What is the value of client consultation in massage?

What is the value of the client consultation?

Client consultations are not only a legal requirement before treatment, but also an opportunity to discover what your client wants, along with possible contraindications, and achieve the perfect end result. Even regular clients need a consultation as hair, nails and skin condition can change over time.

What is the purpose of a massage consultation?

To establish trust and confidence

Having a professional consultation is also a great opportunity for you to get to know your therapist and check how confident they are when handling your concerns or expectations. It’s vital for you to feel safe and have trust in your massage provider.

What is the importance of client consultation in wellness massage?

It’s important to know if a client is on any medication that could make them more sensitive to these essential oils, levels of heat, manners of massage, etc. Having a spa consultation is an opportunity to further protect clients from treatments that aren’t suited for them.

Why is client consultation and assessment important?

Client consultations are a crucial part of being in the professional beauty industry. They protect both the client and you and ensure that you do not perform any treatments on a client that may be detrimental to their well being.

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How do you write a client consultation?

Mastering Client Consultations

  1. Greet and seat the client in a styling chair for consultation.
  2. Introduce yourself to new clients by name. …
  3. It is important to have the client seated without being gowned up so as you get an indication of their sense of style.
  4. Ask the client what they have in mind and listen to their response.

How should you prepare for a client consultation?

How should you prepare for a client consultation? Have a pen and intake form along with vendor supplied or salon manufactured pamphlets, photos, articles, or clinical research papers will help you to prevent the services or explain the benefits of certain ingredients that will be used to perform a treatment.

What questions should I ask my massage therapist?

A Few Questions to Ask a Massage Therapist, Prior to Treatment

  • What type of massage education does the massage therapist have? …
  • Are they licensed and/or certified? …
  • How many years have they been professionally practicing massage therapy? …
  • What is your philosophy on total body health as it relates to massage?

Why is medical history needed in the information gathering prior to a massage session?

Gathering this information up front helps therapists like Jeff recommend medical clearance prior to providing a massage, as the massage may lead to medical complications and worsening of pre-existing conditions that are sensitive to manipulation and massage.

Why is consultation important?

Consultation means asking for and considering employees’ views when making decisions. Cooperation means working together harmoniously to find solutions. … Being consulted about important decisions in the workplace can improve an employee’s engagement with their work.

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How is a consultation done?

Ask the right questions.

A good consultation is all about the right questions being asked and answered. As the professional in the room, it’s your job to make sure that this happens, even if your client is unprepared. This can be done by asking good, probing questions and then sitting back and listening.

Why is a consultation important for waxing services?

It is extremely important to know everything about your clients before you begin a waxing session. For every esthetician, a successful consultation will allow you to gather information from your clients, understand their needs, and assess what products will work best for their skin type. …