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How I Regained My Health

November 21, 2019

How I Regained My Health

By Joan McDaniel                   November 21, 2019



This Blog is dedicated to how I regained my health. I started this learning project by remembering my first exposure to wisdom and common sense. I was in awe listening to my Grandparents stories about traditional American living on a Farm in Kansas. My head was filled with stories about Cowboy and Indians and the early American Settlers of the midwestern Farmland of the Great Plains. They lived off the land before the Depression and after World War II.  My motivation: to recover the form of thinking I knew made my family strong.  I wanted to re-gain my health, drive, energy, and fix fuzzy thinking (Foggy brain that is).

Our ancestors have been around for about six million years, and modern human evolved about 200,000 years ago. We climbed out of our cave before we learned to talk . This advancement relied more on truth or principles of common sense and trail and error.  These truths were communicated to each other in the form of stories and nursery fables.  It wasn’t until recently the use of tradition and common sense has been replaced by Science and experimentation. Production efficiency is more important to this profit driven society.

I’m not against science or progress but somehow I feel like we have forgotten something.  The world’s population seems to be getting sicker.  A global survey study shows “People lose more ‘years of healthy life’ to illness now than they did in the early 1990.  That wasn’t very long ago. According to this article there are 5 reason for us getting sicker and weaker and what we can do about it.  According to a CNBC article US. death rate increases for the first time in two decades

Since I got so sick and have recovered by the food I ate, I asked the question are we any better off now then only 30 years ago? Has something gone wrong with our progress in obtaining health and happiness? In fact, you can’t seem to find very much to be happy about in todays day-to-day.  It is as if we have lost our Souls, our goals, and our reason for being alive. All that has been replaced by greed.  Greed for money more and more money efficiency and control. Are we too busy teaching and learning not how to think but what to think?

I recently read this article from edweek and I agree.  It is my opinion, we should be less machinelike and more humanlike with the teaching of analytical thinking, creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, problem-solving, and a love of learning itself.

Human-automaton and numbing creation must end. To succeed in a world of automation will require being as un-machinelike as possible. Have we become zombie like without any desire or drive who have forgotten what truth is and means?

According to Google Artificial Intelligence is doing just fine.  There is great anticipation for when we will be totally replaced.  Has our greed for control, or oneness and power allowed science to actually replace the human with Artificial Intelligence?


These Moral Question May be Above my Pay Grade

I don’t have an answer but working and living with a bunch of trans-humans isn’t quite the future I was looking for.  What ever happened to the happy and healthy human filled with laughter, knowledge and wisdom? Something like how I remember my GrandParents and family. Yes, and something I remember me as a Kid.

I found it !!!! I found ol’ Common Sense

I spent the last 8 years learning how to get well again. I made use of  the natural world around me.  Using my local farmers and the information I gained from them.

I was extremely lucky to come along when the Internet was free and the information wasn’t censored.  I thank my lucky nature and guardian angle,  I found the Internet before it became PC and politicalized.  It has now become a tool behavior and mind control.

The 20th Century saw the creation of the world of science. Great technical progress has propelled man from walking bare foot to standing on the moon.  We can replace many parts of the human body and current Artificial intelligence has great drive to replace the whole human being with an artificial and mechanical human being.

I am from the old school and I will not ever be replaced with AI.  AI may be good it may be bad.  All I know is I’m not a Robot and I can’t get well doing what a robot does.  I live in a world full of my generated energy warmth, love, hope and a creative ability no AI robot could ever replace my love of life.


Sorry at being so long winded, but I got well by regaining common sense and one of the first pieces of knowledge was the importance of the carb at least the right carb which I cover in my next article.

Now getting back to real Life and real Nature, and its source of energy and health starting with something simple —  the sugar Beet.

I first found the importance of Saturated Fat.  I stopped all trans Fat and began using Coconut Oil on everything even the Cat.

Then I worked on understanding the Carb.  My next article will talk about the good carb bad carb by my discussion of what I found about the Sugar Beet.

Until next time

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