Question: How do you move an Osaki massage chair?


How do you move a massage chair upstairs?

Most of the chairs with wheels have them at the back of the chair, so you’ll want to tip the weight back to rest on them for moving. If you’re using furniture sliders, have a friend angle the chair up to lift up a corner while you slide the device in place.

What is Shiatsu Foot Massager?

The shiatsu foot massager with heat consists of a deep kneading feature which can aid in relieving joint pains or pain in muscles. Deep kneading works to remove the tiredness of foot muscles and relaxes the muscles. It gives a full coverage massage to your feet that includes from heel to toe.

How much does a Shiatsu massage chair weigh?

【ADJUSTABLE MASSAGE CHAIR】: You can adjust the angle of the massage chair according to your needs. Speed control, width control, intensity control have 3 levels.

Product information.

Product Dimensions 55 x 42 x 35 inches
Item Weight 300 pounds
Manufacturer BestMassage
Item model number BM-EC06
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