What are source points in acupuncture?

What is yuan source?

The Yuan Source points are where the Yuan Qi, the body’s primordial Qi, pools. Each of the 12 meridians has a Yuan Source point including the TH which is also the meridian responsible for circulating the Yuan Qi.

What are the 5 shu points?

The Five Shu acupoints refer to the five specific acupoints categorized as Jing-well, Ying- spring, Shu-stream, Jing-river and He-sea, to which the Five Elements corresponding.

Where is GB 37?

5 cun directly above the tip of the external malleolus, on the anterior border of the fibula.

What is organ source point?

Each of the 12 regular meridians has a Yuan (Source) point near the wrist or ankle joints of the four extremities through which the vital energy of the zangfu organs passes and to some extent accumulates. … Clinically, Yuan (source) points are of great significance in treating diseases of the internal organs.

What happens to Chi at SHU points?

The Back-Shu points affect the organs directly and are therefore used in Interior diseases of the Yin or Yang organs. … When treating the Internal Organs, other points work by stimulating the Qi of the channel which then flows along the channel like a wave, eventually reaching the Internal Organs.

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What is a Shu point?

They are each named for an organ or body part and have the same diagnostic relationship with those parts as the Alarm points have with the organs. Back Shu points are called the Associated points, or Paravertebral Reflex points. Points often are tender to palpation when there is a disorder with their associated organs.

What is a confluent point?

The eight extraordinary confluent points are a very popular set of acupuncture points in the modern practice of acupuncture. They are also called the intersection, meeting, command, opening, master, and the flowing and pooling points of the eight extraordinary vessels.

Can yin and yang be separated?

With a separation of Yin and Yang, the individual loses this capacity to create stagnation, i.e., contain pathology, and the effervescent Yang wanders aimlessly causing pathology to spread throughout the system. Thus, as most TCM practitioners make the ubiquitous diagnosis of Liver Qi stagnation, Dr.

What are lower sea points?

The lower he sea points, also called the lower sea or lower uniting he points, are used to treat their respective yang organs. For example, ST 37, the lower he sea point of the LI will treat diarrhea.

What are Xi cleft points in acupuncture?

Xi-cleft points are where the meridian qi accumulates deeply and are indicated for the acute and pain disease of the respective Zang-fu organs and meridians, while the Xi-cleft points of the Yin meridians are also indicated for blood diseases [7].