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Drink Filter Tap Water Not Soda

July 12, 2016

By Joan McDaniel July 12, 1916

Where Have I been?  Good Question I’ll answer by saying in the Garden. I have planted, harvest and seem a little pre-occupied with working unwanted extra hours at work. I am also feeding and watching some very hungry birds and squirrels. The connection to wild life is a welcomed break and I love being out there with them all around me.  Much peace and quiet, well birds aren’t exactly very quiet but nice to listen to even when they are yelling (singing) for food.

I do keep up with the news and today I got an article from Dr. Mercola concerning a topic I have had something to talk about.  I am now far from the world of Big Junk Food but have published articles before on the dangers of Drinking Soda especially Energy Drinks and an old Video from the Health Ranger “Soda Pop Sugar Shocker Demo!

I have also researched and written about the value of filtered tap water in “Water – Bottled or Tap?”

Junk Food Getting Some Attention

If there is one thing Big Food likes is Press but Is the Junk Food World getting more attention than it wants?  The soda drinking public has been going though some growing pains.

I’m sure Main Stream Media is too busy to tell us anything about it for they like most of the important big headline folks care more about the bottom line then about you or your health. Junk food bottom line is much more important then what their products are doing to your body.

No, these headlines are coming from the alternate news world with some local news press.

Pepsi’s new Diet Cola

First It seems that Pepsi’s attempts to address the growing health concerns over it use of aspartame in their Diet Cola introduced a new “Diet Cola”.  It didn’t take long but that new product was a complete failure (major revenue loss) and they have had to return to the drawing board and use aspartame again. To protect the bottom line.

An article from last year from Business Insiders Hayley Peterson wrote “People hate the new Diet Pepsi

Recently the LA Times AP wrote “Pepsi to use aspartame again, despite health concerns”

Junk Food and Big Government 

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg started a fad when he attempted to tax soda,  for many cities in the U.S. are considering it as a great revenue source with the motivation of “children’s health” and Mexico has already implemented its own soda tax.  So has big soda turn to government for help? Even The World Health Organization (WHO) is looking at the sugar content in soda.

Has Junk food been found to have its hands in the cookie jar? Today, Dr. Mercola’s article quotes an article from the not so conservative Huffington Post entitled “CDC Official Exits Agency After Coca-Cola Connections Come to Light

Dr. Mercola’s article has a great video Entitled “6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda” which I am including.  Read the rest of his article entitled “CDC Executive Resigns After Being Caught Colluding With Coca-Cola to Salvage the Soda Market”.

Till Next Time

  1. Barbara Charis permalink

    More than 50 years ago stopped sodas and substituted herb teas. Today I don’t drink much tea or drink water. i get water from my raw fruit and veggies. If one would eat as our Maker intended…observe the gorillas who don’t drink water…they get it from the fruit and vegetation. There were no glasses in the ‘garden of Eden’. Fruit contains anywhere from 75%-95% water. It just takes eating enough. The 80-10-10 Diet has a great deal of information that can help people eat right. it is one of the best I have read…and i have been reading health and nutrition books for 55 years.

  2. Thanks Barbara, You ought to know you have done a great deal of exploration and have some great knowledge. Now that it is summer, I’m enjoying summer food that seems to be loaded with water. I do drink filtered tap water with a small amount of added himalayan pink sea salt for the minerals. I’m still detoxing and believe it or not still have issues with residue Candida Yeast. It is almost gone. Tough getting it out of my sinuses.
    Thanks again.

  3. Barbara Charis permalink

    For fifty five years I have been doing ongoing research. Came to the realization in 1983 that the information we need is not on this level. Too many don’t want the truth known. I am totally into prayer and I asked for direct guidance. i was guided to do free consultations …and learned a great deal. I did this for 10 years then I did a book. For the next 7 years I did free consultations just for the price of a book. I learned how unique every person was. Two people in the same family could have genes coming from different sides of the family. People in Sweden were not adapted to the same foods as those coming from Africa. A pretty blond Swede with green eyes came to me and I was surprised to find that she could eat oranges. She then disclosed that her father was African. I had all kinds of things like this turn up. When I told people what their perfect foods were, they always said that I was right. They loved the foods that were right for their bodies.

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