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About and What Happened to Me?

How I got into writing about nutrition.

By Joan L. McDaniel    June 8, 2012 revised February 9, 2013



I am a LPN Nurse, amateur historian and Blogger. About a year ago, I was very sick and hospitalized almost too weak to even walk.  When released I restarted my research of many years ago, into the holistic, naturopathic approach to health care. I wanted to know how to improve my own Immune system naturally. I used this research and ate myself back to health.

My interest in holistic medicine began three years ago when N.Y. State suddenly passed a law, forcingvaccine danger nurses to get the H1N1 Flu vaccine or lose their job. The flu (H1N1) had falsely been considered a medical crises by the United Nations World Health Organization. I was and still am fiercely against vaccinations especially in my own body and turned to natural cures.    I was part of the group of NY Nurses that stood up to NY State and we won a stay to the forced vaccine edict.


Is the Food you Eat Making You Sick?

After coming home from the hospital I was still very sick, barely able to walk, run down, exhausted and burned out from overwork. In my attempt to get well again, I did research, asking questions about health.  How to get and stay well, and did the food I eat cause my illness?

Help Your Health and Stop the Big Propaganda Money Train

expensive-drugIn line with this form of thought, I have found some very interesting truths and falsehoods about food and nutrition promoted by what I will call “conventional wisdom.”  It seems the more I looked the more corruption and propaganda I found.  If I am not mistaken it is almost like the industry wants us sick to keep coming back to improve their bottom line.

Let me quote Dr. Mercola, “As most of you know, the conventional medical system tends to equate “health” with the absence of symptoms of disease. The entire industry is built around treating symptoms with expensive patented drugs, many of which are profoundly toxic and dangerous. Pharmaceutical companies now rule the entire healthcare system, and they go to great lengths to protect their profits, even if it means sacrificing patients’ health in the long run.”

The big name companies that I grew up with all to have seemed have changed and added unhealthy items to their famous products. They did not seem to want to change to a less profitable more natural ingredient. This change has taken years to develop no matter what party is in control of our government.  This industry includes; the over inflated Medical AMA, big pharmaceutical, and big food, and big food distribution.  The ones being taken seem to be the general public and the small farmer. Modern medicine for an example can care less about nutrition and what you should eat.

I am writing to help John Q. Public learn from my research, express his dislikes and likes using the power of his purchasing dollar. Something our conventional manufacture and their bottom line can hear – Loud and Clear.

Together we can create a strong marketing force that demands better products, even if that someone is only one more person besides me.

In Just Ten Years What happened to me?

November 3, 2014

By Joan L. McDaniel                               November 3, 2014

Recently, I had the occasion to take a look at my Driver’s License picture. Pictures of yourself are famously bad but this one blew me away. I did not know I looked that bad. I unburied a 2006 picture and compared it to a 1996 picture of me in nursing school. Wow – WHAT HAPPENED???

1996 Before and After 2006

This is a picture of me going to nursing school it was dated 1996. I was in my 50’s. I was working at night in a Nursing Home as a Nurse’s Aide. I was young and strong. I needed the strength for the job required some heavy lifting. One of my tasks was to lift people. People who were too confused, ill, old and weak to stand-up and walk on their own. I was happy and felt good I could use my abilities to help others.

photo1996      IMG_20140922_144443 (1)

 1996                                                                                                                                                          2006

Just Ten Years Later 2006 This is Me. What Happened?

This is a picture of me in 2006. I remember this time. This is more than just aging I was sick, but didn’t know it. I know now, I did not feel well and I looked it. I was unhappy with myself for I just could not stand-up straight. I seemed to be just dragging I didn’t have any energy. I was just as tired when I started work and when I finished. Even in the picture I was leaning I was always leaning on things. We had hired a group of new nurses and they would joke that about my first impression scared them. I look at this picture in 2006 and it scares me!

When I returned to work from sick leave this is what one of those nurses said,

Joyceee permalink

“Joan I’m really glad and amazed the first time I saw you after your illness and you really look great inside and out.”

This is me now 

Joan B



I’m no looker but, not only have I lost weight, I am no longer dragging and weak. Recent 9/2014 I have lost over 40 pounds, I am standing up straight and even my hair color is coming back. This month I will turn 70 years old and am now looking forward to a less stressful and healthier life. And now maybe I can get my broken teeth fixed and get my smile back.

What happen to me is My Story to Tell.

Finally on January 2012 I became too weak to even breathe and was hospitalized for a 7 days, treated then sent home with a week supply of Yeast infection medicine and 13 different heart medications. I was able to breathe and walk but just barely. 

I was finally diagnosed as having a Yeast infection of the Esophagus (Esophageal candidiasis), GERT with stomach acid burns to my esophagus. I had a weak heart for it had stopped during the Endoscopy exam (PAF Paroxysmal, Atrial Fibrillation sudden, but not lasting long). The heart restated on its own but it was an indication of how weak I really was.

I am now almost back to by old 1996 self again and feel like I have found a fountain of youth. I have a story to tell and have dedicated this blog to it. I have written over 100 stories about what I did to get well again. I don’t recommend you do this but —

I fired the Doctors and started to do my own research and began to explore the many forms of alternate medicine including remembering what my Grandmother use to tell me.

More about this later.

  1. very informative, thank you. Have you ever looked into the Monsanto/FDA connections?

  2. Yes the FDA is involved in a lot see Gary Null’s Video. I have not as of yet posted anything on the subject.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. Hope you are still in better health. God bless you Ms. Joan. =)

    • ThankYou,
      Yes I just seem to be getting stronger with each passing day. Your remark is very sweet and sincerely appreciated Thanks for the good wishes.
      Joan McDaniel

  4. Hello – Have been fighting to find some support from Wp; got an Admin. after their app refused to recognize my address. He referred me to this page:
    It’s a forum; their so-called “hapiness” team only supports paid sites, so this “help” was better than nothing.

    • Thank You, I’ll try Glad to know I’m not alone but not glad about the problems. Good Luck. I can’t post articles I guess that’s what the big boys want.

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