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Microwave Ovens Inflammation and Free-Radicals

April 25, 2015

By Joan L. McDaniel                              April 25, 2015

No Nukes, Zapping or Microwaving



Lets Talk Microwave

Microwave ovens may be good for more than just zapping the leftovers. We also Microwaves to produce the weather doppler-radar image seen on TV and the internet.

But did you know, a microwave can also be used to sterilize your kitchen dishcloth?

Yes, according to researchers:

Again my heads-up call came from an article by Dr. Mercola Need to sterilize a dishcloth? Use your microwave. But zapping your casserole is a BAD idea if you are interested in preparing healthy food.”

So I looked further:

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — “Microwave ovens may be good for more than just zapping the leftovers; they may also help protect your family.” Researchers have found “…microwaving kitchen sponges and plastic scrubbers — known to be common carriers of the bacteria and viruses that cause food-borne illnesses – sterilizes them rapidly and effectively. “ These same researchers are looking at other things that can be sterilized at home using the microwave.

Now this bit of news really worries me 

If a microwave can sterilize a dishcloth what on earth is it doing to my food?

Since I was so sick I took a long look at the toxins in my home. In the attempt to control my environment and reduce toxins, I discontinued use of the Microwave. I was not only worried at the radiation wave emitted, what it did to the plastic wrap or plastic container I had it in, but what it did to heat my food.

Now I am glad I did.  The radiation and melting plastic may be somewhat of a problem for that is debatable but I always wondered why the nuked food didn’t taste as good and why it had hot and cold spots.

Don’t Use Your Microwave

The shocking truth about microwave ovens and the effect on your health. For more information ask for our free eBook, “12 Action Steps” or go to our website:

We Live in a World of Rays and Electromagnetic Energy


Just About Everything Generates Waves of Energy and Radiation Including You 

We are surrounded by Waves of energy.  It is called the electromagnetic spectrum.

Radio waves 

Cell Phone Waves – (Not pictured but almost same strength as the Microwave)



infrared – Our ovens

Visible Light 


X-ray, CatScans, MRI’s– When something is broken like a bone

Gamma rays 

It’s not just radio towers, X-ray machines and light bulbs that produce electromagnetic radiation, every bit of matter in the universe emits radiation including you.

Warm things like us give off body heat, and heat travels as infrared radiation.  So you are actually emitting higher energy radiation than your remote control, phone or microwave oven.

On the Subject of Radiation



Now I hate to say it, this is the limit of my ability to understand how any of this works except these devices have been created to do something. When you tune your radio, watch TV, send a text message, or pop popcorn in a microwave oven, you are using electromagnetic energy.

NASA’s scientific instruments use the full range of the electromagnetic spectrum to study the Earth, the solar system, and the universe beyond.

Is Radiation Good or Bad?

As some people say, have we surrounded our world with an avalanche of chemical and electro-magnetic toxins for push button convenience?

The debate on the effect of low-frequency radiation adding to the toxins we have around us has been studied for years by a vast majority of federal and world-wide agencies, private researchers, scholars and those in the medical field.  There are many sides on the safety of many of these devices.  Both sides can cite enormous studies as proof as to their conclusions. For now the subject of radiation isn’t the issue. We may as some have said, brought upon ourselves chemical and electromagnetic avalanches. Nothing has been decide yet.  It may never be decided.

It all seems to work by magic to me and it is the world I live in and can’t change it.  But I certainly can change how I warm up my food.

The biggest problem I am worried about is the Inflammation caused by the free-radical damage done by the microwave.  I am not worried about the radiation, the waves or it melting the plastic container I have the food in.

If the microwave can sterilize a sponge in a minute then it is sterilizing your food also.  Sterilization means the food is dead.

Raw and Living Foods

You can’t keep something alive with dead food. Most food we eat is living. If we eat food that has ‘life’ still within it, it will transfer this ‘force’ to us.  I don’t mean alive in that it will look back at you, carry on a conversation, or even know what’s going on in the world outside.  I mean it is still breathing converting the sun’s rays to energy.

Cells like antioxidants, bacteria (good and bad), carotenoids, chemicals, enzymes, fats, flavonoids, enzymes, nutrients, vitamins, are living breathing things – they are still alive.  If this “live force” is dead it cannot fuel or energize your body’s cells.

If this ‘life force’ is destroyed in the food we eat it becomes a heavy burden on the body.

Very Quickly What is Inflammation?

Not to over simplify, but basically – All Illness is Cause By Inflammation


Inflammation is your immune systems response to injury, and stress to the body.

A Brief Lesson and Quick Look At Atoms

Damage from free-radicals over time causes a chain reaction which causes inflammation then serious illness.  Free-radical damage to the cells happens when we take in more toxins than nutrition.Inflammation is your immune systems response to fighting disease. The only way to stop free-radical damage is to give your immune system the ammunition it needs. The ammunition you system needs are antioxidants.

During my research I found this diagram. It seems to explain what I’m trying to say. All I know is I stopped my inflammation and slowly got well by what I ate including the food from the Farmers Market.

Find Your Local Farmer’s Market


Free Radicals and Antioxidants

For more information on Inflammation, and Free Radicals see my articles here and here.

The Microwave What Could Be Easier

Now back to the Microwave. Want to warm something up what could be easier.

You simply put the food in the microwave oven, set the timer, press start and if a few minutes “Ping!” your food’s ready and is piping hot.

In todays culture driven by desire for speed and convenience, we simply Nuke or Zap what we want to eat or drink.

Microwave works with Friction

It literally zaps your food.

Friction Produces the Heat That Cooks the Food


Microwaves use electromagnetic energy (similar to radio waves) set to a specific frequency in order to agitate water molecules in food. As these molecules get increasingly agitated, they begin to vibrate automically and eventually generate heat. The increasing levels of agitation that occur when the microwave is on is why microwaves can heat food so quickly and why they do so from the “inside out.”

Sounds pretty benign so far, right? The problem begins at the very basic level. The friction that heats the food also causes substantial damage to the surrounding molecules, tearing them apart creating free radicals.

Friction Produces the Heat That Cooks the Food


MicroWave History

imagesPercy Spencer created the first microwave oven

Microwave ovens became extremely popular in the 1970s and are now a part of our active living life style.  It was created by a man that didn’t even complete grammar school.  He quit to learn electricity.  At age 18 he joined the U.S. Navy and became an expert on radio technology.  He taught himself calculus, chemistry, metallurgy, physics, trigonometry to name just a few of his many learned subjects. In 1939 he worked for a company called Raytheon as head of the power tube division. One day he accidentally invented the microwave after noticing a melted candy bar in his pocket.  He investigated what he had been working on.  The first food they cooked was popcorn.  The first microwave was 750 pounds and cost $5,000.  The countertop microwave was first introduced in 1967 by the Amana Corporation

How do you heat food without a Microwave?

It took a while and some trial and error on my part to figure out a way to replace the microwave. I have listed some of the ways I have found.  Remember you are just heating the food up not cooking it.


It may seem difficult to do at first but without making too many lifestyle adjustments it can be done for I have with some difficulty have done it.

Being a creature of convenience the only thing I really miss is the Microwave timer. I have had to become a more responsible grown-up and monitor my actions.  Stop the push button convenience and get concerned about my health.

I’m now having to pay attention and not get distracted while I have the stove burner on for the fear of one of these days I’m going to burn my house down.  Maybe I can find  push button digital timer.

Things to try

Eat It at Room Temp  – That is hard we love the taste of warm food.  Luke warm food is considered inferior as every  restaurant chief knows.  At work I have to do something. I bring my food from home in a closed container and leave it out for the four hours until I eat it.  I do microwave it for 30 seconds for I like it warm just a little warm.

Eat Raw Food – See my article – Vegetables Raw isn’t Always Healthier

Toaster Oven

imagesSteamer double boiler

Conventional Oven – 300 – 400 F for 15 min.- I use a pie plate and a lid made of metal and glass.  I arrange the food as if it were the dinner plate and put it in my conventional oven

imagesThe best help was getting a food thermometer.  This little tool is priceless I even use it for my tea.

That way you can actually see how warm the food is getting both stove top or in the oven.

Until next Time


  1. Barbara Charis permalink

    Mankind was intended to only eat fresh picked off the tree, bush, plant foods. If the majority of the foods people ate were raw…people would rarely get sick. People today eat for taste, with little consideration of their body’s needs for nutrients. Unfortunately, heating any food over 116 degrees destroys the enzymes that help vitamins and minerals work. The poor brain suffers too; people lose their ability to think, because there is very little nutrient value in cooked food.
    I eat a limited amount of cooked food…and aim for 90% raw
    For 25 years I have warned people about microwave ovens. Saving time and shortening one’s life is not the way to go. Take the time to prepare food that contains nutrients. Microwave cooking alters the food in a manner that the body does not recognize the atoms, molecules, etc. It turns food into garbage..

  2. Thank You Barbara
    Well Said, I knew microwaves were bad but not this bad. I glad I have found time to taste my food again.

  3. Hugo Bellomo permalink

    Interesting Posting! I wish I saw this earlier. Related information can be found at

    • Glad you saw it now. I didn’t know any of the dangers of Microwaves until I started the research. Interesting Web Site you have – Coconut Oil for Babies GREAT!! Thanks for the comment Good Luck with the article
      Thanks Again

  4. Science Guy permalink

    Oh god, where do I start? There is so much wrong with this article, so I guess I’ll start at the beginning of the article. First off, the food is ALREADY DEAD! The only difference between your “living food” and rotting food is bacterial growth. That’s why a refrigerator keeps food from rotting, it stops bacterial growth. Now, your “food life force” is just the energy in chemical bonds inside the food. Even after 1 hour, the food that, according to you, is “still breathing converting the sun’s rays to energy”, is DEAD. There is nothing going on inside the food. no photosynthesis, no Krebs cycle, NO NOTHING!! Now, on the “inflammation” thing. Yes, inflammation is our own immune system, but it doesn’t cause all diseases. The only diseases inflammation causes are allergic ones such as asthma and arthritis. Now, over to the microwave friction thing. The microwave DOES NOT WORK OF OF FRICTION!! The microwave agitates atomic particles, creating heat. THE ATOMIC VIBRATION IS THE HEAT. If microwaves didn’t cook the food, then how do they REARRANGE THE PROTEINS INSIDE OF EGGS!! protein rearrangement is the DEFINITION of cooking. Finally, microwaves DO NOT create free radicals inside of food. Microwaves just aren’t powerful enough to knock FRICKING ELECTRONS OUT OF THEIR FRICKING ORBITS. The only way that free radicals are made is by high energy radiation (any radiation with a higher frequency or shorter wavelength than light for those of you who didn’t finish high school physics) of a certain frequency colliding with electrons and knocking them out of their orbits. Ok, now I’m done. Glad I got that off of my shoulders.

    P.S. feel free to reply, I ‘ll only turn your brain to mush with the science behind it all

    • Thank You for you energetic comment. Nice to have another opinion. I wrote from the several article of research. I do not actually know but since I have quit using the microwave and cook mostly with slow cooker or steam heat I seem to like the food better. I am just trying to inform and still feel microwaves are not good for large amounts of heating of food.
      Science isn’t suppost to turn things to mush science is suppose to inform not confuse.
      Thanks again

    • Barbara Charis permalink

      Raw fruit is living…and I know people who are living on 5-9 pounds daily and thriving. They don’t need medicine to stay alive. I eat 3 pounds of fruit daily, but don’t eat dairy, meat, nuts or seeds. I have never microwaved my food and have more energy than people 50 years younger. In 1980 I warned a friend about his microwave…and he made a joke about it. In 2 years this 45 year old went from black to white hair…no nutrition in microwaved food. Two doctors with books on the Best Sellers List are touting tap water and microwave ovens. . I bought their books, but can’t recomend them. There is a doctor who did research on blenderized fruit. Used a special camera to take before and after photos. The before shot showed a light force emanating from the fruit…after it was blended there was no light…totally dark. I stoppped blending…I have been into health research 57 years…and did a lot of experimentation in order to learn. In the beginning, wound up with health problems from following info from “experts.” The only one who helped solve these problems was our Maker. .

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