Frequent question: How much does a portable massage table cost?

How long is a portable massage table?

Removable and adjustable massage table. Comes with one carrying bag. Height adjustable from 24″ to 34″ massage table.

Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Brand BestMassage
Item Dimensions LxWxH 84 x 35 x 35 inches
Item Weight 32 Pounds

Is there a weight limit for massage tables?

Working weight is the force that a massage table can safely use to practice treatments without fear of breaking. … As technology develops and better materials are found by manufacturer, the working weight capacity of massage table improves from 250 pounds to 350 pounds at least nowadays.

How long should a massage table last?

Even if a “cheap” table uses the same design, the lower quality of materials will cause the table to wear out sooner, be it in the frame, vinyl, or foam. And, in six months to 18 months you’ll be faced with the necessity of having to purchase another massage table.

How much weight can a beauty bed hold?

Maximum Weight Capacity: 230kgs/500lbs approx. Bed foam thickness: 4cm. ABOUT DELIVERY: Please note that FREE UK Delivery is usually to a UK Mainland Postcode ONLY.

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How much weight do lash beds hold?

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.

How much weight can a waxing table hold?

Holds up to 450 pounds.

How do I choose a portable massage table?

If you are a mobile therapist who carries the table a lot, aim to choose a table of 14kg or less. The lighter, the better. If you are a home or clinic based therapist, anything up to 21kg should be fine, as long as you can fold it up, put it away and move it from room to room with ease.

What should I look for when buying a massage table?


  • Table weight.
  • Quality and fabric styles.
  • Weight capacity.
  • Width of a massage table.
  • Table height and length.
  • Adjustable features.
  • Foam thickness.
  • Price.

Are aluminum massage tables better than wood?

In the professional range it’s not really important whether you opt for wood or aluminum. While an aluminum frame will be stronger than wood, you’ll never get to the upper limit of the working weight of a wooden table, so you have no risk of damaging the frame regardless.

What is a massage bed called?

A massage table is for massage therapy and is designed as such. It’s an important tool for massage therapists that comes in many shapes and sizes. … Previously, massage tables were often called ‘couches. ‘ Even earlier than that, they were called simply ‘slabs.