What is Zone theory in reflexology?

What are the principles of reflexology and zone therapy?

The goals are to improve circulation, normalize body function and reduce stress by stimulating nerve reflex activity throughout the body through sensory receptors located in specific areas of the feet and hands. Zone Theory divides each side of the body into 5 zones to more precisely locate areas of distress.

What can a reflexologist tell?

Reflexology is a technique that applies gentle pressure to your feet or hands to bring about a state of relaxation and help the body’s own healing process. … If your reflexologist feels tender, sensitive or crunchy sensations on the feet they say it can indicate that an area of your body is out of balance.

Which zone is the most powerful zone of the body?

2. Work in your Power Zone. Your body is strongest around the middle. To be exact, your most powerful area is between the shoulder and just above the knee.

What does it mean if a reflexology point hurts?

Reflexology will often hurt when the congested reflex areas are treated and in no way resembles a foot massage. As the condition improves with several reflexology sessions, so will the soreness on the corresponding reflexes.

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Can reflexology help with weight loss?

So to answer everybody’s question on can reflexology help with weight loss, the answer is yes. It can aid a weight loss program you are on, but if you are not exercising regularly and eating a healthy balanced diet then no amount of reflexology is going to get you to the weight you want.

What is the principle of reflexology?

Modern reflexology is based on the principle that the foot has ‘reflex’ points that correspond to the various structures and organs throughout the body. For example, on the left foot, the tip of the big toe corresponds to the brain’s left hemisphere.

How often should you have reflexology?

If you are dealing with a specific illness or condition, you may need to have more frequent sessions. A general recommendation might be to begin with a session every week for 6-8 weeks, followed by a “tune-up” every four weeks.

What is the concept of reflexology?

Reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems. … Reflexologists believe that applying pressure to these parts offers a range of health benefits.