Frequent question: Will my FSA cover massage therapy?

How do I get my FSA to cover my massage?

Steps for Massage Reimbursement

  1. Speak to your employer about opening an FSA account. …
  2. Discuss a set amount of money to be transferred from your paychecks to your FSA. …
  3. After you determine the recurring transfer amount, set up an appointment with your physician.

Are massage tools FSA eligible?

The Z-Smart Massage Gun is the only massage gun eligible for purchase with your HSA or FSA. Take advantage of the highest quality products on the market. Our products are all FDA approved Therapeutic Class I & II medical devices. Only use your HSA/FSA for medical purposes.

Deep Amplitude Massage.

Brand Zarifa
GW 4.5 lbs

Can I use my HSA for a massage?

Sometimes, a massage is much more than a therapy for stress relief. … In a case like this, accountholders can use their HSA to pay for the massage. For you to use your HSA to pay for the massage, you must provide a letter of medical necessity from your doctor that therapeutic message is really needed.

Can I use FSA for gym membership?

A flexible spending account (FSA) allows employees to use pre-tax dollars out of their paychecks to cover qualified health expenses. Gym memberships and exercise classes, like Pilates or spinning, are not covered by FSAs.

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Are vitamins covered by FSA?


If your doctor has prescribed you specific supplements, you will need to fill out a letter of medical necessity (LMN) in order to use your FSA to make this purchase. Otherwise, vitamins and supplements are not considered an eligible expense and your card will be rejected.

Can I buy a Theragun with FSA?

FSA and HSA approval all depends on your insurance company, but we do accept FSA and HSA card payments. While we have customers that have purchased a Theragun product using FSA and HSA, we always recommend contacting your insurance provider to make sure you follow the appropriate steps before purchasing.

Are neck massagers FSA eligible?

The Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager is eligible for purchase with your HSA or FSA. Take advantage of the highest quality products on the market.

HSA and FSA Eligible For Shoulder Massager.

Brand Zarifa
Color Black and Red

Can I use FSA for chiropractic?

An FSA is a medical savings account. If you have a health plan through your employer and they offer an FSA, you can use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for copayments for doctor visits, prescriptions, and other health care costs, including chiropractic care.

Can you pay for vitamins with HSA?

Can I use my HSA for vitamins? Vitamins and supplements generally aren’t eligible if they’re used to maintain general health. If you have a letter from your doctor saying a vitamin or supplement is needed to treat a condition, such as a vitamin deficiency, then the expense may qualify.

Can I buy a hot tub with my HSA?

Hot tubs are not eligible for reimbursement with a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA) or a limited-purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA).

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Can you use HSA on vet bills?

No, you cannot. If you do, you’ll pay regular taxes plus a 10% additional tax if you use it for anything non-human and/or non-medical.