How long does it take to study physiotherapy in Nigeria?

Is physiotherapy a good course to study in Nigeria?

The profession of physiotherapy is held in high esteem and is seen as a desirable career choice among Nigerian high school students.

How much do Physiotherapist earn in Nigeria?

The average salary of Physiotherapists in Nigeria is about N160,000 monthly after tax. Entry level salary for physiotherapists is round N80,000 – N100,000 monthly while those in middle-level positions earn the average amount and those in senior-level positions are paid around #270,000 and above monthly.

How do I become a Physiotherapist in Nigeria?

An individual aspiring to become a Physiotherapist will have to pursue a course of study in a University. Currently, the minimum entry level program in Nigeria is Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) , Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B. Physiotherapy) or Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (BMR).

How many years is a physiotherapy course?

Physiotherapy Courses After 12th

Name of the Course Type of Course Duration
BPT – Bachelor of Physio / Physical Therapy Undergraduate Degree 4 years
B.Sc in Physiotherapy Undergraduate Degree 3 years
BOT – Bachelor of Occupational Therapy Undergraduate Degree 3-5 years
Diploma in Physiotherapy Undergraduate Diploma 2 to 3 years

What is the highest paid course in Nigeria?

Highest Paying Courses in Nigeria

  • Computer science/engineering. Information Technology (I.T) is one of the major drivers of the economy in both developed and developing countries. …
  • Medicine and Surgery. …
  • Business Management/Administration. …
  • Finance. …
  • Petroleum Engineering. …
  • Geology. …
  • Electrical Engineering. …
  • Accounting.
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How much do a radiographer earn in Nigeria?

A person working as a Radiographer in Nigeria typically earns around 617,000 NGN per month. Salaries range from 327,000 NGN (lowest) to 939,000 NGN (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How much do anatomist earn in Nigeria?

Anatomists in government hospitals earn between N80, 000 – N120, 000 for a start while their colleagues in private institutions earn between N60, 000 – N80, 000.

Which university can I study physiotherapy in Nigeria?

List of NUC accredited universities that offers Physiotherapy in Nigeria

  • University of Lagos.
  • University of Ibadan.
  • University of Maiduguri.
  • University of Calabar.
  • Bowen University.
  • Bayero University, Kano.
  • Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State.
  • University of Benin.

Is a physiotherapist a doctor in Nigeria?

A physiotherapist is a person who has gone through a rigorous Academic program in Physiotherapy in a University or equivalent Institution in Nigeria or Abroad; after which he/she is conferred with a Diploma, Bachelors degree (BScPT, BPT or BMR), Master of Physical Therapy degree (MPT) or a Doctor of Physical Therapy ( …

How many universities offer physiotherapy in Nigeria?

If yes, see the full list of Universities Offering Physiotherapy in Nigeria. As at the time of this publication, there are 7 Universities that Offers Physiotherapy in Nigeria.