Is massage therapist a protected title?

“LMT” is the protected professional regulatory title to be used by Massage Therapists in the United States under this Act. For public protection, this Act requires the Licensee to use the title when a Licensee interacts with Clients or advertises the availability of Massage Therapy.

What title does a massage therapist have?

Massage therapy is among these industries; you aren’t just a massage therapist, but a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), or Certified Massage Practitioner (CMP).

Do you capitalize massage therapist?

The only time you would use a capital letter would be if the job title is being used with the person’s name: President Roosevelt, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard. * And only certain titles can operate like that: I don’t think you’d ever write Licensed Massage Therapist Johnson, for example.

Is a massage therapist considered a professional?

Massage Therapists are Health Professionals.

Why is massage a Licence profession?

Professional licensing laws also enhance public safety by enforcing disciplinary actions against non-compliant practitioners. Statewide licensing is an instrument for public protection to ensure a person cannot claim to be a massage therapist without demonstrated education training and knowledge.

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What is the difference between a registered massage therapist and a massage therapist?

In the United States, massage therapists who hold a state license to practice are typically known as LMTs, whereas Canadian counterparts are known as registered massage therapists or RMTs.

Should job titles have capital letters?

You should capitalize job titles correctly to ensure you’re being respectful to the person you’re addressing and to show professionalism when mentioning your own role. This is why it’s best to be knowledgeable about AP style guidelines and grammar rules.

What is the rule for capitalization?

In general, you should capitalize the first word, all nouns, all verbs (even short ones, like is), all adjectives, and all proper nouns. That means you should lowercase articles, conjunctions, and prepositions—however, some style guides say to capitalize conjunctions and prepositions that are longer than five letters.

Should physiotherapy have capital letters?

The short answer is no, physical therapist is not capitalized, whether referencing the job position or a specific person. While you would capitalize “doctor” in instances such as Dr. … If you shorten physical therapist to PT, then that would be capitalized, as you would with all acronyms.

Can massage therapists recommend stretches?

For the massage therapist, this means that we should statically stretch after giving massage, or after engaging in some other physical activity, such as exercise.

Do massage therapists diagnose?

Massage therapists are not licensed to diagnose, but when their hypotheses are based on sound CR, their contributions to the diagnostic process can be invaluable. This case represents an ideal interaction between clinicians.

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How long does it take to become a massage therapist?

This means completing an accredited massage therapy program and then passing a nationally-recognized exam. Programs range from 300 to 1,000 hours of in-class instruction and practical training. This can translate to somewhere between a few weeks and two years depending on the structure of the program you enroll in.