You asked: What is an S track massage chair?

What is L and S track?

The L-track is basically an extension of the S-track that allows the massage to cover an extended area. Unlike the S-track that generally stops at your buttocks, the L-track extends through to your hamstrings allowing for a more thorough massage.

What does 3D mean on massage chair?

3D massage technology is a new type of roller that allows the roller heads to protrude from the track n an effort to bring your massage to places that are typically neglected by your average chair. Since they can protrude from the track, this also allows the roller heads to massage deeper into the muscles.

What is 4D massager?

For the greatest penetration and precision, 4D rollers provide users with a deep tissue massage. These 4D rollers can turn and hit different angles that other rollers can’t. … In a 4D massage, the rollers can speed up or slow down automatically to concentrate on tense muscles.

How much is a Tebo massage chair?

A: A quality zero gravity massage chair can cost anywhere from $1,599 to $9,999.

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