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Soda Drinks and Sugar

November 23, 2019

By Joan McDaniel                           November 23, 2019

In my last post I said my next post will be about the good carb vs bad carb.  I happened to see this post I did back in 2012 and realized I should provide a bit more info on what is a carb especially one that converts directly to sugar.

This is a re-write of my original article which includes an old video from the Health Ranger, I surprised it is still available.

Soda Pop Sugar Shocker Demo!

August 31, 2012

By Natural Health’s Health Ranger   7/24/2010

Before I got sick, I was a borderline diabetic.  My blood work showed an elevated A1C very close to being a full blown diabetic. I had already reduced my my sugar intake before I got so sick.  But was still eating a garbage diet, drinking and smoking regularly. I wasn’t a soda drinker but made up for by a massive diet of bad carbs.

I am also a believer in that most people are border line diabetic whether they have an elevated A1C blood test or not.  People are running around in diabetic highs and lows all the time.  People’s daily emotions vary wildly during the day.

I know people who drink energy drinks, fruit juices, and/or soda’s, diet or not.  They drink this stuff all day long.  They are getting more sugar than they realize. People who are seriously addicted to this huge amount of sugar, they are in serious denial as to any harmful side effects.  But, It simply just tastes so good to give up even for a few minutes.

I am re-publishing this video again with some reprints of product labels to drive home just how bad these drinks are.

Most people have no idea just how much sugar is loaded into soda pop and other popular drinks.  This demonstration makes the unseen seen.  Big beverage can’t hide behind deceptive marketing forever.

Did you know that 99% of all beverages are boiled/filled with preservatives and chemicals to maximize shelf life?

As if that being sterilized with excessive heat and the addition of chemical preservatives weren’t bad enough, they’re also loaded with sugar or even more harmful artificial sweeteners to maximize taste. That’s right, to maximize profits, they load ‘em up with the cheapest sweeteners available. To make sure they don’t go bad during storage and distribution, they boil them and add harmful preservatives (more artificial chemicals).

According to Dr. Mercola1, the food and beverage industries spend twice as much as the pharmaceutical industry telling us what is “good” for us.

To repeat what the video reported:

1 gram is .2 Teaspoons

An average soda contains

40 grams of sugar 40 x .2  = 8 Teaspoons ******** (8)

65 grams of sugar 65 x .2  = 13 Teaspoons That is a lot of sugar ************* (13)

Label for Regular Coke


Diet Soda isn’t much better

39 g x .2 = 7.8 Teaspoons 


Carbohydrates and Sugar

A quick note on Carbohydrates and Sugar.  Carbs is a detailed subject but, an important lesson I learned; When you eat more refined carbohydrates than your body can use they are converted to instant sugar.  If you noted on the label above,  a typical energy drink contains 28 g of Carbohydrates and 27 g of Sugar. This is the same as drinking pure sugar-water.  Consumption of extra carbohydrates, cause a sudden spike of blood glucose then as suddenly a crash.

In other words drinking this much sugar-water results in a roller coaster ride of highs and lows leading to daily fluctuations in energy and alertness, and possibly to eventual chronic adrenal exhaustion

blood sugar

You drink enough of this stuff your life is one big ROLLER COASTER RIDE


Your body cannot adjust to these up and down and over time it cannot fight the resulting inflammation.  These sugar highs and low will in time numb your brain and produce a zombie like activity level. Also called “Brain Fog”

You may think this allows you to maintain a high activity level but over time you body cannot keep it up. This may be just the kind of life style you think you need or want or whatever.  Your young and think your invincible but in time Sugar, Caffeine and excess carbs build up and cause major body changes. What does your body do with this excess toxic material???? It buries it in your fat cells and you gain weight.

In case you also need an illustration about the Energy all this sugar gives your body.  It does but your body doesn’t not only not need this much it burns it off so fast you can’t use that kind of instant energy constantly through the day except to fill in the low’s after the tremendous highs.

Artificial Sugar isn’t any better

Also please note Artificial sugar isn’t any better for you for the amount of chemicals are very destructive to you body and its energy.  You may think you get energy but only for short periods of time then a big let down and brain fog


Drinking Sugar Free is not a solution.

Now if you think you can drink the sugar-free variety of these drinks to avoid the damage, think again.

Low Carbohydrate Monster loaded with sucrose a form of Asperitine  and 2,500 mg of an Energy Blend that’s loaded with who knows what plus a whole lot of caffeine.  There is also new evidence that Diet foods and drinks can actually cause not prevent Diabetes.


Drinking Sugar Free is not a solution.

Try using some of your forgotten Common Sense and start remembering and listening to the workings of your body

Start by stopping the intake of high sugar drinks. Start looking at the label and start putting the soda can down don’t open it and walk away.  I don’t have any short cuts on how to break the sugar habit it took me some time I had to work with other tastes like bitter sour etc.  It wasn’t very easy, but respect for a healthy, energetic, pain free, clear headed body was my driving force. Start by taking your time but stop the high sugar drinks.  

Till next Time,

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