eat the fruit be it grapefruit, a lemon or lime or an orange,  keep the peel.  Don’t throw it away.

Save the peel.  Cut the peel into thin strips. Place these thin strips out in the open like on a plate on the dinning room table.  Make sure you remove all the actual fruit for it will invite mold.  Mother Nature turns this mold black.  Throw those pieces away.  Let the good strips dry at room temperature for a couple of days until they are dry and crisp. They are hard to break.

You can use a food dehydrator to dehydrate the peels and store them up to a year in a dry container.

Cut the peels into strips

To eat the peel break them up into smaller pieces and mix them with your favorite tea.  The only problem here is heat destroys those great enzymes so a better way is to grind them up using a coffee grinder.  Grind them up into a powder.  The enzymes and the rest of the vitamins are not harmed.  I grind up several peels and store them in a small glass container.


Powdered Citrus Peels

The pieces that are too big to chew I throw away.  The smaller pieces I sprinkle on my morning fruit and mix it up – you don’t even taste it.  Or throw the powder into your smoothie or fresh juices.  One rounded teaspoon will supply you with more antioxidants, bioflavonoids, hesperidin, rutin, and Vitamin C complex than your body needs for the day regardless of you size and weight.

This will also be great for anyone doing a lemon detox without the bitter taste.

I will be writing more about Citrus fruit but until next time which will be sooner rather than later.


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  1. Barbara Charis permalink

    Joan, there is a natural built in pesticide in citrus fruits to repel insects. I am being guided not to use it. Also, the only citrus I use is lemon and lime juice. Grapefruit is the worst. Toxic for many people. Oranges and tangerines are good for those whose ancestry dates back to countries, which had these fruits.
    I did free Creator-guided consultations for 17 years…and learned a great deal. Many fruits and vegetables that people are using…are actually breaking down their bodies over time. People never consider the other species on the planet that are competing for food, too.

    Humans have the idea that all fruits and vegetables on the planet were created for the human species…and they wind up with health problems..Doctors don’t know and treat the problems created with drugs.

    • Thank You for your comment and knowledge on the subject. I will look into citrus fruit for I have heard nothing of this information.

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