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Let’s Talk Cooking Oil

By Joan McDaniel            February 12, 2019

This is a reprint of my original article:

Is Your Cooking Oil Healthy?

June 24, 2012


This is one of my first articles.  It’s covering my first essential discovery and researched Food that being coconut oil.  I began by comparing coconut oil other cooking oils.  Back in 2012, I was very sick and didn’t know very much about health, food and getting well. I had just started to express myself and the article is very boxy but It lead me on to bigger and better things.

This is basic stuff but, I was shocked at what I was finding.  With each new natural food, I began to feel better almost instantly.

I want to include my original approach even though I didn’t actually know what I was doing. As I originally said,  I felt the pain and  the fire slowly reduce with my first taste of Coconut Oil.  I had found my first real healing food.

In this article, I began to uncovered other cooking oils and why I had never heard of coconut oil.  I found out it all came down to a Dwell-kept secret.  It was the dirty word called —— SATURATED FAT.


As I have said before in my previous posting I have been doing a great deal of research.  This posting will discuss what I have found about Cooking Oils.  I have used several sources for this information some from the Internet other from books.  My strongest support comes from :

Dr. Bruce Fife, N.D., M.D. 

Dr. Joseph Mercola  

Health Ranger 

and many others.


A Guide to Choosing Cooking Oils

Fat – Is a food-energy source. Fat has received a bad reputation in the public’s eyes for many years. There are good fats and there are bad fats. Oxidized or artificially produced fat such as; polyunsaturated vegetable oils margarine, and shortening (Crisco)  are BAD and any amount and all natural fats are GOOD.

A current word 2/12/19; It has taken me some time to understand this but We Get Fat Because We Are Not Eating Fat. This will take a long time to understand.  It will take years for me to really understand.  Stay Tune

One reason is to digest fat we need to slow down digested. Fat slows down the movement of food in the digestive system allowing food more time to be digested and more nutrients especially minerals are absorbed.  Low-fat diets prevent the complete digestion of food promoting mineral deficiencies, such as absorption of Calcium to prevent osteoporosis.

Fat as an energy food, gives twice as much energy as an equal weight of the other energy foods – protein and carbohydrates.

Three types of Fat:

There are three kinds of fat:  Saturated, Monounsaturated, and Polyunsaturated. They are differentiated by their molecular structure.

Saturate fat – Is a vital nutrient. It is not a poison. It is an important source of energy, it aids in the digestion process, helps the heart and other vital organs, it helps the body maintain its health.  In fact, if the body does not get saturated fat and/or monounsaturated fat it will make it on its own but not enough for optimal health.

Polyunsaturated fat – is a fatty acid mostly found in plants, it is four or more hydrogen atoms short of saturation. Polyunsaturated fats are the absolute WORST oils to use when cooking because these omega-6 rich oils are highly susceptible to heat damage.

When these fats are exposed to heat, light or oxygen they readily oxidize (to your car that means rust) and form free radicals. 

Our diet needs polyunsaturated fat, our bodies cannot produce this fat so they are essential that we eat them daily.  We must have some in our diet but not cooked or heated but left cold.  Too much can also be detrimental.  Consumption exceeding 10% Omega-6 oils of total calories can lead to blood disorders, cancer, liver damage, and vitamin deficiencies.

When polyunsaturated fats or oils are heated they become known as 4-hydroxy-trans-2-nominal (4-HNE).

Monounsaturated fat – is two hydrogen atoms short of being a saturated fat. Olive oil is mostly Monounsaturated than ¼ saturated and polyunsaturated.



Saturated Fat, I found is good for you.  Saturated Fat in the form of Coconut Oil is used essentially in most of the world’s Tropical Islands.  The natives are born with coconut oil and they use it for everything and on everything including their hair.  Coconut Oil is one of the Islands main source of food.

But in America, Coconut Oil and Saturated Fat were determined by Government specialist to be unhealthy for the Standard American Diet (SAD)

This fat’s bad reputation started in the 1960s, when Dr. Ancel Keys, PhD (1904-2004) using what he called the Mediterranean diet suggested eating too much fat was unhealthy (1953).

He is known as the father of the low-fat diet.  He was with the university of Minnesota A physiologist and nutritionist.   During WWII he came up with ready-to-eat provisions called Field Rations, Type K which eventually came to be known as K Rations.


Eisenhower eating Field Rations

Dr. Keys later work on eating fat and Heart disease made a great impact on the American diet. He concluded that fat elevated cholesterol causing for no known reason a buildup of plague in the arteries walls, known as the Cholesterol hypothesis (Diet-Health Hypothesis, and Lipid Hypothesis).

What Dr. Keys failed to study and ignore, is our previous history, our ancestors eating fat, and their  miracle survival of thousands of years before that date.  Animal fats (Lard), beef tallowbutter, cheese, chicken fat, coconut and palm oil, eggs, ghee (clarified butter), milk, mutton tallow, Nutmeg oil, Peanut Oil, Sour cream, and Vinegar were the common crucial fats used throughout the history of mankind and maintaining healthy cells, healthy organs, and a healthy body.

In an article of June 26, 2014 said Sketchy Research Got Us Eating Low Fat Diets — And It Could Be Killing Us

This article originally appeared on Popular Science

I not only found the article but a book on the subject

13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And Fat

A review of a book Big Fat Surprise by Teicholz here

This article originally appeared on Popular Science

Sketchy Research Got Us Eating Low Fat Diets — And It Could Be Killing Us

13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick and Fat


Note the Low-Fat diet is not the Atkins Low Carbohydrate Diet.  Dr. Atkins was the first Dr. that stood up against the low-fat diet and established the low-carb Atkins Diet which used the  Glycemic index. That diet and other things will be in another post right now let’s continue with a look at fats.

Kinds of Foods of the Different Fats

Saturated Fat Foods – Animal fats (Lard), beef tallow,  butter, cheese, chicken fat, coconut and palm oil, Dark Chocolate (COCO), whole eggs, Fatty Fish (Mackerel, Salmon, Sardines, and Trout), ghee (clarified butter), whole milk, Processed Meat (Not naturally or grass-fed meat), mutton tallow, nuts, Nutmeg oil, Peanut Oil, Sour cream, and Vinegar were the common crucial fats used throughout the history of mankind and maintaining healthy cells, healthy organs, and a healthy body.

Polyunsaturated Fatty Foods – This category includes common vegetable oils (polyunsaturated oils) such as: Canola, Chia Seed, Cod Liver, Corn, Cotton Seed, Fish Oils, Flaxseed, Hemp Seed, Herring, Lecithin,  Linseed, Menhaden (Fish Oil), Safflower, Salmon Oil, Sardine Oil, Sesame seed, Soybean, Sunflower, Vegetable Oil, and Wheat germ. Polyunsaturated fat consists of both Omega-3 and Omega-6. 


Monounsaturated Fatty Foods – Almond, Avocados, Butterfat, Grape Seed, Olive, Peanut, Pumpkin, rapeseed (canola Note avoid this oil) and Sesame is Good source for fat but becomes toxic if heated.  Heating causes the oil to become oxidized

If you look at the chart below you will find the best oil to cook with is—-

Note: only Coconut Oil, Butter, and Ghee can safely be heated to cook with.

Type of Fat and Percent Composition 

Scan 2019-2-12 08.42.12

High in Saturated fat, low in the others so the winner is

And the best oil for cooking is?????


COCONUT OIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something Else To Know

Did you know your body cannot digest or absorb vegetables and/or fruits which contain Fat-Soluble vitamins or minerals unless they are eaten with fats. Fat such as oil, coconut oil or butter.  A vitamin tablet will not help for they too need fat to be absorbed by the body using fat.

New Warning About Olive Oil


Posted By Dr. Mercola | September 27,  2003

Olive Oil Good for Health but Not for High heat Cooking

This information is for a future article, but just in passing it uncovers another unknown fact.


Researchers concluded that olive oil is a major contributing factor to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. While olive oil can and should be a healthy part of your diet, what most people do not appreciate is that olive oil should not be used to cook with.

Olive oil should be used cold or applied to a dish after it has been cooked.  Olive oil is primarily a monounsaturated fat which when heated can easily break-down and become perishable with oxidative damage and then forms free-radicals. As it turns out, extra-virgin olive oil contains chlorophyll that accelerated decomposition and makes the oil go rancid rather quickly.

So if you plan on using a fat to cook with, your clear choice is coconut oil or butter. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid which is a proven antiviral and immune system builder.

So in evaluating plant oils for cooking, it should be clear that oils that contain a high percentage of saturated fatty acids are more stable than those that contain a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

When exposed to high heat and light during processing, storage, and use, oils that contain a high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids tend to contain more free radicals than oils that contain mainly saturated and/or monounsaturated fatty acids.

Olive oil can go rancid or even toxic when heated above about 374 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius) because it is in a class of oils with a low smoke point.” Natural news

I have found that I can add olive oil after I have cooked the food.  I also found that if I mix olive oil with coconut oil, coconut oil stays liquid.  As long as you don’t heat the olive oil it is very good for you.


Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Rudi Moerck on Cooking Oils

Until my next post


Another Look at Cooking Oils

In “Government”

And What do you do with Coconut Oil?

In “Cholesterol”

Coconut Oil Helped Me Get Well Again

Orange Juice just flavored Sugar Water? 

By Joan McDaniel            February 9, 2019

This is a reprint of my original article of January 5, 2013

If You Want Orange Juice, Eat an Orange

Was my Diet making me sick?

Before I address the question of Orange Juice I want to first give some brief history. As I have indicated before, my motivation for creating a web-site is to provide research to help answer the question – Is my Diet making me sick?  – And to pass the answers I found on to others.  I broke away from the unsuccessful Fat-Free Standard American Diet (SAD). I took charge of my own health and began my own research into a different form of nutrition.

My research was successful I have regained strength and my health by eating real fresh natural foods.

I had gotten very sick, was hospitalized for a week and when released was still so weak I could barely walk. I previously had multiple diseases but I did not know what was wrong now, and for that matter neither did the Doctor. One of my previous medical conditions had been border-line or pre-diabetic.  Based on that diagnosis, I had cut back on my sugar intake and went on the“Fat-Free diet”. That was several years ago.

Being a Pre-Diabetic, I cut down on sugar and went with a “Fat-Free Sugar-Free” Diet.

Now Diabetes is a complex disease, people can live with it but once it becomes full-fledged it can become a threat to life if not closely monitored. The term insulin resistance is often used for out-of-control blood sugar levels.

It isn’t a Game

But needless to say, this is not a game. Being a border line diabetic is just a warning.  It is based on a blood test called Hemoglobin A1C or estimated Average Glucose. The A1c test and eAG calculation are used to monitor the glucose control of diabetics over a period of time often several months.  I headed the warning and over time the A1C reading went down but not enough.


My first real look at Orange Juice

I like most people was clueless about the dangers of the “Fat-Free Diet”, sugar substitutes and high carbohydrate low-fat diet.  I had heard about “removing insulin from your diet” but I had no idea what that meant.  So I took up the “Fat Free” mantra by using “sugar free” for my ever-present “Diet Ginger Ale” and anything else that said it was “Diet”.  I also looked into reduced sugar Orange Juice.


Everyone knows how healthy “100% juice, not made from concentrate” natural Orange Juice is. Right! You buy it “fresh” from the refrigerator section in the supermarkets. It must be almost as good as fresh-squeezed.   It is loaded with high concentrations of healthful vitamins and nutrients such as antioxidants, Calcium, Potassium, and Vitamin C, D, and Potassium. Florida orange juice companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns and experts estimate two-thirds of all Americans drink Florida orange juice for breakfast.  We all know of its health benefits you don’t want to give that up. But…

Orange Juice is loaded with sugar

As a nurse I know how high a sugar content OJ has.  For the uncontrolled diabetics I care for at work, blood glucose is maintained by using OJ when the glucose reading is low. Hypoglycemia is the low after the high in the daily roller coaster ride of sugar and its effect on the body.  The words Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia are used describe this fluctuation.  Hypo means low and Hyper means high and  Glycemia mean Glucose or Sugar Blood load.


Hypoglycemia is a very dangerous health condition and depending on the glucose meter reading, it can be considered a medical emergency.


Hypoglycemia consists of too much insulin therefore not enough sugar or energy in the cells of the body.  Without sugar or energy the person can become unconscious and die.  They must be given sugar immediately. That is normally done, if the person is conscious by giving them a glass of orange juice for OJ is loaded with sugar.  If not conscious, the glucose is given via an I.V. needle.

Orange Juice Contents

nutritional information of a carton and oranges

Now that I am into reading labels, I have noticed that both OJ and Red Bull the high Energy Drink have the same very high sugar and high carbohydrate content.  Makes me wonder if the marketing of OJ has the same motivation as the marketing of Energy Drinks.

red bull nutrition facts

I gather this nutritional information about a simple 1 medium sized real orange


Nutrient                               Amount

vitamin C …………………   69.69 mg

fiber         …………………     3.14 g

Fructose  …………………     6.1 g

folate        …………………  39.30 mcg

vitamin B1…………………    0.11 mg

potassium …………………237.11 mg

vitamin A ………………… 294.75 IU

calcium   …………………. 52.40 mg


There is less Fructose in an actual Orange than the sugar loaded OJ

If I was eating Sugar Free, Why was my A1C blood test still high?

My second real look at Orange Juice

Now, finding myself very sick, in the hospital, and barely able to get out of bed, the blood work again showed an elevated A1C. I had not changed my diet I was still eating sugar-free so why did I have an elevated A1C?  Now the real questions began and the reason for this Web-Site.  I asked my many doctors and no one had any real answers.  They just looked knowingly, mumbled something about seeing the nutritionist and walked away. The hospital nutritionist put me on a “Fat-Free Sugar Free Diet” and walked away.

One of the first things I did in the hospital was cut out all sugar including all juices and the artificial sugar especially Sugar-Free Ginger Ale and began to drink just plain water with a little lemon juice.

Back Home I began the research

I continue with reading, writing, searching, researching, and trying new foods when I ran across several articles about the danger in fruit juices especially Orange Juice. It seems Orange Juice isn’t anywhere close to being fresh squeezed, no matter what the label says.  Orange Juice isn’t any better for you than the sugary Soda’s Mayor Bloomberg is all excited about or the energy drinks I have written about.  If you think you getting a Real Orange in the Orange Juice you bought in the grocery store –You better look again. Look It Up I did.

I looked it up.  What is Orange Juice?

The term Orange juice refers to the juice of oranges.  It is made by extraction from the fresh fruit, by desiccation and subsequent reconstitution of dried juice. Now WORDS MEAN THINGS – so I looked further – desiccate – (verb) to dry thoroughly; dry up, to remove moisture; dehydrate.

So now have you got it?  Your OJ is from a dehydrated Orange that is no-where near fresh and loaded with sugar to boot.  Don’t believe me as I say over and over —  Do your own Research—

Alissa Hamilton J.D, PhD, a Food and Society Policy Fellow with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), has written a book called Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice.


She explains the in’s and outs of mass-produced juice.  It is an excellent insight into how your food is manufactured and processed.

It’s a potent reminder of just how important it is to really understand how your food is manufactured and processed because the label tells neither the whole story nor the whole truth…

And here is a video of the author of the book –

The great orange juice scam

Yale Press

1.7K subscribers

How pure and natural is your orange juice?

100% lemon juice – NOT!

The same can be said about lemon juice.  In fact the claim of 100% Fruit Juice is also probability Sugar Water also.  You cannot trust the product label but is it says pasteurized it has been cooked at a very high level and most nutrition has been cooked away.

Some reality checks:

1. There is more vitamin c in a single orange than in a full glass of industrial orange juice

2. Truly fresh orange juice only last a few days. It if last for weeks (or months), it’s an industrial product.

3. Until the Florida orange growers launched a campaign in the early 20th century to deal with their surplus crop, the only people who drank orange juice were Floridians who had a tree in their backyard. There is nothing particularly healthy or natural about drinking orange juice – and the industrial product is a total waste of money.

Major Orange Juice brands

In the U.S., the major orange juice brand is Tropicana Products (owned by PepsiCo Inc.), which possesses nearly 65%of the market share. Tropicana also has a large presence in Latin America, Europe, and Central Asia. Competing products include Minute Maid (of Coca-Cola Company) and Florida’s Natural (a Florida-based agricultural cooperative that differentiates itself from the competition by using only Florida grown oranges).

Is juice as bad as soda?

Sugar content has experts questioning value of juice for kids

If you want the health benefits of Orange Juice, eat a real orange.

Orange peel

When you peel an orange, don’t throw away the white part under the skin: Bio-flavonoids help fight cancer and obesity

Naringenin is a flavonoid found in the white part the orange peel.  Eat as much of the white stuff as you can. It help repair DNA damage that can lead to cancer, help stimulate the liver to burn excess fat, and help restore triglyceride and cholesterol levels.


Stop and Chew Your Food

By Joan McDaniel                           February 3, 2019

This is a re-print of my original Chew Your Food  Article

of October 19, 2012

This is one of my first articles about a simple principle Chew Your Food. Believe it or not it was the start in my trying to understand the complex subject of digestion it isn’t as simple as you think.

To get well, I  realized I needed to Enjoy my life, my thoughts, my body and what I ate.  Relax turn on the music and learn how to digest my food.  Rushing all day long but at meal time slow down and…

Chew Your Food 

While slowly regaining my health and continuing my reading and researching into healthy eating, I ran across an article which brought back childhood memories. The article simply said, “CHEW YOUR FOOD”.  Now my childhood was a while ago, and it has been some time since I have been under my parents watchful eyes, but that slogan reminded me of when I had a plate of Liver and Onion’s in front of me and I was wondering how I would even get it into my mouth and down let alone having it linger in my mouth for any time what so ever, especially to taste it. ——– UGH!!!!!!!

It seems a traditional thing, my parent’s age group still loves Liver and Onions , and I still hate it. It was a healthy inexpensive way to feed the family but I  still hate it. I assume the rest of my age group doesn’t like it either. We don’t seem to eat much real anything anymore let alone organ meat.

Be that as it may, there is something into this chewing your food recommendation.  I guess we all seem to think that once past the mouth the food just gets converted to energy and that is that.



Koala Bear Chewing Food

Chewing uses the enzymes in saliva to start digestion. Chewing is extremely important, yet oftentimes overlooked. For healthy digestion food must be chewed thoroughly. Incomplete chewing leaves large food fragments too big to be digested, on which bacteria can grow, leaving undigested food in the colon causing flatulence, and other symptoms of indigestion or much worse medical conditions. Some of these conditions can get very serious and call for all those MRI’s and CAT scan, highly profitable antacid meds, and other very expensive stuff that the AMA, the Pharmaceutical companies and the rest of the medical profession love.


But I digress, on with digestion.

A brief look at digestion

Digestion is not a simple subject.  In Fact, the more I read the experts on it, the more I see not anyone person has got a real handle on exactly how it works.  Digestion – The process, by which food gets broken down in the body and by which the energy is released from the atomic bonds into the cells. Food is broken down into its nutritional components.

So to illustrate and be very brief:

Your body has to take what you eat:

Man eating


Use Digestive Enzymes to convert the food to atom particles 

digestive enzymes

To feed your body’s cells

Picture of Cell



List of Organelles of Cell


We could spend hours and certainly need much more detail in describing nutrition, digestion and Gods wonderful creation of the living body machine but I think I have made my simple point.



Much more of this later but I did want to say one more important thing.

Fat-Free Food Pyramid

I know the Food Police and the Fat-Free fanatics go on and on about the harm of Fats and go absolutely frantic at the mention of Saturated fats but did you know;

Saturate fat – The kind of fat in Coconut Oil is a vital nutrient. It is not a poison. It is an important source of energy, it aids in the digestion process. Monounsaturated Fats the kind in Olive Oil, Avocado and other oils also aid digestion and without consuming fat, digestion of fat-soluble minerals and vitamins is impossible. Because they dissolve in fat, vitamins A, D, E, and K are called fat-soluble Vitamins. They are absorbed in the small intestine.

Polyunsaturated fat– Do not help digestion for it is four or more hydrogen atoms short of saturation.

dietary fat


And here is another thought when it comes to healthy eating —–

What happen to our local farmer?

People are a trusting lot, and when large companies, organizations and government agencies get involved we have a tendency to trust.  Just as we trust that the grocery store shelves contain nice wholesome food and not someone’s quick easy money scheme, we have allowed large manufactures to propagandize us away from our natural products selection and away from our local farmer into slick packaged goods and gimmicks and have allow others to make our decisions for us. By presenting these simple facts I hope this can change. By the way Visit your local farmers market.

Now here is another did you know – There was a movement in the 1900’s where everyone chewed their food 25 times before swallowing they even chewed their water.

The Great Masticator

the great masticator

Horace Fletcher -(1848 – 1919) A raconteur, world traveler, amateur painter, speaker, and author. He is famous for being an American health food enthusiast of the Victorian era who earned the nickname “The Great Masticator,” by arguing that food should be chewed thirty-two times – or, about 100 times per minute – before being swallowed: “Nature will castigate those who don’t masticate. ” In 1898 first started thoroughly chewing his food to improve his heath, He invented elaborate justifications for his claim. Fletcher and his followers recited and followed his instructions religiously, even claiming that liquids, too, had to be chewed in order to be properly mixed with saliva. Fletcher argued that his mastication method will increase the amount of strength a person could have while actually decreasing the amount of food that he consumed. Fletcher promised that “Fletcherizing”, as it became known, would turn “a pitiable glutton into an intelligent epicurean.”  He promoted his theories for decades on lecture circuits, and became a millionaire. Novelist Upton Sinclair,Henry James, Franz Kafka and cereal magnate John Harvey Kellogg and Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller were among those who gave his ideas a try.

Even in the 70’s on The Bob Newhart Show‘s said, “Thirty-two times keeps your tummy from danger; then you can stay up and listen to The Lone Ranger.

He wasn’t alone in his thinking. Over the decades, many others have argued for more gnashing of the teeth. Gandhi himself, some say, advised his followers to “Chew your drink and drink your food.”


How to chew

Put a fork-full of food in your mouth, put down the fork and chew.  Taste each item.  Don’t pick up the fork again until you have swallowed what’s in your mouth.  I don’t count, I just taste. Remember, it isn’t the quality you swallow but the quantity. Take your time and enjoy your meal. Treat your body as the holy temple it is.



I should say this, even though I dislike Liver and Onions, many love it and, in fact, Health Ranger calls it a Super Food and here is the link.

Liver is a shockingly potent superfood

Saturday, November 03, 2012 by: Ben Hirshberg

Till next time.


Artificial Sugar Bad But Salt is Good


By Joan McDaniel                        January 30, 2019

This Blog is Called Coconut Cream Care and its motto is

Fats, Salt and Cholesterol are Good For You

This is a re-write of my original article

What you should know before using that Artificial Sweetener and Salt is Good for You.

June 26, 2012

This is one of my First articles about Foods Good For Health. When I got out of the hospital I started a search to find natural food I could use to get well again, I made the first of several discoveries —— First was the discovery of Coconut Oil and the second was to avoid sugar don’t use the artificial sweeteners and the Importance of Sea Salt especially Himalayan pink sea salt. There will me many many more discoveries therefore this  Web-Site

Is This FDA-Approved Sweetener Causing Brain Damage

It sometimes seems to me that Big X wants us all weak, sick, and with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It seems to me that Big business, big Pharma, big Agriculture, and Big Commercial Interest seem to be in charge.  They are more concerned with marketing ploys, and the bottom line than with independent health studies.  Studies on the huge amount of side effects from aspartame have been ignored. We are too busy looking at preventing a certain disease then how to be healthy?

The dangers of Aspartame Video 

Any thoughts of changing addiction to sugar by turning to artificial sweeteners instead, here is the straight story of the most common artificial sweetener, Aspartame.

Video (10:57):

Donald Rumsfeld – yes, the same Donald Rumsfeld who helped waltz the US into the Iraq War – is the political operative to revived the chemical Aspertame after the FDA rejected it as too unsafe for human consumption.

One of the first things the Reagan administration did when it got into office in 1981 was kick out the FDA commissioner who was “holding up” aspartame and put in a new one who promptly approved it.


11K subscribers

The Dangers of Aspartame (Diet Coke Zero Side Effects Poisoning Pepsi Max Nutrasweet Sucralose E951)


Why is this poison still allowed?

Attorney Jim Turner is an expert on aspartame and its health impacts. He tells the story of how aspartame was approved for us in the US even though its poisonous effects were well-documented. Video (1:59):

Attorney Jim Turner is an expert on aspartame and its health impacts; and has been fighting it for four decades. He tells the story of how aspartame was approved for us in the United States even though its poisonous effects were well-documented. Aspartame contains three neurotoxins, any one of which could –

It’s all about politics…

I also turn to Dr. Mercola for more information.

Is This FDA-Approved Sweetener Causing Brain Damage?

Posted By Dr. Mercola | March 24 2012


Aspartame Symptoms chart

Aspartame Symptoms chart

This is just a small listing of the Known Side Effects of the use of aspartame.  This list is also known by the FDA.

For your Information, from the date of this article I had discovered Stevia but was still evaluating the sugar substitute Stevia. Links to these articles appear below.

Looking for a Safe Sugar Substitute Like Stevia? Be Careful What You May Find.

June 26, 2012

Break the Sugar habit with a Smidgen of Stevia

May 26, 2013

Blood Test Results are Not an Indication of Good Health

I hear so many people say, My blood test is good I passed 100%. Making it sound as if they were in perfect health.

I was sick as a dog I could hardly walk and my Blood Work was Perfect.  

While I was sick and getting well, it seems that if my blood test numbers were all at the proper level, I must be well, no matter how I felt. My concerned for health seemed to be mine alone.

When I asked questions about what food should I eat, I was told either DON’T EAT SALT  or It doesn’t matter much with someone and your condition or  lose weight  or “It’s all in your head”, or “Are you getting enough exercise?” I could hardly walk how was I suppose to exercise?

In fact, I found that indeed my health had something to do with the food I was eating.  I had been eating the traditional American Diet which is loaded with sugar and absent of all nutrition.  I now have been finding good food to eat.  Good nutritious food and I am feeing 100% better.


Coconut Cures

By Bruce Fife.

This book discusses the health benefits of coconut oil, meat, milk, and water. In this book you will learn why coconut oil is considered the healthiest oil on earth and how it can protect you against heart disease, insulin resistant diabetes, and infectious illnesses such as influenza, herpes, Candida, and even HIV.

One of the other great finds I uncovered was Coconut Oil but enough of that later.  As I am finding out about this great food, I feel I must tell others. I am learning as I go along and expect people to research what I have to say on their own.  It is sort of take it or leave it.  If you learn anything, then great!!!!

Keep watching these post for I will documented my experience with many foods that have cause major changes in my health.  But today I would like to address another find of mine that is as much good for you, safe, and fun to eat as Stevia.

It is salt.

This article came from none other than the New York Times and others.

Salt, We Misjudged You


Joon Mo Kang and Susie Choi

Study shows People who ate Lower salt diet increase risk of unhealthy heart conditions.

It’s Time to End the War on Salt | Benefits of Natural Sea Salt

Mind you, doctors have a phobia against the mixture of salt and high blood pressure. The medical world has establish Hypertension and Salt.  No more information is wanted.  If Modern Medicine says it is so.  It the Law

Since I had already been sick, and with great reluctance thinking this would probably finish me off. I have  been hypertensive for years, avoided salt but my pressure never got any better. Maybe it had nothing to do about salt but lack of nutrition.  After reading those articles,  I went to a health food store a women next to me said, “Oh Look Himalayan Sea Salt”. Well since I had already done  my last will and testament, I bought the salt, went home poured some into my hand and tasted it.  WOW


I found a wonderful surprise and an explosion in taste.   It was Himalayan pink sea salt.  It is sweet to the taste. And colored Pink. 


Himalayan sea salt is one of the healthiest salts on the market. It is delicious tasting, free of bleaches, preservative or chemical additives. Unlike table salt, where everything has  been striped, this salt is rich with 84 different minerals .  Free of bleaches, preservatives or chemical additives. We need sea salt for its very important minerals. According to an article by Elizabeth Walling “a low-salt” diet increases risk of stroke and heart disease, a study says. I have found that years of hypothyroidism has weakened me, creating a large goiter, while I have starving my thyroid of Iodine, trying to avoid salt. This sea salt is helping my thyroid return my strength and I am thanking this great food additive.


But don’t take this as advice that salt intake should be completely unlimited. Moderation appears to be key, those who consumed more than 8,000 mg of sodium  per day were 50 to 70 percent more likely to have a stroke or heart attack, or to be hospitalized or die from heart disease.

Results from this study indicates that people who already consume a moderate amount of sodium do not benefit from lowering their salt intake. In fact, it may even harm them.

I have not explained this to my doctor, for he doesn’t understand why I don’t need the med Synthroid


anymore either.

Update June 14, 2013

The Real Food Channel

Food can kill – or heal. Info to help you choose wisely.

– See more at:

In antiquity, Homer called salt a divine

substance. Plato described it as being

especially dear to the gods.

Salt is considered a villain by mainstream

medicine, but there is no real evidence

to support the claims that salt is evil.

The key is to consume the right kind of


Video (3:28):

Mama Natural

304K subscribers

Healthy Salt Substitutes (Change Your Diet, Change Your Life – Pt 2)

Till Next Time


Energy Drinks and Roller Coasters 

By Joan McDaniel                           January 28, 2019

From my original Article Energy Drinks – Sugar High, Sugar Low and Away We Go!

This in an introductory article to Energy and Diabetes,  In this case it is the energy generated by the intake of tremendous amounts of sugar which generates Energy in the form of a sugar high which doesn’t last long before the bottom falls out and you can’t stay awake. DM stands for Diabetes Mellitus.

Diabetes Mellitus

DM is the most common form of diabetes, caused by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin, which results in a failure to metabolize sugars and starch. Sugars accumulate in the blood and urine, and the byproducts of alternative fat metabolism disturb the acid–base balance of the blood, causing a risk of convulsions and coma. You need an alkaline base see my article What Does pH Balance and the Energizer Bunny Have in Common.

I am surprised that the Energy Drink industry is still as large although there has been some decline.  This article will also talks about the effects Sugar has on your system and developing Diabetes Mellitus.  At the End I introduce the subject of mixing the bad carb or sugar with plant-based fats to slow down the very destructive  High – Low of Sugar Consumption.

Also see the Illustration of Why We Get Fat.

The non-food energy drink industry has a large product line which is being aggressively marketed by high-profile athletes, sports companies and the mainstream media to teenagers and young people.  Some of these products are; AMP, 5-hour Energy shots, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Rock Star, and others. Labels on the containers state that they are “not recommended” for some consumers, including children — a group that beverage producers define as those under 12 years — and people “sensitive” to caffeine.

From Red Bull Website

red bull

Wonder drinks” that are being aggressively marketed. I do not consider these products to be good for your health.  I don’t think you will drop over dead immediately after consumption, but I do consider them dangerous and to your health, wellness and well-being.

5 hr

5-hour ENERGY and 5-hour ENERGY Extra Strength

The official website lists the active ingredients of 5-hour Energy as: vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, sodium, taurine, glucuronolactone, malic acid and N-Acetyl L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, caffeine, and citicoline.. It contains Sucralose a sugar substitute (See next page)


Now a word about Niacin

Don’t be Afraid of the Niacin Flush

This product is meant to be used by people who use a high amount of energy like with physical activity.  It is not meant for average use.

The manufacturers claim the drink will give you 5 hours of energy without crashing. The drink is non-carbonated and sweetened with Sucralose (Splenda) a sugar substitute.  There are many side-effects of Sucralose known by the FDA

These products contain a very high amount of caffeine, artificial sugars, stimulants, and synthetic (man-made) minerals.  This is not a normal way to get your vitamins and minerals.  I do not recommend it use.  You get power naturally from your body when you eat from nature not from artificial man-made dead chemicals. You’re not a machine your ALIVE

Artificial Sweeteners Are Bad For You

A Note about Sucralose (Splenda)

From my article Help Your Health and Stop the Big Propaganda Money Train

Artificial Sweeteners are Bad For You.  Sugar is bad for you but I think the Artificial sweeteners are worse.  Both don’t do anything to promote health.

If you want to protect yourself against chronic illness and toxicity — aspartame literally converts to formaldehyde in the body and causes metabolic acidosis — it is best to stick with either raw sugars or natural sugar substitutes like pure stevia extract or just plain water.”

I found a website that lists over 92 different aspartame-related symptoms compiled by the FDA from 10,000 consumer complaints. Although this product contains Splenda.


Note in the label below the number of Carbohydrates is 28 g and Sugar is 27 g.  That is extremely high.

Now lets look at Caffeine


Let us first look at the caffeine contents.

This is the label from Red Bull

red bull nutrition facts

Notice the label does not indicate how much caffeine in the drink but here is a list of drinks and caffeine contents.

Energy Drinks

How much caffeine is in some Drinks?

16 oz. Starbucks drip coffee = 330 mg

2 oz.  5-Hour Energy = 207 mg

24 oz.  Monster Energy drank = 240 mg

16 oz.  Starbucks caffè latte = 150 mg

8 oz.  Coffee, Brewed = 80 to 130 mg

8.3 oz. Red Bull = 80 mg

1 oz.   espresso = 75 mg

12 oz.  Starbucks Tazo Chai Iced Tea Latte = 75 mg

12 oz.  Pepsi One = 56 mg

12 oz.  Mountain Dew = 54 mg

8 oz.   brewed green tea = 30-50 mg

8 oz.   brewed black tea = 47 mg

12 oz.  Diet Coke = 47 mg

12 oz.  Coca-Cola Classic = 35 mg

For a little less kick, check out these options:

16 oz. Snapple Iced Tea = 18 mg

12 oz. Nestea, sweetened or unsweetened = 17 mg

8 oz. Hot cocoa = 14 mg

12 oz. Lipton Brisk Iced Tea, lemon flavored = 10 mg

8 oz. decaffeinated coffee, brewed = 2 mg

8 oz. decaffeinated black tea = 2 mg

Even some foods and medications contain caffeine, so check those labels:

NoDoz Maximum Strength, 1 tablet = 200 mg

Excedrin, Extra Strength, 2 tablets = 130 mg

Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream, 1/2 cup = 100 mg

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bar, 1.45 oz. = 18 mg

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, 1.55 oz. = 9 mg.

Effects and Action of Caffeine

It is a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant; adverse effects: nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, tachycardia, palpitations, altered consciousness, paralysis, hallucinations, seizures, etc. Energy drinks have the highest amounts of caffeine than other drinks except for some Starbuck drinks.

Caffeine constricts blood vessels in the brain and decreases circulation. When caffeine is suddenly missing from your diet after long use, there is a sudden increase in circulation both to the brain and digestive system. This may lead to severe headaches as well as constipation or bowel upset.

Note Coffee is an Acid and like sugar it will make your pH acid.  You can’t live unless your pH is 7.5 alkaline.  So Sugar and Coffee don’t mix.  Caffeine isn’t the half of it.  I like my coffee as I like my carbs but just a little bit.

Carbohydrates and Sugar

As I have covered in previous articles, when you eat more refined carbohydrates than your body can use they are converted to instant sugar.  If you noted on the label above a typical energy drink contains 28 g of Carbohydrates and 27 g of Sugar. This is the same as drinking pure sugar-water.  Consumption of extra carbohydrates, cause a sudden spike of blood glucose then as suddenly a crash.

In other words drinking this much sugar-water results in a roller coaster ride of highs and lows leading to daily fluctuations in energy and alertness, and possibly to eventual chronic adrenal exhaustion

blood sugar

You drink enough of this stuff your life is one big ROLLER COASTER RIDE


Your body cannot adjust to these ups and downs and over time it cannot fight the resulting inflammation.  These sugar highs and lows will in time numb your brain and produce a zombie like activity level.

You may think this allows you to maintain a high activity level but over time you body cannot keep it up. This may be just the kind of life style you think you need or want or whatever.  Your young and think your invincible but in time Sugar, Caffeine and excess carbs build up and cause major body changes.


Drinking Sugar Free is not a solution.

DM Diabetes Mellitus

DM is the most common form of diabetes, caused by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin, which results in a failure to metabolize sugars and starch. Sugars accumulate in the blood and urine, and the byproducts of alternative fat metabolism disturb the acid–base balance of the blood, causing a risk of convulsions and coma.

Your sleepiness isn’t something to ignore.  It could be a serious illness.

Other complications of diabetes

Insulin resistance is a complication of diabetes mellitus (type 2). It is a need for high amounts of insulin to control diabetes per day.  Chronic exposure to high insulin levels desensitize your body’s cells and they become unresponsive or resistant to the action of insulin. In order to move glucose into the cells a higher amount of insulin is needed, which puts more pressure on the pancreas to produce insulin.  Insulin resistance is the first step to developing diabetesInsulin resistance is believed to be an underlying problem of Alzheimer’s and other Neurodegenerative disease. High Blood pressure is more a disease of excess sugar than excess salt. Coconut oil has been found to be useful in the treatment of insulin resistance.

Diabetic Neuropathy – Nerves are highly sensitive to elevated Blood sugars.  Chronic insulin resistance caused nerve degeneration and damage and is the most serious complication of Diabetes.  Symptoms consist of pain, tingling or numbness of hands, arms, feet and/or legs, weakness, dizziness, cramps, speech impairment, vision problems, bladder control, and or loss of sense of warm or cold.  Loss of circulation leads to inability to heal wounds that can become gangrenous.

Metabolic syndrome – is a combination of medical disorders that, when occur together, increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Some studies have shown the prevalence in the USA to be an estimated 25% of the population, and prevalence increases with age. It is also known as metabolic syndrome X, cardiometabolic syndrome, syndrome X, and insulin resistance syndrome.

It’s your life

I can not tell you how to live, nor what to eat or drink.  I can not help you get rid of your addiction to sugar.

Help with slowing down the Sugar High Low 

Now before I end this, Here is something that can help you get off the Sugar High and Sugar Low Coaster Ride.

Not all is lost, as I was learning how to decrease my addiction to carbs, I have found that if you are trying to break the addiction to sugar you can mix it with a plant based fat (Not Fat from fish or meat) from like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Almonds, Avocados, Pine Nuts or Nut Butter. This prevents the high’s and low’s which does all the damage to your body.  That is why I call this Blog CoconutCreamCare Find out why Fats, Salt and Cholesterol are Good For You.  Read on!

Note: I got well from the saturated fat Coconut Oil.  But if you must, you can use UNCOOKED olive Oil instead.

I can not tell you to change your life style the only thing I can tell you, is—

Once you have diabetes, your life changes in a major way.

So instead of shopping for energy drinks and sporting equipment, you will be learning how to use one of these —

blood sugar test

Until next time

How Diabetes Destroys Your Body

How Diet Foods and Drinks Can Actually Cause, NOT Prevent Diabetes

Sugar Dumbs Us Down

My Alkaline Water and pH

By Joan L. McDaniel                                             December 2, 2018

This is the third article in my covering the maintenance of pH balance

Part 1 is titled Inflammation and Acid pH Balance.

Part 2 is My Alkaline-forming foods

Part 3 is My Alkaline Water and pH



Our Bodies Need Minerals 

Even though Minerals compose only about 4% of the human body, they are essential nutrients needed in small amounts to help your cells generate energy, maintain homeostasis, regulate cellular metabolism, and maintain the acid – alkaline pH balance.

What is most important to know is our bodies cannot generate these minerals on its own. Minerals don’t come from inside our body, they must be obtained though diet.  The Mineral daily requirements of the body can be obtained from a well-balanced diet but, like vitamins, excess minerals produce toxic effects.

Minerals Help Generate Energy

Minerals are basically the spark plugs of life, they keep the ‘battery’ going and to hold its charge like the Energizer Bunny.


Energizer Bunny

Energizer bunny is the advertising slogan and marketing icon of Energizer batteries of North America. energizer bunny batteries are an alkaline based product. Compared to the normal zinc-carbon batteries, Energizer batteries have a higher energy density and last longer, therefore the slogan “keep going and going…”

pH Balance and Minerals

Ph Balance is all about the body and its chemistry.  The most important thing to know about maintaining pH is not only the food you eat but the water you drink.  The water you drink is critically important because of only one thing – the minerals it contains.  

I was in the process of writing an article on the importance of minerals to maintaining an alkaline pH when I remembered the importance of water.  That article on minerals will appear next after I discuss what I found out about the importance of water.

Mini-Hydroelectric Plant

Cells in our body is like a mini-hydroelectric plant. Energy is provided mostly by the water we drink.  Food does generate energy but the primary source of cell generated power is from water.  Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Salt, and water are the key elements for energy regulation as fluid passes in and out of the cells.

Even though most of us think of food as our primary source of energy, water is actually our main source of energy at the cellular level.

Alkaline Water

The biggest mis-understandings about water is one bottled water and two the new fad currently called Alkaline water.  Alkaline refers to its pH level.  The pH level is a number that measures acidic or alkaline of a liquid substance on a scale of 0 to 14, 0 meaning acid, 7 is neutral, and 14 is alkaline.  Regular drinking water (I assume they mean tap water not bottled) has a pH just above neutral, and Alkaline water should have a higher pH than regular water.  Alkaline water is used to neutralize the acids in your body better and faster.  Regular water has a pH of 7 (Neutral),  Alkaline water has a pH of 8 or 9.

The pH of water is important, but what is more important is its minerals.  Both content and the type of  minerals.  Minerals should come from natural sources and not be created (synthetic) from the Lab.

Minerals don’t make the water acid or alkaline but minerals give your body the ammunition it needs to fight off an acid balance.  Your body uses these minerals as a buffer to fight off and to keep your body from an acid balance.  Your body needs these natural minerals to help your body eliminate Carbon Dioxide CO2 and restore oxygen O2.  In other words and antioxidant to help fight free radicals.

Body Automatically Alkalizes Water 

In my exhaustive research, I found a web-site that impressed me because it punched holes in the concept of Alkalize Water.  I wasn’t impressed with what I was learning about Alkaline water and the alarms in the back of my head kept saying something isn’t right with this type of water.  Anyone who has read the articles on my blog know I am from the “Old School” as I outlined in the article Food and My Getting Well

Old School or Common Sense Thinking

My thinking is governed by — If my Grandparents who were hard-working moral people who lived off the land were part of the culture before me, didn’t use it and were healthy they why do I need it?  Especially with something simple like natural food especially water then our current “Science” may have holes and is “Fake or pseudo Science” (Great for profits not so good for healthy humans).

In other words I believe in Common Sense and Common Sense isn’t taught in school especially the Ivy League. It was taught to me by my parents and grandparents and from people I have met in my long life.  Constantly asking questions and Trial and Error is my science.  I was sick, and have worked myself into health by what I ate.  It took hard work and discipline and the driving urge to know the truth.  That’s why I trust the bell in my head against the tons of advertising hoopla I was reading.  The following web-site made my day.

I would like to quote from a web site called “Ionized” and alkaline water Snake Oil on Tap

Written by Stephen Lower who has created the blog

The Introduction to the article says

“The purpose of this page is to critically examine some of the claims about “ionized” and alkaline waters from the standpoint of modern chemistry and physiology in order to provide you with the information you need to make your own informed decision before opening your wallets to the hucksters of these products and whose claims are totally lacking scientific support.”

“Uptake of water occurs mainly in the intestine, not in the stomach.  But when stomach contents enter the intestine, they are neutralized and made alkaline by the pancreatic secretions — so all the water you drink eventually becomes alkaline anyway.

My Articles

As a way to talk about the complex subject of water, I will review my previous articles that reported on my research on water.

I have written three different articles on water the first Is Your Water Facet Loaded? October 2013 In this article I discuss the two toxins added to your municipal water the one that comes into the house via a water pipe and comes out of you facets.


Loaded with toxins that is

Chlorine and Fluoride.  These chemicals are two of the most damaging substances to the health and digestive function of the human body.

If you are not familiar with Chlorine – Clorox contains commercial chlorine.  Chlorine is a disinfectant which is a nice word but it means – Chlorine kills bacteria – all bacteria – good and bad bacteria.  Once in your system this then destroys your Gut Flora which is your Immune System.

Fluoride is added to replace Mercury Purging. Purging was used as late as during World War II. It was used as an old way to fight disease call purging.  It has been stopped and no longer is recommended.  Purging was used to remove heavy metals from the blood of American shipbuilders using lead-based paint.  People were told to drink pure Mercury to purge illness. A Mercury Purge was used to hopefully “stimulate the Immune System”.  The treatment was never found to be successful yet, Fluoridation started about this time as a way to prompt the immune system into fighting the bacteria that was causing plaque and tooth decay. Fluoride is a waste product of the Aluminum industry.  

Also in the article, I concluded I was going to find an inexpensive water filter for my tap and shower water.  I found a good but relatively inexpensive practical charcoal filter that I could even use on the garden hose to protect my growing garden and protect me. The same type of filter they use in fish tanks.  I was so broke I could only afford one.  I decided to buy the garden hose filter.  I put the garden hose  thru the bathroom window to take safe baths. Since I had Fibromyalgia where each and every muscle is covered with a bio-film.  I hurt almost everywhere.  I would boil the hot water good thing this was during the summer months.  That didn’t last long and I bought a filter for both my bathtub and kitchen water facet.

Manual Ways to Remove Chloride

I have also learned of manual ways to remove chloride from your tap water:

First Call your water company and see if your water contains chlorine or chloramine.  If your water contains chlorine and not chloramine, here is a list of manual methods that will remove chlorine from your water.


If you water contains only chlorine and not chloramine, you can drive the chlorine off by boiling the water for 15 minutes.  This method will also remove most biological contaminants.  Make sure you bring it to a rolling boil. Note this method also removes the oxygen from the water. The water may taste a little flat.  Just shake it up or stir with rapid strokes to reintroduce some oxygen back in.


If you water contains only chlorine and not chloramine, you can let it sit for 24 hours and the chlorine will dissipate into the environment.


A simple charcoal filter is designed to strip your tap water of chlorine and chloramine, block carbon filters are necessary for effective removal.


Fast, nearly as fast as your free-running tap

Removes both chlorine and chloramine

Easy to replace filters which can last up to a year

Same type filter used in fish tanks.


Since then I have written other articles about water. June 2014 Water — Bottled or Tap?

Things You May Not Know About Bottle Water

In this article I compared bottle water and tap water and concluded filtered tap water is better for several reasons and one of them being minerals.  Tap water contains natural minerals from the earth.  Bottle water doesn’t.  Bottled water has been sterilized or pasteurized meaning all good and bad bacteria are killed and all minerals are destroyed.  Plus the fact that almost all bottled water is in plastic bottles that are not only destroying the planet but you can’t tell me after the huge mass production that rows and rows of bottled water either sit at the bottom of a ship or in a cargo-bin for months and months neither being air-conditioned.

Even at room temperature, a very small amount of the plastic in the container will migrate into the water. We need water from nature and nature doesn’t like plastic. Plastic bottles that have been allowed to sit in the sun like in an enclosed car in direct sunlight will cause some of the plastic to leach into the enclosed water.

The next article I wrote July 2016 Drink Filter Tap Water Not Soda

Where I discuss the destructive contents of bottled Soda water.

For more information on tap water and the rules and regulations on municipalities that provide the tap water and bottled water that comes from municipal water

A note about bottled water from municipal sources

Get more information about public water systems.

An Update;

As I was researching out this article and pH in general, I returned to the Grocery store to again take a look at the bottle water aisle.  I saw an interesting update.  Bottle water that contains minerals.  I don’t think they are calling it Mineral water.  I’m not sure how they are adding the minerals but I am sure these minerals come from the lab and are synthetic not the real thing.

For more information go to;

The Differences Between Synthetic and Natural Vitamins

The lab may not know the difference, but you Body does its natural buffering isn’t generated. Remember minerals and vitamins are toxic when there is an overdose (OD).  Your body uses natural vitamins and stores them but since it doesn’t recognize the synthetic vitamin it accepts it and the chemical formula causes your body to OD and not use the vitamin as intended.  In other words not as a buffer.

I don’t trust the product nor do I trust the minerals.  I want to be in charge, there isn’t any magic pill for me.  After being poisoned for years with the Standard American Diet (SAD), I’m not going to trust their Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA’s) they add to processed food, nor will I trust what minerals they are adding back to bottled water after it has been sterilized. Oh the price was higher than plain bottled water because of the added minerals that they took out in the first place.

I will elaborate in the next article on Minerals now a further word about bottled water.

Bottled Water is Multi Billion Dollar Market

A bottle of water costs from $1.00 to I have seen as high as $3.00.  A glass of water from the water facet in my kitchen might cost .0000000001 cents.  Yet people pay for it as if its is some sort of luxury.  Bottled water advertising and propaganda since the 1960 is attempting to replace the highly successful Soda Market of CocoCola and Pepsi with a new “healthier and safer alternative”.  By the way, it didn’t take long, but Bottled Water sales have destroyed the Soda Market.

The average price of water in the U.S. is about $1.50 for 1,000 gallons.”

According to a report by Deerfield Beach, FL, May 26, 2017 “Global Bottled Water Market will reach 280.0 Billion USD by 2020”

A New product on the market called Alkalizing Water

Now there is a new product called Alkalizing Water.  They are selling a water ionizer filter some are for a few hundred dollars to some being several thousands.

Ionized or Alkalized Water


From the same Website on Alkaline Water 

“A Water Ionizer (also known as an alkaline ionizer) is a home appliance which claims to raise the pH of drinking water by using electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components.  The alkaline stream of the treated water is called alkaline water. 

Proponents claim that consumption of alkaline water results in a variety of health benefits, making it similar to the alternative health practice of alkaline diets.  Such claims violate basic principles of chemistry and physiology.  There is no medical evidence for any health benefits from alkaline water.”  See site for more information and foot notes.

Side Effects of Alkaline Water

From my research I have found possible side effect of drinking Alkaline, Ionized or other Electrolyzed altered Water or even bottle sanitized water with or without minerals.

If taken on a regular basis, Altered water will reduce the acid in your stomach and small intestines.  That means you start having difficulty digesting your food.  Your body needs food if it can’t break down the food which then gets stored as waste (toxins).  The food rots just like food left on the kitchen counter.  These wastes are stored by your body in the fat cells you start to ferment (Are you Fermenting?). You start putting on weight and start loosing energy in general things start falling apart.  Your belly gets bigger and bigger and doesn’t feel very good.  Heart Burn anyone!!!!

Your body will burn the sugar you eat but that isn’t the energy your system needs. You start having food sensitivities allergies and other illnesses because your immune system can’t fight back because it is starving.  You start getting sick and sicker.  The toxins start slowly reducing the oxygen our body needs and organs begin to cry out in pain.  Depending on how your body fights will depend on the further complications.

Types of bottled Water 


Over Ironed White Shirt

Distilled water and reverse osmosis – Distilled water is created by boiling natural water, capturing the steam.  After the steam has cooled down the water is called purified.  The water should be nothing but hydrogen and oxygen molecules, with a pH level of 7 (neutral) and no additional gases, minerals, or contaminants. This water is not meant for human consumption for it is sterile without any benefits. It is meant for machines especially for old Steam Irons.

As a Kid, I filled our steam iron many a times for I had to do all the ironing.  I loved those starched white shirts, my mother let me start by doing only the collar and cuffs first. As I got older, I got to do the whole shirt.  Thank goodness none of mine looked like the shirt pictured.

But I remember on the label of the distilled water bottle was a big label NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. “If SWALLOWED Drink two glasses of filtered water to reduce electrolyte dilution.”

You see Distilled water is free of all contaminates and everything else good bacteria, bad bacteria, minerals etc.  Distilled water is meant for machines not people.

This negates the very reason we drink water for the minerals.  Some camps say you can add minerals from a kit or from sea salt like Pink Himalayan salt or Celtic.

But why go to all that fuss????? When all you have to do is turn on the tap?

Distilled water is mainly used in manufacturing. Distilled water has a noticeably bland taste because all of the minerals that give water its flavor have been removed. Distilled water was originally used in steam irons to prevent calcium build-up, but this requirement has generally been relaxed in recent years. Certain baby formulas may use this type of water as a mixing liquid as well. Pediatric bottled water formulated with additional electrolytes may use it as a base.

From the same website Ionized water” is nothing more than sales fiction; the term is meaningless to chemists.

ionized – water that has undergone a process known as ionization. Essentially, this process segregates the acid and alkaline found in H2O (water).  The water is subjected to electrolysis , taking advantage of the naturally occurring electric charge found within magnesium and calcium ion.  When successfully ionized, this type of drinking water enhances the availability of oxygen and assist in neutralizing free radicals.

Mineral Water is natural water containing not less than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids. Mineral water is distinguished from other types of bottled water by its constant level and relative proportions of mineral and trace elements at the point of emergence from the source. No minerals can be added to this product.

Purified Water is water that has been produced by distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis, or other suitable processes while meeting the definition of purified water in the United States Pharmacopoeia. Other suitable product names for bottled water treated by one of the above processes include “distilled water” if it is produced by distillation, “deionized water” if it is produced by deionization, or “reverse osmosis water” if the process used is reverse osmosis. Alternatively, “drinking water” can be used with one of the purifying terms defined above (e.g., “purified drinking water” or “distilled drinking water”).

Spring Water is water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth. Spring water must be collected only at the spring or through a bore hole tapping the underground formation feeding the spring. Spring water collected with the use of an external force must be from the same underground stratum as the spring, must have all the physical properties before treatment, and must be of the same composition and quality as the water that flows naturally to the surface of the earth.

Till Next Time


My Alkaline-forming foods

By Joan L. McDaniel                       November 21, 2018

This is the second article on my articles about my experience with Inflammation pH Acid Balance, and food.  While I was detoxing, and drinking tons of coffee, I suddenly developed and acid balance.  My sickness of 2012 returned and I could not Breath.  With help from my friend who knows a great deal about homeopathy, I became extremely aware of the pH balance of acidic and alkaline (basic).  She told me to eat a lemon, which I did and suddenly I could breath again.

This is the second article on that subject.  Part 1 is titled Inflammation and Acid pH Balance. I have come a long way since being so sick.  Almost 6 years ago (2012) I didn’t have enough energy to get out of bed or even catch my breath.

In Just Ten Years What happened to me?

ph bal

What is Ph Balance?

One of the most important metabolic functions our body performs is maintaining the proper balance between an acidic and alkaline environment. When this balance is disrupted, illness can result. How does this happen and what can be done to prevent it?

pH Balance is the key to optimal health, weight, mental clarity, and overall vigor.

Ph is all about balance and balance or homeostasis.  It is a vital measurement created to determine the acidic or alkaline of a beverage, chemical, food, and the human body.

pH balance

It consists of a scale of 0 to 14.  The body operates using chemicals and a pH balance.  Your body automatically regulates the pH of your blood.  You can’t change it.  Blood is kept between a pH of 7.35 and 7.45 any other value and you will be either dead or dying.  What you eat regulates the rest of you.  Each and every cell of your body has a pH balance also.

This balance It is known as homeostasis (the maintenance of equilibrium or balance). If your body receives acid foods, the cells and organs will have an acid balance.  Your body doesn’t work with an acid balance. An acid balance generates inflammation and illness.  The only organ in your body that likes acid is your stomach.  With an acid balance your body cannot get rid of the extra CO2 and your muscles begin to hurt, you can’t catch your breath, and you begin to slow down.  In other words you lose the ability to neutralize toxins and acids and experience a metabolic breakdown.

If you body receives alkaline foods, the cells and organs have an alkaline balance.  Your body thrives on an alkaline balance.  There is plenty of Oxygen, Hydrogen, with the results of energy, endurance, strength and health.

pH Balance and Minerals

Just as the foods you eat, the amount of minerals available for your body is the next most important item in a healthy alkaline balance.  Your body uses your minerals and vitamins to fight off or buffer an acid balance.  They are a protective buffering mechanism  when what you eat isn’t so alkaline.  In an attempt to maintain homeostasis, your body throws in the minerals calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and manganese to maintain your Alkaline balance even though you have eaten nothing but acid.  These minerals a stored in fat cells and used as a reserve.  The more acid you eat the more there reserves are depleted.  No more minerals no more alkaline balance –   So you need to eat foods high in minerals also.

“The Food you eat can be the safest and most powerful form of medicine of the slowest form of poison.” Ann Wigmore Founder of Health Institute

That is why I provided this list.  

There are several Acid/Alkaline (base) food lists, Since,  I am an amateur with this, I have merged several list together and I strongly urge you search the net and use some of those list.  There are a great deal of false or inaccurate foods one list will say the food is acid and other will say its alkaline.  Remember you normally need a balance of  60% alkaline, 40% acid intake.  If you are working at reducing an acid balance, you need and 80/20 intake.  80% alkaline, 20% acid.  You still need a balance.  Remember you body operates in a balance called homeostasis.

Homeostasis – is the physiological process by which internal systems of the body (e.g. acid-base balance, blood pressure, body temperature) are maintained at equilibrium despite variations in the external conditions.


Modern Medicine and pH

You probably won’t find any mention of pH or further information from your Dr. because  Modern medicine doesn’t get very involved with nutrition.  It isn’t even mentioned in Medical School.  Except for a serious blood gas pH test, the medical world isn’t very involved with the pH level of cells and organs. That is left up to you. The only pH the medical world seems to be concerned about is PhD Title.

Tame your Acid and Put it Where It Belongs

If you have several Signs and Symptoms of an Acid Balance, See Part I.  A typical symptom is you’re short of breath, lack energy, and/or can’t stay awake or stay asleep.  You don’t feel very well – In other words you can’t breath is one of life critical signs.

You should increase intake of Alkaline forming foods to reach a balance. Remember the 80/20%.  Your body uses the alkaline balance and your stored minerals to keep the acid where it belongs, in your digestive and immune system.

You Need Your Minerals

You also need to  increase your minerals intake.  Minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium.  You body deplete your stored minerals to combat an acid pH balance.

Here are some suggestion of a source of Minerals I have used for several years.

Amazon Kali phos

You need to increase your magnesium and I recommend Dr. Carolyn Dean’s product Magnesium and My Story

You also need good intake of sea salt Himalayan sea salt especially.

Also available on Amazon

You should also increase intake of Sea Weed

Also the intake of Chloride is acid and very harmful to your health.  I recommend filtered tap water.

Increase your mineral intake and your alkaline food intake.

For your Information there are a large list of inexpensive books available especially from Amazon

Amazon List of Acid/Alkaline food


I Found Many Versions of pH Food List

Acid-Yielding Foods

Alcohol – Don’t drink

Animal proteins

Artificial Sugar or Sweeteners

Baked Goods





Canned fruit

Caffeine – Including Coffee or Tea

Cereals,  all

Cheese, all


Chloride – found in tap water Filter your tap water. Chloride is an acid and is very harmful to your health.  It is also government required not only for tap water but for any public swimming pool.

Coffee – is extremely Acid you’ll have to give up on it for a little while I loved my Coffee but you can do it

Corn flakes

Corn flour, polenta, starch






Meat – including grass-fed beef or chicken Best to cut down on



Plums & prunes


Processed Foods


Rye bread

Soft drinks

Soy, Tofu, Tempeh



Sugar all forms except natural Honey directly from the bee hive

Tea Black

Vinegar (except ACV)

Wheat bran

White flour

Wheat germ

Wheat products

Whole milk

White rice

Very Acid-Yielding Foods

Bread (Whole wheat)

Brown rice

Cheese cottage

Cheese Gouda

Cheese Hard

Cheese Parmesan cheese

Cheese Processed (soft) cheese


Chloride – Tap Water




Liver sausage

Lunch meat, canned

Oats Rolled





Foods that taste like acid

You cannot tell if the food is acid or basic based on its taste.  Fruits like sour like the lemon or sweet like the pineapple are not acid foods.  Or Food like real honey from the farmers hive taste sweet. These are normally foods you think are acid but in reality are alkaline forming foods. During the process of digestion, the acids oxidize into Carbon dioxide and water.  Therefore they do not create an acid condition in the body.

Alkaline-forming Foods

Alfalfa sprouts

Alkaline Water – See recipe at the end – I do not recommend commercial alkaline Water


All Herbs

Amaranth Grain

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)





Basil Leaves Fresh – many Grocery Stores sell actual Basil plants in the Produce section

Baking Soda – See instructions below

Balsamic Vinegar

Banana  – For sudden feelings of being over acid

Barley Grass

Beans – green, Lima, Soya,


Beet Greens



Borage Oil



Brussel sprouts


Caffeine – Do not take

Cardamom – for belching

Carrot – for belching


Cayenne pepper

Celery – for belching

Cheese – Cottage

Cheese – White / Goat Milk Cheese



Chili Pepper



Coconut, fresh

Coffee – Do not Take it is very acid

Collard greens

Corn Fresh





Dulce Seaweed


Edible Flowers

Fennel Seeds

Figs, fresh & dried



Grains Amaranth, millet, and quinoa



Green beans

Greens beet, chard, collard,  Mustard, Spinach

Green Peas

Green Pepper

Honey – Raw from the farmer helps belching mix with lemon and lime also as a tea needs to be mixed



Kamut grain




Leaf Lettuce


Lemon – Small slices of lemons or ACV should give you close to instant relief

2 tbls Lemon juice with 1/2 tsp baking soda for an instant alkaline cocktail.  Allow bubbling to settle and add 8 oz. water.  Drink at once.  You can substitute ACV for lemon juice.



Lima Beans


Linseed (flaxseed oil)


Maple syrup (real)

Millet grain

Minerals – Calcium, iron, magnesium,  and potassium and sodium are the primary alkalizing minerals. Foods that are high in this minerals are considered alkaline-forming food.  Most foods have both acid and alkaline minerals in them.

Mineral water



Mustard greens


Okra not cooked



Olive Oil

Evening Primrose Oil

Onions – White Sweet Onion is best







Peppermint all forms including fresh or dried leaves


Pineapple – helps belching and bloating

Pine nuts

Pumpkin seeds

Quinoa grain

Umeboshi Plums






Reduce stress



Sea Salt

Seeds – Caraway,  Celery,  Cumin,  Fennel, Sesame

Sleep – Wait three hours after eating

Smoking – Don’t



Sprouts – Alfalfa seeds is the best, Chia seed, and Radish seed



Sunflower seeds

Sweet Potatoes

Swiss Chard

Tartar Cream of – In cases of extreme emergency when you need to get alkaline fast, mix 1/2 tsp cream of tartar in 8 oz. water and drink immediately





Turnip greens


Turmeric and Honey

Eat your veggies

Many fruits and vegetables have an alkalizing effect on your body, so make sure you’re getting an ample amount of them. These include dark green, leafy vegetables like kale, arugula, spinach, Swiss chard and collard greens, along with lemons, carrots, beets, turnips, cayenne peppers and garlic.

Sea Veggies

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) 2 tbls with 8 oz. water. Start with 1/2 tsp and slowly work up to 2 – 3 Tablespoons

Alkaline Water – is simply lemons in water

Warm Salt Water

Watermelon – use for belching


Wheat Grass and Wheat Grass Sprouts

Wild Rice

Vinegar – Balsamic

Vitamins – C, Calcium and potassium



Very Alkaline-Yielding Foods

Use in an emergency


Lemon or citric Acid  Number one

Cayenne Peppers (capsicum)  – cayenne is among the most alkalizing foods. The Lemon is best.  Cayenne Pepper is also known for as a bacterial and a free radical fighter. (to help with the sting take something that has fat in it like coconut oil it takes the sting out)



Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) – Temporary 2 Week Use only Read instructions


For GERD Symptoms

Home remedies for acidity

— Mix 1/2 tsp. baking soda in 16 oz. water and drink to relieve heartburn, acid reflux and GERD symptoms.
— Mix 1/4 – 1/2 tsp. baking soda with 2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar to relieve acid reflux and create an alkaline-forming environment in your body. It will foam and fizz, so use a tall glass and wait for all bubbling to stop. Then add 8 oz. water and drink all at once. This mixture neutralizes the pH, buffers stomach acid and reduces acidosis.

Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) Instructions

Method 1: Dilute Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) 

•Use 1/2 teaspoon baking soda mixed with 1 cup warm water about 300 ml

•Drink after eating one hour.

•Repeatedly drinking about 2 times will immediately reduce the pain of fast stomach pain.

•This method not only reduces pain, but also actively reduces belching, abdominal pain, dyspepsia.

Alkaline Water

I do not recommend commercial Alkaline water

Detoxifying Lemon Water Recipe


1 lemon

1/2 cucumber (in season)

1/4 ginger root

1/2 cup mint leaves


– Peel a small amount of ginger before you cut it.

– Slice up all the ingredients and add it to water.

– If you want to get the most out of the ingredients, do not throw them out after one use.

– Generally, they will last around three days if you keep adding new water.

– Drink first thing in the morning for optimum results.

Worth The Squeeze

Serves: 1 tall glass

•1 lemon, juiced

•1 tsp of aloe vera

•1 tsp of apple cider vinegar

•1-2 cups of water (room temperature or hot, based on what you want)

•1 tsp real honey

•A few mint and fresh basil leaves.

To get Started on approaching an alkaline diet, make a pitcher of this, and drink it every morning on an empty stomach to get all the benefits, or before going to bed are best.  Drink this for 5 days and you should notice you’re waking up more rested and with more energy.  You should have fewer digestive problems.  That is if you also stop eating processed foods, including sugar and soft drinks and coffee.

Till Next Time

List of Books Available and Sources

For your Information there are a large list of inexpensive books available especially from Amazon

Amazon List of Acid/Alkaline food

The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide – Second Edition: A Quick Reference to Foods & Their effect on pH Levels

By Susan E. Brown, and Larry Jr. Trivieri


For your Information there are a large list of inexpensive books available especially from Amazon

Amazon List of Acid/Alkaline food

The pH Miracle

Dr. Robert O Young, PhD, and Shelley Redford Young


pH = Power of Health

James Yoseph

Hannah Yoseph, MD


Alkalize or Die

By Theodore A. Baroody

1991 Out of Print It has been Reprinted by popular demand