Can a chiropractor help my wrist?

Should I go to a chiropractor for wrist pain?

As chiropractors, we develop a unique treatment plan for each of our patients depending on their needs but a chiropractor wrist adjustment can be a great way to feel better faster when you’re experiencing wrist pain.

Can a chiropractor help with wrist tendonitis?

Chiropractic care can help tendonitis heal completely and help prevent re-injury to the area.

How do you fix a wrist impingement?

Here are four options shown to reduce the discomfort of dorsal wrist impingement syndrome.

  1. Rest. Avoid activities that put weight on or extend the wrist until the inflammation and pain subside. …
  2. Wear a Brace. Keeping the hand and wrist immobile in a brace allows the inflamed tissue to heal. …
  3. Ice. …
  4. Pain Medications.

Is it bad to crack your wrist a lot?

Cracking your knuckles does no harm at all to our joints,” says Dr. Klapper. “It does not lead to arthritis.” ‘Cracking your knuckles does no harm at all to our joints.

Can you pop your wrist back into place?

Wrist dislocations are more serious than a sprain. When the wrist is dislocated, one or more of the bones inside the wrist has moved out of alignment, and will need to be moved back into place. This is called reduction. In some cases, reduction can be accomplished externally with sedation.

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How do I stop my wrist from clicking?


  1. Taking a break from a sport.
  2. Using a wrist splint to take some of the pressure off of the muscle during activities like typing.
  3. Icing and using anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the pain, swelling, and inflammation.
  4. Cortisone injections to decrease pain.

What is better for tendonitis heat or ice?

When you’re first injured, ice is a better choice than heat — especially for about the first three days or so. Ice numbs pain and causes blood vessels to constrict, which helps reduce swelling.

Can tendonitis be treated by a chiropractor?

Tendonitis occurs because of inflammation and irritation of a tendon and often responds very well to chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment is a natural way of reducing inflammation and relieving pain if you suffer from tendonitis (often spelled tendinitis).

Will an xray show tendonitis?

Usually, your doctor can diagnose tendinitis during the physical exam alone. Your doctor may order X-rays or other imaging tests if it’s necessary to rule out other conditions that may be causing your signs and symptoms.

Can back problems cause carpal tunnel?

Just as nerves can be pinched in your back by the bones in your spine, the bones in your wrist may also compress nearby nerves giving rise to the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

What happens if carpal tunnel syndrome is not treated?

Ignoring symptoms of this carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to permanent nerve damage. First, you may notice tingling or numbness in your fingers that comes and goes. Over time, the sensations may get worse, lasting longer or even waking you up at night.

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