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My Eat a Good Salad Lately?

September 19, 2019

By Joan McDaniel                       September 19, 2019

Looking for Good Carbohydrates

Once I decided to begin eating nutritional foods to help regain my health, I found out about Good Carb/Bad Carb.  My article on The Beet an example of good carb vs bad carb covers my research.  Basically a bad carb is called “Simple” and a good carb is called “Complex”. Processed foods are “Simple” and natural foods like lettuce are “Complex”.

Looking around at food options, I ran into Lettuce.  Nothing can be more natural than home grown lettuce.  I spent time looking into lettuce and ran into Kale.  My article called Kale, the King of the Greens – Leafy Green Kale That is.  That article talks about all forms of lettuce including the King of Green— Kale.  Lettuce including Kale is a healthy carbohydrate or good carb.  You can eat as much lettuce as you want without a worry.  This carb is good for you.

Since, I always liked lettuce, I started eating and growing lettuce.  Green Leaf and Roman lettuce was easy to grow, easy to eat and easy to digest. I also kept running into Kale. Kale provides more nutritional value for fewer calories than almost any other food around.  If you looking to rebuild your immune system and regain your strength,  look no further than Kale — That is why it is called “The King Of Greens”

It is true, I liked lettuce but I normally had it piled heavily with Salad Dressing. Now that I was considering making lettuce not a side dish but a main dish, I would be eating a great deal of it.

This created a problem. If eating healthy including a great deal of eating lettuce, how will I make lettuce taste like something besides lettuce? Remember I still was very addicted to sugar.

Addicted to Sugar and Salad Dressing

Since I was so addicted to sugar I couldn’t taste anything except sugar. But sugar was my problem for it doesn’t heal anything including the Immune System. In fact, sugar was a major reason I was so sick.

Kale nutritious value makes it qualified to be called a superfood.  Although Kale and many other forms of lettuce can be eaten raw, it can be boiled, massaged in lemon juice, sautéed or steamed.

With a strong desire and motivation to get well, and a great deal of mind over matter— it was still tough getting it all chewed and swallowed with any kind of enjoyment so I began to look closer at  Salad Dressing.  I use to love Thousand Island Dressing.

What I found, was a big surprise !!!

On with the old article

Eat a Good Salad Lately?

By Joan McDaniel                                  July 18, 2012

Continuing the story of my research into nutrition while trying to get well again, I turn to the subject of Fats.

If the answer to the Salad question is yes, the next question is; What type of salad dressing did you use?


Label Reading

I would spent, what seemed like hours looking at the labels of salad dressing bottles. I bet the answer to the question Eat a Good Salad Lately, would be a Fat-Free Salad because that is all I can find to buy.  I tried  my local grocery store, fast-food deli, my favorite restaurant, or my friendly Health Food Store.  Where ever I go to shop, I see rows and rows of proudly labeled FAT-FREE Dressing.

You can also use oils for a salad dressing.  This article does not address oils.  The subject of Oil is complex and I address it in my article Lets Talk Cooking Oil. This article is looking at the subject of Fat and Fat-Free.  Besides Oil alone does not make lettuce taste any different. You need Zest for your salad.

These dressing may be fat-free but normally are loaded with insulin resistant generating sugars, especially High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). It seems things that have had the fat removed don’t taste very good so the manufactures have added sugar and lots of it.  The problem with salad dressing may be the added sugar but the real problem is called “FAT FREE”. Don’t even think Sugar-Free for it is worse. You are better off with Sugar.  See my article My Health and the Big Propaganda Money Train

What’s wrong with Fat?

Sugar isn’t the only problem with Salad Dressings – Fat Free isn’t good either.  Besides what is wrong with Fat????

I could eat the salad natural or raw without any dressing, but as I was finding, food can have zest without being harmful. You just can’t use sugar.  You may not know it, but there is a world of herbs, spices and other great tasting things available that generate zest or taste.


Fat tastes great especially in the form of walnuts, olives, cheese, flakes of coconut and a whole lot more.  Adding Sea Salt and Stevia Sugar is an interesting variety also.  Just like with carbohydrates there is good and bad fat. Vinegar also comes in many non-sugar varieties like balsamic vinegar.

Generally, anyone who is concentrating on the health benefits of foods start with eating something that consists of more than the normal Standard American Diet “side dish” salad.


Normal American Standard American Diet (SAD) Salad

The salads ingredients generally contain more than a hunk of iceberg lettuce under a layer of artificially colored plastic flavored French dressing.  (In fact, I don’t think you could get a Frenchman to eat French dressing).

I was struck with the thought, the worst place for a fat-free product is, on a salad.  Without being too difficult, or technical, it is hard to define what exactly constitutes a salad.  But a good salad generally contains lettuce and other vegetables.  Now most of us have been told, by our mothers


and even by the Food pyramid food police


2006 Ex Mayor Bloomberg Announced Food Standards – Guidelines for food served by N.Y. City (schools) including a soda ban on supersize soda.

VEGGIES ARE GOOD FOR YOU. They contain vitamins.

Exactly, Fat-Soluble vitamins or minerals which cannot be absorbed by the body unless they are eaten with fat.  Fat-Soluble Vitamins- A, D, E, and K need fat to be absorbed by the body.

Many of these vitamins function as an antioxidant and protect against free-radical damage. To be dissolved and used by the body you must eat fat.  In other words, to stop disease cause by free-radicals damage YOU MUST EAT FAT.

So why are you putting Fat-Free Salad dressing on that great salad?  You might as well feed the salad to the family pet.  The vitamins in that salad won’t do you any good.  A vitamin tablet will not help for they too need fat to be absorbed by the body.

All the minerals and vitamins that are in the salad to fight free-radical damage are blocked by the added fat-free hydrogenated free radical generating salad dressing.  Sort of like a Catch 22 problem. What you really eating is just causing an internal war that may only be ended with an antacid. (See my next post on the dangers of antacids.)

Now let us do a quick review of fats.

Fats and Oils consist of molecules of fat molecules known as fatty acids.

There are three different broad categories;

Saturated, Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated.

Monounsaturated, and saturated fats are essential to unlock the nutrients found in salads and vegetables.

Saturated Fat is Animal fats (Lard), beef tallow,  butter, cheese, chicken fat, coconut and palm oil, eggs, ghee (clarified butter), milk, mutton tallow, Nutmeg oil, Peanut Oil, Sour cream, and Vinegar were the common crucial fats used throughout the history of mankind and maintaining healthy cells, healthy organs, and a healthy body.

Monounsaturated fat – is two hydrogen atoms short of being a saturated fat. Olive oil is mostly Monounsaturated then ¼ saturated and polyunsaturated.


Monounsaturated Fatty Acids are: Almond, Avocados, Butterfat, Grape Seed, Olive, Peanut, Pumpkin, Rapseed (canola) and, Sesame. Good source for fat but become toxic if heated.  Heating causes the oil to become oxidized.

So add Walnuts, Olives, Eggs, Cheese, and anything else that is a fat to that vegetable or salad, It will taste better, take longer to digest and make you healthy, your mother said so.

Remember most of the oils in those Fat-Free salad dressing are polyunsaturated vegetable oils, which are hydrogenated oils.

The process of Hydrogenation was created in 1907 by E.C. Kayser for Procter and Gamble to manufacture a man made cooking Fat called Crisco to replace the natural occurring fat from meat called Lard.

During the French Revolution, with a desire to reduce the cost of war, Napoleon help create a similar process to create a replacement for Butter.  The replacement was called Margarine.



French Revelation                                         


Hydrogenation Creates Free-Radicals 

The process added a hydrogen atom to the fatty acid chain which created a Polyunsaturated fat or Trans fat.  We now know that partially hydrogenated oils are bad for us.  Polyunsaturated fats readily oxidize when exposed to heat, light, or oxygen. They spontaneously oxidize and become destructive free-radicals.  Once free radicals are formed, they attack other cells of the body by taking an electron and creating more free radicals.

The damage done by free-radicals have been proved to cause inflammation which if untreated will cause aging, cancer, mental dementia, Alzheimer’s and other destructive disease let alone Heart Failure. Saturated Fats, like Lard, butter and coconut oil are very resistive to oxidation.

In other words, if nothing else is clear DO NOT EAT FAT FREE FOOD!!

It is not good for you.

Vinegar as Dressing

Vinegar is made from any carbohydrate that has enough sugar to be fermented, including apples, beets, coconut, dates, grapes, and potatoes.  Vinegar is then made from all colors of wine. Vinegar is also made from grain and malt. Vinegars can also be synthetically created in the lab and contains only acidic acid without any natural acids or enzymes. Most Distilled vinegar is created this way.


Cold Olive Oil

Peanut Oil

Sesame Oil

Apple Cider Vinegar


Balsamic Vinegar


Blue Cheese hunks (Just the Cheese)



Pine Nuts

Distilled Vinegar

Yogurt (Goat Milk from the farm)


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