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Coconut Oil Helped Me Get Well Again

September 20, 2017

By Joan L. McDaniel                        September 20, 2017

In January 2012, I got very sick.  It is now 5 1/2 years later and I consider myself to be in great Health.  I cured myself using food that gave my body the energy it needed to release its own healing energy.

One of the first foods I used was Coconut Oil.  Back then, Coconut Oil wasn’t well known in the United States but all that has changed. Coconut oil has become increasingly popular and is quickly becoming one of the most universal oils used today and not just for cooking but also to help with healthy weight loss, hair and skin care as well as dental care.

In my original article, And What do you do with Coconut Oil? written in April 2012 was written after my hospital stay and 3 months of eating Coconut oil. I wrote:


“And what do you do with Coconut Oil? You cook with it. You eat it. You drink it. You rub it all over you and you might even give it to your pet.  You may sleep with it on your hair or skin – It may not help you with the common cold but will help with just about everything else. Coconut Oil is not a cure-all but it sure can help.  It help me fight the free-radical inflammation damage and help kill the bad bacteria and fungus that had overrun my system.  It polished my inside and help put the fire out.

Coconut oil even helped around the house by restoring items of dried out wood. I just polished my wooden floors with it.  I use it on my butcher block to make it like new.  If It made my wood look so good  why not anything else like my skin?  The wood just soaked up the oil and now looks dark rich and like fresh finished wood.

 The American Heart Association (AHA) Warning

This is my response to the AHA June 2017 article warning of Coconut Oil being bad for you.

On June 2017 The AHA released an article titled “Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease”.  In the report the AHA reiterated their long-standing position against saturated fats and is recommending the use of polyunsaturated fats instead.  They stated polyunsaturated fats are as effective as lowering statins in reducing the risk of heart disease.

Following the AHA other publications soon wrote articles agreeing with AHA. USA Today wrote, “Coconut oil isn’t healthy. It’s never been healthy.”  There were many reports as to how bad Coconut Oil is.

I don’t Agree

And neither does Dr. Fife and many others.  To quote Dr. Fife 

“The anti-saturated fat fanatics are at it again, going after coconut oil and other healthy saturated fats promoting the use of polyunsaturated vegetable oils and statin drugs as the solution to the worldwide heart disease epidemic.”

 fat free

The Standard American Diet (SAD) or Low Fat

Before 2012, I had spent years religiously eating a low-fat diet.  After being sick I began research to learn how to get well.  That research has convinced me it was the low fat diet SAD (Standard American Diet) that what made me sick in the first place.

I learned from Dr. Fife and others to stop eating fat-free and partially hydrogenated trans fat and processed foods and start eating real food.  And Coconut Oil is real food.

Coconut Oil and MCT 

Coconut oil may be composed of 90% saturated fat, but scientists state that its fat is largely made up of lauric acid, which is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid (MCT) that actually has a better effect on the heart than the other saturated fats.

Backing up these claims are reports from countries like India and the Philippines, whose diets used for generations prominently feature coconuts and coconut products. Citizens from such countries tend to have a history of less weight issues and have minimal rates of cardiac diseases as compared to individuals from the developed world.

Polyunsaturated Fats

Polyunsaturated fats or partially hydrogenated trans fat oils like vegetables oils, such as canola, corn, cottonseed, grape seed, rice bran, safflower, soy, sunflower, and of course, those fake butter spreads like margarine are all rich in omega-6 and missing the needed  balancing Omega-3 Fat.

According to LIFESPA Omega 6 Vegetable Oils and other Polyunsaturated fats do decrease the bad cholesterol but they also increase the risk of heart disease.

“In one study, a diet rich in saturated fats was replaced with a diet rich in omega-6 vegetables oils. While cholesterol levels dropped, the risk of death from all causes, heart disease and coronary artery disease risk increased.”

I Got Better Using Coconut Oil

I am an advocate for Coconut Oil and all Saturated Fats including Ghee and butter I used them to get well.  The polyunsaturated fatty acids causes free radical damage and made me think my gut was on fire.  Polyunsaturated are unstable, are easily and commonly break down and are damaged through oxidation.  Especially when they are heated or exposed to light.

Coconut oil is a stable fat it does not oxidize when heated and create free radicals.

Replace Unstable Fats With Stable Fats

I put the fire out with Coconut Oil

I used Coconut Oil as my base.  I used it for just about everything

Using Coconut Oil I was able to address my following health issues:

Free radical damage created by the previous low-fat oils and processed fake food.

It help my body start to detox or ridding itself of toxins.

My very bad Dandruff

My White Tongue and a serious case of Thrush

It help me manage my pre-diabetes

It started me on my taming my Candida Yeast overrun

It Help stop the muscle pain of fibromyalgia

It help me start working on my hypothyroidism

It helped me with clearing my Brain Fog

It helped me with my constipation and irregularity

It helped me with my dry flaky skin

It helped me with my dry splintering wood floors

Coconut Oil didn’t heal any one thing – I had to start eating health real food but it helped me get started by putting the fire out and letting me focus.  I had a long list of super-foods but I always kept Coconut Oil close and used it along with my other saturated fat oils like butter an ghee.

nutritionist facts

According to the Experts of the Nutritional and Medical World

These are the oils they recommend: Monounsaturated Fat Olive Oil is an example, Avocado Oil, and polyunsaturated fats like canola oil, corn oil, peanut oil and soybean oil, all contain high amounts of polyunsaturated fats. Canola oil and peanut oil are high in both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. They also recommend The Standard American Low Fat Diet.

What is AHA’s motivation?

Is the AHA’s motivation your Health or according to Dr Fife: “…Read this article about the financial relationship between the AHA and the pharmaceutical industry.  This is just one example of the conflict of interest with AHA.  It’s no Wonder why the AHA is so much against coconut oil and other health-promoting saturated fats.” It comes from a tree and you can’t yet control Mother Nature.

The biotech world of GMO’s are trying to control Mother Nature by create a profitable unlimited monopoly with a controlling patient of their GMO seeds, but not yet.  That’s why biotech needs the help of the AHA.

Dr. Fife isn’t alone in saying the AHA is misguided – The following links list others.


Dr. Anthony Pearson, a cardiologist at St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis provides an excellent rebuttal the AHA article

Bestselling author of Eat Fat, Get Thin, Mark Hyman, MD, weighs in on the controversy.

Diana Rogers, RD, explains why coconut oil won’t kill you, but listening to the American Heart Association might!


Mary Newport, MD, who used coconut oil to successfully treat her Alzheimer’s affected husband, comments.


Gary Taubes, an investigative science and health journalist and bestselling author, gives a detailed analysis.

I am Still Using Coconut Oil

I use Coconut Oil daily and so does my cat.  She licks it up with a smile on her face.  She has energy and so do I and my old worn wooden floors look almost new again.




Coconut oil, as all saturated fats got a bad rap during the 1950s saying it raised cholesterol.  It may raise total  serum cholesterol, but Trans Fat is the real bad guy in this saga. Dr. Fife is not the only nutrition lipid researcher investigating the fallacies of “Fat-Free” and the benefits of using saturated fats.  His years of research have shown tremendous improvement in the health of people using his findings and there is a long list of success stories.

Dr. Mercola’s August 8, 2011 article Eating Healthy Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat reports on studies that burst the prevalent myth that saturated fat must be avoided.  In reality, saturated fats are among the healthiest fats you can consume. In Why We Get Fat by science writer Gary Taubes,

“Eating fat doesn’t make you fat – but eating processed carbs can kill you.”

And a Recent Study Confirms Inflammation Causes Heart Disease – Not Cholesterol

I have now learned to avoid hydrogenated fats (vegetable oil) and high fructose corn syrup in my diet.

I feel like a kid (kitten) again my energy has returned.  I’m not 21 anymore but my energy has returned


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  1. Have you used Native Forest or Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk (without guar gum)? I pour it into a glass jar and add some Kal Stevia to sweeten it. Then I pour it on my banana and peaches in the morning. It is so good! Also use it in my daily cup of coffee. My granddaughter tells me she loves my coffee; far healthier than any drink Starbucks offers.

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