You asked: Can chiropractors help leg length discrepancy?

Can leg length discrepancy be corrected?

If a child has stopped growing, orthopedists can sometimes correct a leg length discrepancy by shortening the longer leg. This is done by removing a piece of bone from the longer leg. Limb lengthening surgery also can be done.

Can chiropractor fix short leg?

A structural short leg is anatomically short because of a hip disorder, less knee joint space, or history of fracture. This type of short leg length is also well managed with chiropractic adjustment and custom-made orthotics with heel lifts (see preceding paragraph).

How do you fix leg length discrepancy?

Wearing a lift in the shoe worn on the shorter leg can help reduce back pain and improve the ability to walk with a normal gait. This is the usual treatment for mild leg length discrepancy (less than 2 centimeters). In more severe cases, surgery to even out the leg length might be considered.

What is a significant leg length discrepancy?

Limb-length discrepancy is a difference in size between the length of both arms or both legs. Small differences in limb length are common. In fact, as many as a third of the population may have a 1 cm or less (less than ½ inch) discrepancy between their right and left legs.

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How do I know if I have one leg shorter than the other?

How to Determine Differences in Leg Length. The only real way to assess a permanent, structural difference in leg length is through the use of an X-Ray or CT scan. This is because sometimes the appearance of uneven legs isn’t due to an actual difference in leg length.

What is it when one leg is shorter than the other?

What is a limb-length discrepancy? A limb-length discrepancy is when one leg or arm is shorter than the other leg or arm. The difference in length can range from a fraction of an inch to several inches. Some children are born with congenital limb differences that cause their legs or arms to grow at different rates.

When Should leg length discrepancy be corrected?

There is good consensus that leg length discrepancy should be corrected to 1 cm and 2 cm residual inequality in growing children and after skeletal maturity, respectively (2, 22).

What type of doctor do you see for leg length discrepancy?

The first step in diagnosing a limb-length discrepancy is a complete medical history and physical examination by an orthopedic surgeon. During the exam, the doctor will measure your child’s limbs to calculate how different they are in length.