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My New Clothes – Caution Before Wearing

August 30, 2019

By Joan McDaniel                   August 30, 2019

This is Part II of my three part research subject on clothes.  This article is a result of my continuing effort to regain my health after being so sick I could hardly walk. Once I did manage to get out of bed,  I didn’t have enough energy or strength to do much but,  I was determined to get well. I did regained my health. It took time covering several years it was piece by piece – bit by bit.  I started by eliminating toxins in me and around me.

Part 1 deals with washed clothes and all the toxic material used to keep them that way.

This article deals with new clothes one of the most toxic items you’ll ever find.

There is nothing more exiting then new clothes it is almost like finding a new you, but I bet you didn’t know just how toxic new clothes can be

New Clothes – Caution Before Wearing

By Joan McDaniel                            September 26, 2013

Removing Toxins from my own home

Once on the road to recovery from my illness by watching what I ate, I began to look closer into other things that made me sick.  I began researching and understanding what is an Environmental Pollutant or toxin and why it makes you sick from exposure over a period of time? With that understood, I began removing toxins from my house and replacing them with material from nature like clay, cotton, glass, clay pottery,  wool, and wood.  I have replaced all my personal care products like soap, shampoo, tooth paste and household cleaning products with natural material surfactant products. I also replaced my cooking pot, pans, skillets etc even the utensils I used to eat.

My research now finds the very clothes I wear, are a source of many toxins. My last article about detergents and washing clothes with natural plant based enzyme detergents over washing with toxic man-made synthetic laundry detergent addressed that worry. With further research;

I now find NEW CLOTHES are even more toxic.

Oh the Joy of buying new clothes


Rack of New Clothes

Did you know what makes brand new clothes look sooooo brand new and cool??? They are so fresh not a wrinkle, the colors are bright. Speaking from the woman’s point of view, it is fun to go shopping especially for new clothes.  Half the fun of Christmas is shopping.

I don’t want to take the thrill out of it, or to burst anyone’s balloon – But once you get home, put those new clothes in the dirty clothes hamper.  Yes, before wearing wash them. Wash them maybe not once but twice maybe even four times. Not only should they be considered dirty they are soaked with a toxin.  Don’t burn them just wash them.

What I have ended up doing is soaking the new clothes over night in cold water rinsing several times then wash at least twice.  The clothes may look worn but breathable and much more comfortable

Remember High School Biology and that smell?

I bet you cannot guess the name of this toxin.  I’ll give you some hints.

This toxin is used to manufacture a wide variety of household goods.

This toxin you may remember from your high school biology class for its smell.  Remember the day you had to dissect a frog or worm and it smelled terrible? As I remember; this episode ruined my interest in Biology and made me “sick as a dog”.

Well, that smell is the smell of Formaldehyde.

To keep the cloth looking good, NEW CLOTHES ONCE MADE ARE COVERED WITH FORMALDEHYDE. I couldn’t find out how the manufactures get the smell out. Or do they? Many people I talked to say the smell from new clothes make them sick.  Hmmmm I guess I haven’t bought any new clothes lately.  I have been too busy throwing things out or giving them away.

Formaldehyde and other chemicals are used – So- Wash those new Clothes First


Once clothes are made and the last stitch is sewn, they are covered in  formaldehyde and soften with ammonia. Even 100% cotton, Hemp, or other natural materials.   When I was a kid I had to iron my father’s white shirts, it was a real chore and had to be perfect, after all the starching and ironing – I think the shirt could stand up by itself.

Formaldehyde is used in textile manufacturing to prevent the colors and dyes from fading and running, the fabric is easier to maintain, resists shrinking and is wrinkle free. NO MORE IRONING!!!!

Even used clothing purchased from  thrift stores and Goodwill may be sprayed with a toxic fireproofing chemical before they are put up for sale.

Read my last article and — Don’t add in new toxins to your clothes. Replace your man-made synthetic toxic detergents with the many detergents made from natural products from the earth. Some folks add baking soda (not baking powder) to help neutralize new clothing chemicals. Remember to avoid the dryer sheets also.






Old sales ad for embalming fluid

Warning: Formaldehyde is used for a lot of other things. It has many uses.

Once you wash those clothes, you will not be done with Formaldehyde.  You have formaldehyde all around you. About all you can do is give it some distance away from direct contact with your skin. Or better yet direct contact with your stomach by ingesting it.  Remember if it is on your skin you are ingesting it.

Formaldehyde isn’t just used in the textile industry it is also used for embalming remember that biology class and the well persevered specimen?  Let alone Grandma’s last viewing. Formaldehyde delays decay and allows post mortem examinations.

Formaldehyde is also used as a building block for bonding agents in manufacturing.  It is used as a bonding agent and glue in the making almost all manufactured items. It is used for items from your car, clothes, house, wood products,  and petroleum products, to name a few. It cannot easily be replaced it is a building block for the making of a broad array of products.

Consumer Products that use Formaldehyde


Formaldehyde is used for:  home building supplies, household cleaners, food, shampoos & Lotions,  Automobile manufacture and parts, and is generated from combustion or the burning of materials like a fireplace or a car emission.

Following is a list of a few products there are many more.

Formaldehyde complete negates the activities of bacteria, fungi, yeast and molds and is it has other uses like a disinfectant –  for the skin, used in Shampoos,  body lotions and as a household cleaners and Soaps

Formaldehyde is one of the most powerful adhesive on the market.  It is used to glue fabric, paper, plastics, wood, and anything else that needs to be stuck together.

pressed wood products that use glues that contain formaldehyde, such as particle board, hardwood, plywood paneling, and medium density fiberboard;

adhesives, paints,  varnishes and floor finishes;

household products such as cardboard, paper products, and wallpaper;

household furniture and carpets

Household cleaners and disinfectants

Health and Beauty products

Cosmetics, Shampoos, and soaps


Formaldehyde is released by combustion.

vehicle exhaust from attached garages or from outdoors;

smoke from fireplaces, ovens, gas stoves, tobacco smoke, and wood-burning stoves emit formaldehyde

Many personal cleansing and beauty products contain formaldehyde; think about that before you put them on your skin,  your largest organ.


The Dangers of Using Products Containing Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a toxin; it therefore causes irritation, stress and inflammation which cause Immune system breakdown and diseases. It acts as a free radical and helps reduce the oxygen needed by your body’s cells.  Exposure over a long period of time will overwhelm the body’s ability to fight infection and cause serious chronic illness.


Free Radicals Oxidative Molecular Injury

Short Term Effects:

Most products contain small amounts of the toxin, the immediate effects are minor irritations.

Asthmatic attacks, headaches, irritation to the lungs, nausea, skin irritation, skin rashes, watery, burning eyes, nose and throat.

Long Term Effects:

Exposure over time can cause major illness. Formaldehyde has been classified as a class 3 carcinogen.

Immune System breakdowns or Auto Immune Disorders


Chronic Fatigue

Loss of Energy

Ingestion of Formaldehyde is highly toxic to all animals, regardless of method of intake. Depending on the amount ingested it has been reported to cause death in an adult human.

Most products contain only very small amounts of harmful chemicals. The danger lies in our modern habits of using many of these products, and for a long time. As you surround yourself with more and more formaldehyde-containing products your exposure level increases. Similarly, the longer you expose yourself to these products the more exposure you are getting.

Many Counties, formaldehyde has been banned due to it being highly carcinogenic. It is still used in colder-weather countries.

As I have said before – I am in the process of replacing products that are manmade synthetic and am replacing them with products made from natural material like coconut, olive or other natural surfactant oil.

I have replaced all my soaps, shampoos, and household cleaners.  It is too expensive to replace my carpets, and flooring but I have recently enjoyed the purchase of real cotton sheets.  I am also replacing my clothes with natural materials like cotton, hemp and others.  I am visiting a lot of garage sales, flea-markets, and thrift, Salvation army and Goodwill stores. That topic will be my next article.


As an update, About two years ago, One of the smartest things I did, was remove the wall to wall carpets in my home.  When I pulled them off the floor I found hard wood floors. The wood was great and in great condition.  I give them a coating of coconut oil once a year and they retain their deep color and great looking. Note no wax or varnish just good ol’ Coconut Oil couldn’t find a better finish.

It took a lot of work but I did it all by myself.  See my strength has really returned.  It was wall to wall carpeting including the stairs that had what seemed to be a million staples.  The hard wood  are beautiful and No more hidden toxins.  I vacuumed up all the years and years of dust.  I feel like it is a new house.

Back in 2012 when I was my sickest, I had returned from the hospital after a week stay.  I was too weak to climb those very same stairs.  I had to crawl up and  sit on my rump to go down.  It took a few years but I regained enough strength to do the work.  It took several days but IT GOT DONE!!!

Till Next Time


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