Best answer: Does the Mercedes C Class have massage seats?

Available as a sedan, coupe, or cabriolet, the C-Class has a lot to offer inside. It starts with genuine wood trim and Nappa leather seating to highlight the luxurious aspects of this model. The seats are further enhanced by 14-way power adjustment, heating and ventilation, and multicontour front seats with massage.

Are Mercedes massage seats good?

Mercedes multicontour seats are one of the most high-tech seats from any automaker. The seats have heated and cooled massages and they’re almost infinitely adjustable. We tested the active bolstering feature that automatically squeezes the driver through turns and hard corning to hold them in an upright position.

Does e400 have massage seats?

Attention assist comes standard; the massaging seats, 64-color ambient lighting and fragrance assist do not.

What does seat kinetics do in Mercedes?

The ENERGIZING seat kinetics is a feature that offers you comfort for all the seating senses. For this, premium items of equipment featuring innovative intelligence are bundled together. The exciting result: your Mercedes can vitalise you in a targeted manner.

Does Mercedes GLE have ambient lighting?

Beautiful by day, the GLE cabin grows even more captivating when night falls. Available 64-color LED ambient lighting lets you create an atmosphere to suit your mood.

Does Mercedes E class have massage seats?

No, Mercedes-Benz E-Class doesn’t come with massage seats, this feature come with more expensive Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars.

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