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Skin the Window to your Health

July 22, 2015

By Joan L. McDaniel                                July 22, 2015


The Eye Is the Window Of The Soul

The eyes may be the window of the soul but your skin is a window to the health of the body.

The condition of your skin, reflects your immune system.  If your immune system is out of balance your skin most often will reflect this imbalance.

Your Immune System and Your Skin Have much in Common

Skin break down is your Immune system is trying to tell you something.  Are you listening?

Ignoring these early signs can result in developing premature aging and even a serious health condition later in life. It could be twenty to thirty years down the road for something serious to develop.

Generally when skin starts to itch, change color, and/or its texture something is happening inside your system. Your immune system is fighting toxins.  A normal healthy immune system just simply destroys unwanted toxins but when overpowered and overwhelmed, it reacts with the inflammation response.  Inflammation is the way your system isolates and eliminates unwanted bacteria, toxins, viruses and anything else alien to the system.


The Excretory System

Your skin is part of your circulatory system and the excretory system.  The excretory system also consists of the kidneys, and lungs. Your excretory system is the way your body excrete wastes.

The Excretory Organs

One-third of your body’s toxins are excreted through the skin. We can lose over 30,000 dead skin cells every minute.  When you sweat, you’r eliminating built-up toxins that are in the skin. Most of skin changes come from within not from without – No matter how much hand washing you do.

Allergic reactions, infection, and  inflammation are warning signs.  Did you know skin aging and wrinkling is also a sign of inflammation?

I should Know

As time passed slowly over the years as I was getting sicker and sicker and my skin kept breaking out in batches of dry flaky skin.  I had red patches everywhere especially on my face.  I remember when I first got the red streaks I didn’t know what to do about it.  I found using skin creams and moisturizer didn’t seem to help and attributed the condition to aging.  There just wasn’t anything that could be done about it.

I wish I knew then what I know now. All that time, I was sick and my body was trying to tell me, I was just too busy eating junk to even listen.  Eating Sugar and Carbs is fun why do anything else? My skin was aging prematurely and didn’t know why.

Leaky Gut

It may be hard to visualized but what your skin looks like your gut looks like.  If you gut wall is collapsing with leaky gut they why would you expect your skin to be glowing? Your skin flora and your bowel flora are very much alike.  Your immune system isn’t selective if the cells walls of your colon are breaking down so are the cell walls of your skin. Your immune system is an early warning system that something isn’t right

Money Spent on Skin 

Skin is a big business and a big money-maker both for industry and the medical world.  Just think of the massive amount of money spent on skin. There creams and lotions of every variety, make up, and a whole world of Botox, face lifts and plastic surgery.

Conditions of the skin covers a broad spectrum of diseases which are also known as dermatoses, which is part of the medical world of dermatology and dermatologists.  Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with the skin. A dermatologist is a licensed doctor with further training non of which includes knowledge of food or nutrition.  I don’t know if a dermatologist knows what a colon is – Just joking.

There may be over 3,000 skin disorders. Some of these diseases can be a simple irritant to a life threatening condition. A skin condition can be temporary, can be easy to treat or chronic and serious.  Skin conditions can suddenly disappear then return over time with increased intensity.

You can spent hundreds of dollars on creams, lotions and prescription medications, but they did little more than clog and dry out your skin, waste your money and provide more toxins.  Your skin needs nourishment not more poisons.

Clear Skin is as close as you Kitchen

When I hear someone say, it is too expensive to buy food from a farmer or to buy organic, I often wonder how much money they spend on make-up, moisturizer, cleaning products and whatever else there is for the skin.  When clear, beautiful gorgeous skin is as close to you as your kitchen.  Read this blog for a review of superfoods that help heal.  Helping arm the immune system also improves the condition of our skin.


Saturated Fat is Good For You especially your gut wall and skin.

I started this blog to tell my story.  My health has greatly improved. I swore that if I could get well again I would tell others how I did it.

As my health has improved, the pain and itching is less intense and almost gone away and to my surprise my skin has a glow and is almost free of the red blotches and dry scaly areas.

I don’t have the skin I did when I was younger, but I don’t have the bloated pasty look I had three years ago.  It may just me mind over matter but my skin isn’t hanging off me as bad.  I hardly have much of a turtle neck left anymore.

Read this blog for the superfoods I ate to get well. Most of the major improvements came when I decreased my intake of carbs and started to eat Saturated Fats like Coconut Oil. The next major improvement was getting Iodine and eating foods with minerals in them.

Skin illnesses:

I have put together a list of every skin illness or condition I could find and think of;

Acne, age spots, aging, allergic reaction, athlete’s foot, bad complexion, blackheads, blisters, blemishes, brown spots, sudden brushing, bumps, calluses, cold sores, corns, cracking, dandruff, dehydrated, dermatitis, dry, dull, flaky, dybiosis, eczema, hardening, cuts not healing, hives, hyper-pigmentation (age spots), ischemia (decreased blood flow), itchy, jock itch, liver spots (age), moles, oozing, Pain that then turns into an itch, Pale skin, Psoriasis, rash, redness, red spots, ringworm, rosacea, rough skin, rough skin patches, scaling, Shingles Rash, swelling, toenail fungus, waxy, white bumpy lines, pronounced wrinkles (dry skin), yellowing, break out in zits and I sure there are many others.

Skin Conditions

Many  Skin conditions can be adjusted to and lived with like acne, aging, bumps, eczema, rash, rough skin, and wrinkles but some can become very serious.

But there are some skin conditions that make themselves priority one.  They demand complete attention. Of the many skin conditions the ones that cause the most attention seem to be acne, aging, allergic reactions, flaking and itching.


Acne Is the hardest to put up with because you look in the mirror and all you see is one big ZIT.  But even thought acne most often occurs in the early years it too is a major indication of the gut being unbalanced and ill.  I have heard that reducing chocolate and sugar during this time greatly improves that condition.


I would love to say I have truly found the fountain of youth and that I can reverse the signs of aging.  I am sure it is more mind over matter on my part but I don’t think I look as old as I use to a short three years ago and better than I did in 2006.

I know for an example that my hair color is returning.

It is true that if you eat junk (processed foods) your cells are full of junk and they age prematurely.   If you want your skin clear and fresh you need to eat food that has nutrition not plastic.  You eat plastic you look like plastic. Plastic may be shiny but doesn’t have that being alive look to it.


Collegian and aging

Skin is held together because of something called collegian.  Collegian keeps your skin-tight and close to the bone, as the cells age the cells of collegian grow weak and lose their hold. Without proper nutrition this collegian simply ages prematurely resulting in wrinkles and sagging hanging loose skin.

There is normal aging and then there is premature aging — If you system is not well and balanced neither is your appearance.  You look older than you really are.  As I write this, I seem to notice a lot of people look old and very tired.  They look 80 and many aren’t even 60 yet.

Allergic Reactions

Skin is most often the first sign that you are allergic to something new in the environment like food, toxins or medications.  Whenever you are taking a new medication or trying a new food such as chocolate or nuts you should pay close observation to any changes in skin and any difficulty breathing.  Rash, pruritus (itching), edema (swelling), skin eruptions (blisters), difficulty breathing are just some.  Allergic reactions to food or to medications such as penicillin can sometimes be prolonged, sudden and severe.  Discontinue product or food and report immediately any changes to your doctor. Pay attention to your skin IT IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING.

Itching is Hard to Ignore

I know for I had major skin itching that believe it or not would start as a small and irritating and overnight or the next second would develop into major throbbing pain. There are many names for this type of pain but the one I seemed to agree with most is called Fibromyalgia.

Skin itching can be annoying, demanding, embarrassing (especially if in your private area like anus itch, jock itch, or the vagina), frustrating,  irritating and cause scratching so bad it brings blood.  Depending on the type of itch, you may just forget what you were doing and just itch. It is difficult to concentrate on anything else except itching.

Itchiness can be the result of any number of factors, some external but mostly internal.  Skin itch can be just about anywhere there is skin, like the hair (dandruff), between the toes (athletic’s foot), hard to reach areas like the back, and/or between the shoulder blades, you can even have an itchy tongue.

For anyone who has had this kind of attention-getting message from you skin all I can tell you is there is a host of  home remedies for itching and not one cure.  The only way to rid yourself of the itch is to rid yourself of the toxin in your gut.  I know I tried them all.

Dry Scaly skin is another

Do you have healthy glow and tone to your skin?  Is your skin-tight or drawn and droopy?

Dry skin can be something you learn to live with, but you make adjustments.  You don’t go barefooted due to dry flaky skin, you wear long sleeves and many others.  Dry skin can be so dry it cracks and flakes off in large sections.

I know for I had patches of dry skin on the back my hands, elbows, my feet and heels, and dry spots in many other places even my face. I tried to learn how to ignore it.

Skin hydration

Dry skin means you are dehydrated.  The amount of skin cream may help the skin temporary but it is your insides that are dry.  You have to hydrate your system from the inside with water (not bottled but filtered tap).

Water is good but you also need Fat.  Saturated, polyunsaturated, and Omega-3 fats. You need to add them to your diet.  My blog is dedicated to coconut oil first and saturated (the forbidden fat) second.  YOU NEED SATURATED FATS IN YOUR DIET.

You need oils like avocado, almond, coconut, sesame etc.  Some people recommend krill oil or fish oil. I took these for a while but  found coconut oil more fun and used it for almost every meal.  I am still a heavy user of the many forms of coconut and coconut oil. I still use it all over inside and out and even use it on my cat.

There are many other very beneficial and wonderful oils so now I am exploring many of them like avocado, and sesame. I enjoy unroasted, unsalted, not pasteurized natural nuts of all kinds and with almost every meal. You also need your electrolytes and food high in minerals like magnesium and iodine.

What is Skin?

It may be hard to think of your skin as an organ but it is.  The skin is an organ system that protects the body by keeping whats on the inside in and whats on the outside out.  Included in this system is its appendages of the hair, and nails.  If we were another kind of animal we would also have feathers, fur and hooves.

Your skin provides protection but is also very absorbent.  You can absorb toxins  from the chemicals you put on your skin faster than eating them.  Read my article are skin care products harmful. It is an ideal location for medications such as nicotine or pain patches.



Other Signs your Body Gives you

Besides the Skin Your body surfaces toxins in your breath, hair ears, mouth, nose, and tongue.

I know for I had it all

When I got home from the hospital, I spent over an hour trying to find the machine that had been left on because it just kept ringing.  It had to be close because everywhere I went it just kept ringing until I realized the RINGING WAS ME.

And don’t forget dandruff;  Dandruff most likely cause is good ol’ Candida Yeast I know I had not only dry flaky scalp I had dry flaky elbows, face, feet, heels, back of my hands, knees, just to think of a few. I had ringing ears, I itched all over especially the hard to reach back, and a white tongue.

Bad breath and Bad Body Odor

You brush and brush, chew gum, rinse, and swallow breath mints, and still, you can’t get rid of it.   You use underarm deodorant and take showers. The amount of products on the market for mouth, breath, bad breath,odor and etc is in the thousands but none of them address what is really causing the problem.  YOUR GUT — Bad breath is often related to digestive problems, but it can also mean that your liver is struggling to get rid of the toxins in your body.

Until you tackle the problem from the source, you’ll continue to scare away anyone who comes close! If you smell like a sewer maybe you should do something about putting something besides junk in the stomach.


People don’t think your hair and gut are related but they are,  If you have a good case of dandruff you probably have leak gut also.  Clean up your diet will help the dandruff better than any visit to a dermatologist or expensive shampoo product or prescription.

The scaling in the scalp can be conspicuous, producing impressive dandruff.

Human_tongue_infected_with_oral_candidiasisWhite coating on tongue –

A white tongue means one thing CANDIDA YEIST INFECTION.  The tongue isn’t part of the skin the tongue is part of the digestive system but it is visible you can see it and it also can be one of the first signs of candida it also itches I know for I too had a white itch tongue.

Candida Albican shown here a condition called oral thrush

Candida Yeast

I haven’t spent much time with the illness called Yeast infection or Candida Yeast that is because it is a very complex subject and worst to even try to tame.  There are many web-sites which address Candida and if you suspect something you can start exploring until I get it all together.

Be careful many of the sites are trying to sell you something.  I found holist help site is ok and I quote from it

“Most people are unaware that it even exists, because most main stream doctors are uneducated about its impact on our health.  People suffering from this condition often go from doctor to doctor for years and are usually told they are a hypochondriac or that it is stress or a psychiatric problem, before ever discovering the real culprit.

Candida Albicans is a yeast that occurs naturally in the human body, but it is only one type of many different types of fungus that can be problematic…”  It normally has an important function and lives in harmony for it is kept in check by the immune system.  “It normally resides in the intestinal tract, mouth, throat and genitals, however…” when the immune system weakens and loses its control Candida changes from being harmless, overgrows and begins to eat oxygen “ can burrow holes in the intestinal tract, enter the blood stream and then make its way into any organ of the body.”
“Once this hardy organism proliferates in the body, it wrecks havoc in many ways and is the initiator of many common maladies, conditions, syndromes and illnesses in our population.”

Use Nutrition to Control Yeast Overgrowth 

The best and only start to fight it is to improve your immune system with proper nutrition.  Your body hides what it cannot control or eliminate in your joints, muscles and fat cells.It is when you start to detox that your immune system is strengthened and can pull these toxins out.  Most of getting rid of candida yeast in through the skin.

You don’t hear much from modern medicine (The white coat world) about Candida Yeast and I think it is because they just don’t recognize it as a systemic disease.  They accept joke itch, toe itch, toenail itch, and skin itch but there isn’t a multimillion dollar monopoly creating exclusive medical control or a magic pill available.  Most physicians don’t even know how to treat  Candida and simply dismiss it as a Diseases that is “all in your head” or “You have an overactive immune system”. I don’t know if most physicians know anything about the gut other than a colostomy test and looking for colon polyps.

Candida Yeast Skin Symptoms 

I will, I promise spend more time on the illness of Candida Yeast overgrown and the many resulting symptoms but for now I just want to talk about the skin and its signs of illness.

Here is a simple overview:

Candida shows itself in many ways one is a fungus rash on the skin especially in a dark warm area.  Mostly down under If you get my meaning.  Here are some areas you will see Candida Yeast overgrowth

Athletic’s Foot


Jock Itch

Penile fungus and itch

Rectal Itch


Vaginal itch


Current manufactures do have over the counter products for anti-fungal.  This is what products I found:

Over the Counter Anti-fungal Creams. 

Candida is hard to treat because it can change its forms from yeast to fungal from harmless to infection.  What causes it to become a yeast overgrowth – Drugs, antibiotics, chemicals, steroids, and an unbalanced nutritional intake.  Yeast feeds on sugar.

Most over the counter treatments consist of creams there are the general anti-fungal and  anti-itch creams that contain hydrochloride which is a salt which helps absorption.

There is Diphenhydramine – Which is an antihistamine which help itch by stopping histamine an enzyme it doesn’t cure anything.

Terbinafine – Cream which is used topically for infectious on the skin like jock itch (tinea cruris), athlete’s foot (tinea pedis), and other types of ringworm (tinea corporis). This works by stoping the enzymes of the fungus.  The fungus seeing the threat changes its form to a bacteria.

Tioconazole – Is a Cortizone used to treat Vaginal Yeast infections.  It works by killing the fungus or yeast or prevent its growth. It can also be used for ringworm of the body, foot, groin, and yeast infection of the skin (Cutaneous candidiasis).  This works for a while until the fungus changes its form.

Benzocaine – is a local anesthetic commonly used as a topical pain reliever or in cough drops.  Anesthetic is a nerve block, and in cause you don’t know an anesthetic is what you are given before an operation.  It knocks you out.  It doesn’t even make an attempt to control the fungus.

I found out the hard way these creams do NOTHING NOTHING TO CONTROL yeast overgrowth nor the rash and in my case it didn’t even stop the itch.

I had to explore the world of self-help and homeopathic aids.  I used a long list of creams, oils, herbs, massage, and simple exercise movements.  I am now almost pain-free but it took a long time to work it out.

Just remember it was all in my head and I had an —

Overactive immune system.

Webmd definition

Until next time!


  1. Barbara Charis permalink

    Article covered a great deal of good information. There is nothing that motivates people more than developing a health problem…and then needing to find answers. .

    Drugs and medications are panaceas which mask the problem, but don’t solve it. Finding the root cause of the problem and eliminating it…is the only way to get rid of it. One really has to do one’s pwn research as you did to solve your health problems. No doctor can be with a person 24/7 in order to determine what the person is doing that is creating an illness.

    As you stated dermatologists (and most doctors) aren’t required to study nutrition…and since 95% of health problems are created through eating wrong…how can they effect a cure?

  2. Thank You again Barbara. Very well stated

  3. Very informative article.Many people suffering from skin problems.this article is very helpful.Thnx for posting this.

  4. Thnx for this informative Post.Its very Helpful.

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