Can a chiropractor help with Meniere’s disease?

Can chiropractic help inner ear problems?

Chiropractic has proven incredibly effective in reducing problems in the inner ear, including hearing concerns, ear infections, and yes—vertigo. Vertigo is connected to fluid buildup in the inner ear, and the area in which the buildup occurs is connected via nerves to your upper cervical vertebrae.

Who is the best doctor for Meniere’s disease?

Meniere’s disease is typically diagnosed by an otolaryngologist. During a clinic visit, your doctor will take your medical history and conduct a physical exam.

What specialist manages Meniere’s disease?

An ENT doctor who specializes in diseases of the ears (otologist), can best manage Meniere’s disease. Treatments may include: A salt-restricted diet and/or use of a diuretic (to reduce fluid retention) Vestibular suppressant medications to reduce the intensity of vertigo and nausea.

How do you calm Meniere’s disease?

Treating Ménière’s disease

  1. limiting sodium intake and using diuretic therapy to reduce fluid levels.
  2. trying pressure pulse treatment, which involves fitting a device to the ear.
  3. having a doctor inject antibiotics or corticosteroids into the middle ear.
  4. avoiding caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol and not smoking tobacco.
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Are there any new treatments for Meniere’s?

The new drug to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and sensorineural hearing loss in those with Meniere’s disease is on the fast track in the new drug application process. The drug is called SPI-1005 and is a product of the Sound Pharmaceuticals company.

Can Menieres be misdiagnosed?

The symptoms of Meniere’s disease can be caused by other diseases so it is important to exclude other problems that may mimic Meniere’s disease. In fact, misdiagnosis of Meniere’s disease is relatively common. In most cases, a hearing test will be ordered.

Does everyone with Meniere’s go deaf?

Hearing loss in Meniere’s disease may come and go, particularly early on. Eventually, most people have some permanent hearing loss.

What vitamins are good for Meniere’s disease?

According to their hypothesis, vitamin D supplementation may indeed have a beneficial effect in Meniere’s disease if the symptoms are caused by a local postviral autoimmune reaction. Vitamin D has a strong immunomodulatory role, one of which is the regulation of the expression of pro-inflammatory mediators.

What are the three stages of Meniere’s disease?

Meniere’s disease has phases: an aura, the early stage, attack stage, and in-between. There is also the late-stage of Meniere’s disease.

Why is coffee bad for Meniere’s disease?

Avoid caffeine-containing fluids and foods (such as coffee, tea and chocolate). Caffeine has stimulant properties that may make your symptoms worse. Caffeine also may make tinnitus louder. Large amounts of caffeine may trigger migraine (migraine can be difficult diagnostically to separate from Meniere’s disease).

What not to eat when you have Meniere’s?

Foods to avoid include:

  • Most canned foods, unless the label says low or no sodium. …
  • Processed foods, such as cured or smoked meats, bacon, hot dogs, sausage, bologna, ham, and salami.
  • Packaged foods such as macaroni and cheese and rice mixes.
  • Anchovies, olives, pickles, and sauerkraut.
  • Soy and Worcestershire sauces.
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